GH Update Thursday 3/7/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 3/7/02

by Rachel

Sonny asks Nikolas if he can speak to Liz, but Nikolas tells him that Gia and Liz are not over the accident.  Sonny hears Liz laughing, and a seemingly happy Gia walks out of the room.  Nikolas grants Sonny his wish, and Sonny talks to Liz.  He tells her that Courtney also is still not over the accident.  Liz asks Sonny to tell Courtney that it is not her fault.  Sonny leaves, and overhears Gia tell everyone what a creep he is.  Liz decides to go to bed, and Nikolas carries her to her room.  Gia follows them when she realizes that Liz forgot her gifts.  By themselves, Sarah suggests to Lucky that Nikolas and Gia are trying too hard to help Liz.  She soon dismisses the statement after Lucky disagrees with her.  They leave, and Gia and Nikolas come back.  Gia is worried that Sonny will find out the truth, but Nikolas assures her that she won't get in trouble because he is more powerful than Sonny is.  Sar

Jax is confronted by Courtney who thinks that he's following her.  She asks him why he told Sonny that she was staying with AJ.  He tells her that he had to make it up to Sonny for helping his brother leave the country.  Courtney asks him to leave because she has to meet someone.  (Jax obviously knows that it's AJ.)  Suddenly, she begins to realize that something's wrong with Jax.  She asks him, and he talks to her about a girl who is wonderful, but she's misunderstood.  He tells her that this person made up a lot of stories, and he went along with them.  He thought that she would change, but only she can make herself change. 

Carly visits pent house, but Alexis is there instead.  They both tell each other that they need to talk to Sonny, and end up waiting in his room.  Carly begins to bother Alexis by cleaning up the room.  She asks Alexis where Sonny is, but Alexis tells her that she can't say.  Carly is about to leave, but Alexis asks her to give Sonny a break.  Carly first tells her that she has to talk to Sonny about Michael, but Alexis thinks that it's about something else.  Sonny walks in on them, and Carly tells him about Michael being in a play.  She wants to tell him something else, but Sonny tells her that he and Alexis need to discuss something.  Carly leaves, but before she does, she invites Alexis and Sonny to the opening of her club.  Sonny tells Alexis about how he found Courtney.  He also tells her that he knows that Gia ran the red light, and that Nikolas framed Courtney.  He blames himself for hurting Courtney when it seemed as if he didn't believe her.

AJ is all alone with Sonny's men in the parking garage.  Skye comes out, and is told by the men that her car is stuck between their vans.  She begins to scream for about five minutes, and she pretends to cry.  Taggert finally comes, and Skye tells him that Sonny's men deflated AJ's tires.  Taggert tells her that he can't arrest them because there were no witnesses.  He advises AJ to never mess with Sonny, and to never mess with a person's sister.  The men blow up the tires, and AJ leaves.  He goes down to the pier where Courtney was, but she's not there.  At the hotel, Skye meets up with Jax.  She tells him that she thinks she got to AJ not to use Courtney.  Jax cuts her off by telling her that AJ and Courtney are meeting right now.


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