GH Update Monday 3/4/02


General Hospital Update Monday 3/4/02

By Rachel

Felicia and Roy go back to the barn, and use the map to try to find out where Luke and Laura are.  Roy tells Felicia that with the weather conditions they have to find them in their first try.  They logically decide to go to the mines (where Luke and Laura actually are).

The rain begins to flood the mine as Luke and Laura are trapped.  Luke finds a hole, and begins to dig at it.  Suddenly, a big pole comes, and traps Luke in the flood.  They try to get him out, but with no prevail.  Luke tells Laura to go through the exit, and look for Roy.  She leaves, and alone, Luke begins to see a white light and then his father.  He talks to his father about the time he tried to drown him.  The water begins to flood to his face as Laura comes back.  She tells Luke that she couldn't find Roy.  Luke tells her that he's dying.  Laura begins to cry hysterically, and begs him not to leave her.  While Luke is "dead," he sees Laura and Roy, along with Felicia, giving him CPR.  Then, there's a white light as Luke wakes up.

Lucky surprises Liz by dressing up as a doctor and giving her gifts to bring to Wyndemere.  Outside the room, Gia is worried that Sarah will find out the truth about the accident.  Nikolas reassures her that nothing will happen.  The doctor tells Sarah to leave for the rest of the day to help Liz.  She walks into Liz's room, and hears her thanking Lucky.  Lucky leaves them, and Sarah asks her sister why she's going to live with Lucky.  Liz tells her that she's taking a chance, and wants her to live with them.  Sarah reluctantly agrees, and Liz tells Nikolas, Gia, and Lucky about it after they come into her room.  Everyone is happy, except Gia.

Zander breaks up the angry Carly and Skye.  They argue about AJ until Skye leaves.  Zander tells Carly that they are going to follow Skye to AJ's.

Sonny calls Jax a liar, and doesn't believe anything he tells him.  He tells Jax to leave, but Alexis stops him.  Jax tells Alexis what he told Sonny, and Alexis believes him.  Sonny tells him to repeat everything he knows about Courtney.   He does, and Sonny angrily leaves to go to AJ's.

Courtney and Janine are so excited about going to NYC until they remember that Sonny might catch them.  AJ tells them that he has a plan, and pays a plumber to use his coveralls.  Courtney disguises herself in the coveralls, and Janine leaves.  Courtney is in another room when Skye, followed by Zander and Carly barges into the room.  Zander and Carly ask what's going on, but AJ tells them to leave because he has to go to a meeting.  All four of them leave, and Skye and AJ return later.  AJ tells Courtney that they're going to leave in a few minutes when Sonny and men bust through the door.

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