GH Update Monday 3/11/02


General Hospital Update Monday 3/11/02

By Rachel

Scott comes by to pick up Bobbie, and Lulu tells him that her mom and dad are getting married again.  The adults have the children leave, and Scott asks to speak to Laura alone.  He asks her why she's marrying Luke even after everything he's done.  Laura tells him that she's taking a chance at marrying him again.  Bobbie and Luke go outside, and Bobbie tells Luke that he can't forget that Scott and Laura had a past together.  Scott and Laura come out, and Scott and Bobbie leave for the party.  In the house, Laura and Luke try to share an intimate moment, but Lulu comes down and tells Laura that Juliet threw up on the rug.

Alexis is shocked when Ned tells her that Kristina told Sonny that she loves him.  Kristina comes to the room followed by Sonny.  Ned asks Kristina and Sonny to get the elevator as he and Alexis talk.  Alexis confesses to Ned that she doesn't want to go to the party anymore because she's not in love with Sonny.  Sonny, Kristina, Alexis, and Ned leave to go to the party.

AJ tries to tell Courtney that Sonny's men prevented him from seeing her at the boathouse, but Courtney instead tells him that she thinks that Sonny is right about him.  She asks him if he's telling the truth.  AJ admits that he's lied so much that people don't know when he's telling the truth.  Sonny comes by as AJ hides out.  Sonny comes in, and Courtney tells him that she's too tired to go to the party.  Sonny leaves her.  Courtney asks him what Sonny did to him, and AJ tells him about how his men flattened his tires and that he had to hide out in a laundry bin to get to see her.  Courtney gets angry by this, and tells AJ that she's not going to put up with Sonny anymore and wants him to know this.  AJ tells her that he has a suggestion on how to do this.

At the party the following happen:
Carly first greets Taggert and his date to the party.  She watches on as Zander and his date dance together.  Skye tells Jax that she's turned a new leaf and is not going to lie anymore.  Jax asks her why, and she tries to tell him that she wants a second chance with him, but is interrupted by Carly.  Carly and Jax go to do some interviews, and Gia and Nikolas come to the party.  In an interview, a reporter asks Gia id she used to be someone.  Gia takes the question the wrong way, and is upset over this.  Carly sees Zander and his date kiss and after Bobbie congradulates her, she goes to her office.  Jax follows her, and Skye tries to follow him.  Ned cuts Skye off, and tells her that Jax gave his proxy to Lila.  Sonny and Alexis come out, and Alexis tells Sonny that she needs to talk about their relationship.   In the office, Carly asks Jax how she can get over Sonny.  

Lucky and Nikolas are playing hockey in the room when Gia comes in and she and Nikolas leave for the party at the club.  After they leave, Liz suggests to Lucky that he take Sarah to the party.  Sarah and Lucky tell her that they are going to have fun at the house, and are going to watch the party on TV.  They turn it on, and see a reporter give a girl an interview about being the new face of Deception.  Gia interrupts them, and tells the reporter that she is still the face of Deception because she's coming out of retirement.  The three of them are excited for Gia, and Liz decides to go to bed.  Alone, Sarah tells Lucky that she knows what he's doing to Liz.

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