GH Update Tuesday 3/12/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/12/02

By Rachel

Sarah tells Lucky that it isn't fair to have Liz believe that they can have a second chance together.  Lucky tells her that he told Liz the truth.  He asks her why she's concerned about their relationship.  It begins to thunder as Sarah apologizes, and tells Lucky that she doesn't see love in his eyes.  Lucky begins to realize that Sarah isn't talking about him and Liz.  He asks her what happened in Europe, but she leaves in the rain.  She goes to the barn, takes out a picture, and starts crying.  She takes off her wet shirt when Lucky walks in on her.  He gets distracted by her, but tells her to leave.  Once alone, Lucky picks up her shirt.

AJ tells Courtney that she really needs to stand up to Sonny by going along with this plan.  Courtney thanks AJ for going along with it, and asks him how he's going to deal with Sonny.  He tells her that he's not worried, and that they're in this plan together.

Nikolas gets Gia a drink, but she doesn't feel like drinking.  She begins to worry about the truth being revealed, but Nikolas reassures her that she won't get caught.  Sonny comes up to them, and tells them that he believes that Courtney didn't run the red light.  Nikolas tells him that Gia and Liz are over the accident.  Sonny leaves, and Gia begins to worry again.  Taggert comes up to them, and asks Gia and Nikolas what Sonny talked to them about.  Gia lies to him, and after he leaves she tells Nikolas that she can't lie anymore.  Nikolas tells her that they have to or they'll go to jail.

Ned tells Skye that it's true that Jax gave his stocks to Lila.  Meanwhile, Carly reveals to Jax that she wants Sonny to be here, and there's something between she and him.  Skye barges in and calls Jax a jerk.  Carly tells Skye to leave, but Jax asks her to leave so that he and Skye can talk.  Skye asks his how he could sabotage her by handing over his stocks to Lila.  Jax admits to Skye that he gave Lila the control of ELQ because she's the only normal person in their dysfunctional family and that he doesn't want to be involved with the company.  Skye begins to cry as she confesses to Jax that she locked AJ in the closet for him.  Jax asks her to tell him her true feelings, but she instead leaves crying.

Sonny comes in and congratulates Carly for her club.  A person accidentally pushes Carly into Sonny, but she gets up and leaves.  Zander comes up to her and they dance.  Once they stop, he tells Carly that all his date talks about is school.  Meanwhile, Bobbie tells Scott to have a good time at the party, and Zander asks her to dance with him.  After they dance together, Zander tells Carly that the club is going to be very successful.  Carly agrees with him, and Jax comes up to her.  They talk, but Jax sees Skye watching him at the bar.

Sonny asks Alexis to tell him whatever is bothering her.  Alexis instead leaves to go inside to find Kristina.  Kristina is apologizing to Ned about getting angry at him for telling Alexis when she walks up to them.  Alexis asks her how she could tell Sonny that she loves him.  Sonny comes up, and gives Alexis a drink.  Alexis demands for Kristina to go to the ladies room with her.  Kristina apologizes, and asks her sister if she loves Sonny.  Alexis denies it.  She tells Kristina that Sonny probably feels bad for her, and she is totally embarrassed by this whole thing.  Alexis leaves, telling Kristina that she'll handle everything. 

Everything is going great at the party when suddenly it seems to stop as Courtney, along with AJ, enters the room.  Everyone, including Sonny looks on. 

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