GH Update Friday 3/1/02


General Hospital Update Friday 3/1/01

By Rachel

Luke and Laura sleep in the mine, and once they wake up, Laura starts worrying about being trapped.  All Luke can think about is their wedding, but Laura yells at him, telling him that they have to get out.  Luke asks Laura why she agreed to marry him even though he likes to attract danger.  Laura tells him that she wants to marry him, but not if he still wants to be with Felicia.  She argues with him about Felicia, and his past.  Luke decides that they should tell each other the truth.  He asks Laura if she has feelings for Stefan, but she denies it.  Luke also tells her that once she left him, he turned to Felicia because she reminded him of Laura.  Their questioning ends as a big storm approaches, and the mine begins to flood with Luke and Laura trapped inside.  

Felicia is awake, and Roy is asleep in their cell.  Felicia talks to the sheriff, telling him that she had nothing to do with anything, and that she trusts men like Roy too much.  She flirts with him to distract him so that when he turns,  Roy jumps up and punches him out.  They get his keys just as Jennifer and the officer come in.  They tell Jennifer and the officer that the sheriff had a heart attack.  While they are helping the sheriff, Roy holds them at gunpoint and puts the sheriff, officer, and Jennifer in the cell.  Roy and Felicia look at a map, trying to find where Luke and Laura might be.

AJ tells Skye that Jax knows he has Courtney.  AJ tells his sister to make sure that Jax doesn't tell Sonny.  Skye advises AJ to get rid of Courtney, but AJ tells her that he really needs her help.  He can't get rid of Courtney because he's so close to getting Courtney to fall for him.  All he needs is for Jax to not tell Sonny.  Skye reluctantly agrees to help and leaves. 

In the hotel room, AJ has left Courtney breakfast.  Janine comes by and they have a heart-to-heart talk.  Janine apologizes for some of the things she's done.  Courtney tells her mother that AJ told her that he's falling in love with her and she doesn't know what to do.  Janine encourages her daughter to stay with AJ, and even maybe marry him if he really loves her.  AJ comes back, and announces to Janine and Courtney that he wants to take them both to Manhattan.  He has tickets to the hot Broadway show "The Producers" and a trendy club.  They both gleefully accept.

Jax goes to see Carly and asks her to tell him everything about AJ.  Carly tells him everything about their relationship, and what he did to her.  She also tells him that now AJ is more cold-blooded, especially when it comes to Courtney.  He's just going to use Courtney for his own benefit, and eventually he'll hurt her.  Jax leaves, and Skye comes by looking for him.  Carly tells her that he left, and that she told him a lot of things about AJ, including how he's using Courtney.  Skye wants to leave to look for Jax, but Carly blocks her way.  The two start fighting, but Zander walks in to break them up. 

Zander walks into Sonny's office and tells him that he quits.  He won't say why because he can't get into his personal life.  Zander tells him that he deserves someone loyal, but Sonny wants to regain Zander's loyalty.  He tells Zander that he should follow up on setting up Jax by complaining about watching Carly all the time.  Zander leaves, and while alone, Sonny picks up his wedding band.  Jax comes in and after some arguing, he tells Sonny that Courtney is staying with AJ.


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