GH Update Tuesday 3/5/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 3/5/02

By Rachel

Ned and Alice go outside to put the motor back in the car as Kristina comes down from her bedroom. She wakes up Edward who is sleeping on the sofa. He tells Kristina that he thinks she could give Ned eight children. Kristina is surprised, and tells Edward that she and Ned are not even married. Alice and Ned come back, and she and Edward are about to leave when Kristina asks them to have lunch. She leaves to make it, and Edward tells Ned that he'll hurry. Edward and Alice finally leave, and Kristina suggests that they go skiing. Ned asks her if she's trying not to be alone with him. She confesses that she's not sure if she can be in a serious relationship. Ned asks her to give them a chance, and she responds that she's not sure.

Carly asks Zander to forgive her, and apologizes again. She tells him that he's important to her, and that she misses him. He forgives her, but she doesn't accept it. This gets him angry at her, but Carly tells him that they can't get over the fact that they kissed each other. She tells him that she doesn't want to lose his friendship just because of their attraction for one another. Zander agrees, and they make up. Carly invites her to the opening of her club, and he tells her that he'll bring a date. This upsets Carly, but she doesn't tell him about it.

Sonny and Skye get in a fight over AJ. AJ breaks it up by telling Sonny that he doesn't know where Courtney is. Sonny doesn't believe him, and Jax walks in. Sonny and AJ decide to go for a walk, and wind up in an alley. Sonny takes out a gun, and forces AJ to take it, telling him to shoot him. AJ refuses, and drops the gun. He repeats to Sonny that he doesn't know about Courtney. Sonny gets a call from Janine, who tells him that Courtney came back. Sonny leaves AJ. Meanwhile, Skye yells at Jax for letting AJ go with Sonny. One of Sonny's men gets a call, and Skye thinks it's that AJ's dead. AJ walks in, though, and Jax leaves telling AJ that he knows he kept Courtney just to get to Sonny. He also scolds Skye for going along with it all. Skye follows him, and goes to his room. She tells him that they are not finished. AJ sits down, and holds Courtney's necklace. Sonny walks in the room to see Courtney there waiting

Sarah, Liz, Lucky, Gia and Nikolas arrive at Wyndemere. Nikolas gives Liz welcome home gifts. Sarah tells Nikolas that they need to talk, and they leave together. This upsets Gia, who also leaves. Alone, Lucky tells Liz that id she wants her help she'll get it. Outside the room, Sarah tells Nikolas that she knows about the accident.

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