GH Update Thursday 2/28/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 2/28/02

by Rachel

Laura wakes up from the collapse and calls out for Luke.  She finds him unconscious in the debris.  Laura tells him to wake up because the two of them have beaten a lot of things: Frank and Jennifer, the Cassadines, and even their divorce.  Laura begs Luke to wake up, and he finally does.  Luke soon realizes where he is, and goes to look for an escape.  He tells Laura to wait for him and rest.  Laura refuses his request and goes after him.  Luke finds himself at a dead end and is soon joined by Laura.  Suddenly, more dirt begins to fall from above.  Since they are trapped, Laura decides to plan the wedding, and Luke surprises her with an engagement ring.    Laura talks about waiting to sleep together until their wedding, but Luke doesn't like the idea.

In Skye's room, AJ boasts over the fact that his plan to get to Sonny is working.  Skye warns him, reminding him of what happened with her own plan.  AJ tells his sister that she's in danger now because she's in love with Jax.  Skye denies it at first, but AJ keeps telling her that she's in love with him.  Skye admits that she has feelings for Jax, and AJ tells her that she'll never get Jax, which disappoints Skye.  Skye goes to the hospital for an AA meeting and runs into Alan, who tells her that it was rescheduled.  Alan asks his daughter how she is, and Skye confesses that she's in love with someone, but she's afraid she'll get hurt.  Alan suggests to Skye that she tell this person about her feelings, and maybe he'll love her too.

Jax sneaks into AJ's hotel room and is startled by Courtney, who hits him with a laptop.  Courtney realizes it's Jax and apologizes.  Then, she asks why he's in AJ's room.  He responds by saying that he came for her, and that she shouldn't stay with AJ.  Courtney asks Jax why she should trust him, as AJ walks in.  AJ surprisingly doesn't get angry at Jax, and Courtney suggests to him that he kick Jax out.  Courtney leaves, and AJ tells Jax that neither of them like Sonny, so Jax shouldn't tell Sonny that Courtney is living with him.  He also tells Jax that he doesn't want Skye and Courtney to die, just like what happened to Brenda and Chloe when they were in Jax's care.  An angry Jax leaves, and Courtney comes back out.  AJ tells her that he took care of Jax.  At his place, Jax is about to call Sonny, but remembers AJ telling him, "You hate Sonny as much as I do.  Why do him a favor?"  Jax hangs up the phone.   

Ned and Kristina go to Ned's cabin, and Ned tells Kristina that they have plans for the evening.  Ned and Kristina have wine, and Ned asks Kristina to talk about herself.  Kristina tells him what she thinks is the perfect man, and then there's a knock at the door.  It happens to be Edward, who keeps talking about ELQ.  Edward soon realizes that Kristina is there, and so he is about to leave, but his car broke down.  Ned and Kristina watch on as Alice tries to fix the car for Edward, ruining their vacation.   Alice seems to have a crush on Edward, which makes him uncomfortable.

At the police station, Felicia and Roy are arrested for impersonating a minister and his wife and stealing his car to get onto a private property.  They try to get Jennifer and her men arrested, but the cop doesn't care.  He tells them that he'll call Mac in the morning.  In the cell, Roy and Felicia try to get their one phone call, but the officer tells them that only the sheriff can let them use the phone.  Felicia gives the cop a false confession about her family grudge against the Smiths.  Felicia attempts to use the phone while the officer and Roy are arguing, but the sheriff comes in and catches her.  Jennifer comes by and gives the sheriff leftovers from their dinner, including peach cobbler, flirting with him.  Jennifer announces to Roy and Felicia that she and her men are moving to Mexico and leaves.  Felicia and Roy begin to worry about Luke and Laura, wondering where they are.  


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