GH Update Wednesday 2/27/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/27/02

By Suzanne

Gia comes by to pick up Nikolas from the hospital after he had a meeting.  They joke about her trying out her new car.  Sarah walks by and they say hi.  Gia worries again about Sarah ratting her out to the police, that she had more than one drink that night.  Nikolas reassures her again that Sarah won't do that.  He suggests that Gia go visit Elizabeth.

Nikolas stops Sarah, who is on her way to a lecture, to work on her.  He asks her to help him put the accident behind all of them, even though she's worried about Elizabeth.

Gia visits Elizabeth; she says that she heard she might get out tomorrow.  Elizabeth looks a little down but says she is told that she will have a full recovery.  Lucky visits, too.  They chat.  Lucky says she's coming home with him.  Elizabeth says no, she's not.

Skye asks Jax again what he would have said if she has asked him to bed.  He hedges.  He's learned a lot about her in the past months and it affects what he feels.  She half-jokes about that she lusts after him and is falling for him, so he asks if that's true.

Sonny asks Janine if Courtney called her.  She thinks maybe coming there was a mistake.  Sonny grills her but she tries to avoid his questions.  Alexis asks if Courtney is safe.

Courtney can't believe A.J. is falling for her; she says that he barely knows her.  He says to tell it to his heart and asks her to make the feelings stop.  She is overwhelmed.  He says his feelings are real; she doesn't know what to say.  He hopes he hasn't wrecked their friendship with his honesty.

Sarah wishes she could pretend like they're all the same as they were in high school.  He's not asking her to do that.  Sarah says that they know Gia was drinking before the accident that caused Elizabeth's injuries.  Nikolas says it was just a sip.  Sarah counters with asking why she didn't take the blood alcohol test.  Nikolas says that was the hospital's mistake.  He accuses Sarah of trying to make up for lost time with Elizabeth by charging to her defense, since she was gone all this time.  He asks her to back off.  She accuses him of acting like a prince.  He says she is taking out her mistakes on other people.  She is paged and has to go.  Dr. Caldwell comes by and chews her out for missing the lecture she was late for.  He says she will make up for it by showing up tomorrow at 7am to watch a procedure, on her day off.

Nikolas asks the doctor if he can speak with him about Sarah.

Elizabeth tells Lucky that she never agreed to live with him.  He says he found this loft by the marina for rent.  It has great light for painting and she will love it.  Other people wanted it but he had to beat them to it.  Also it's a great location, just down the street from Deception.  She thanks him but says she can't.  He asks why not, she needs to recuperate and it's better than Kelly's.  He says they'd have separate beds.  This way he can take care of her.  Sarah comes in and says that Elizabeth has already agreed to move home to Audrey's place with her.

Courtney doesn't know what to say.  She asks him about when he started feeling this way.  He's not sure but he tries to describe it.  He asks her if she'll give him a chance.

Janine assures Sonny and Alexis that Courtney's not in danger, but she's with a friend who can protect her.  She won't give them a name, although Sonny keeps trying.  She says Courtney is not ready to deal with Sonny yet and needs more time.  When Janine says she knows what's best for her daughter, Sonny throws up in her face about telling her that Mike was dead and leaving her alone for weeks while she came to town to scam Edward.  Janine asks sarcastically if he wants to compare sins.  Sonny, frustrated, yells that he just wants to know where his sister is.  Alexis has a box of stuff that Courtney left and asks if Janine will send it to her and says Sonny can slip in a note about how he feels.

Skye accuses Jax of just wanting to boost his ego.  What she says doesn't make a lot of sense.  She says maybe she just wanted his power to become CEO of ELQ.  Or maybe she just hates Sonny and wants Jax to help her bring him down.  Jax is not buying it.  Or maybe, she says, she wanted to pretend to be the damsel in distress.  She wonders why he kept coming back to rescue her.

Outside Elizabeth's room, Lucky says that Elizabeth doesn't need to go back to her gram's house.  He thinks Sarah is trying to come between them.  Sarah thinks Lucky is lying to Elizabeth.  Lucky knows he's going to love Elizabeth again.  Sarah doesn't believe him.  He doesn't think she can understand what happened to him.  Sarah says that Lucky is just pretending to love Elizabeth out of obligation and Elizabeth is just playing along so she doesn't let him down.  Lucky says that he needs to be with Elizabeth and take care of her.  Sarah wonders why he keeps trying when it's obvious it's over; she wonders if he's just being arrogant.  Lucky says that Sarah is the arrogant one, trying to think for other people.  He warns her that she will have a fight on her hands if she tries to come between them.  Sarah won't let her sister be hurt by dishonest or anyone.

Nikolas makes like the big Cassadine and tells Dr. Caldwell that his name has been notice.  He thinks it's a shame that Caldwell isn't chief resident, but there are other opportunities to be had there.  He asks Caldwell to spend some more time with the younger staff, to be a mentor to people like Sarah.  Caldwell agrees that Sarah is one of their brightest interns.  Nikolas assures him that he will be keeping an eye on him and good things will come his way.  Caldwell beams.

Helena is in a wheelchair nearby and applauds the way Nikolas handled that.  She says his father would be proud.

Jax tells Skye that she's a "real piece of work" and also says that she's a liar and a schemer.   She thinks it was a good idea to try to get rid of Sonny but he thinks she went about it badly.  Skye says she worries that A.J.'s methods will get him killed.  Jax gets interested in this.  Skye covers by saying that she means how A.J. gets in Sonny's face.  Jax is suspicious and then says exasperatedly that she'll never tell him the truth so he might as well stop asking.

Courtney tells A.J. that she has fun with him and lists some other things she likes about it, but she's got to catch up with him.  He says that's no problem, he knows she doesn't feel the same way.  She says she might some day but she hasn't known him long enough.  Then she suddenly wonders if he gave her all the stuff so that she would fall for him.  He says no, he's learned that love has to be earned.  Courtney says she's learned that guys all want one thing, no matter what they say.  So she asks him to just be straight with her, what does he really want.

Janine tells Alexis that she's not stupid, she knows that they will follow the package to get to Courtney.  Alexis points out that it would turn Courtney against Sonny if they did that, which is not what they want.  Janine says then he'd just have his men watch her like a hawk.  Sonny says he needs to protect Courtney from his enemies.  Janine says that Courtney trusted her not to tell him and she won't betray that.  She is about to leave but Sonny stops her.  Sonny gives her a wad of cash to give to Courtney, but she won't do it.  She doesn't want to live in the house he paid for, either.  Alexis takes this to mean that Courtney is coming back at some point.  Janine says that she will return when she's ready.  She tries to leave as Mike and Jax come in.    She won't tell him where Courtney is, either.  Janine pronounces that Courtney is going to be someone despite all of them, and she was right to run.

Janine: Courtney's going to be somebody despite you, despite all of us. Courtney was right to run, maybe even from me. I'm willing to do anything i can to make it up to her and to see that she has the life she deserves.   Jax wants to know if Courtney is all right but Sonny tells him to butt out.  Alexis asks Mike to leave it alone.  Sonny doesn't want to talk to Mike, either.  Alexis advises him not to push it.  Jax is happy to hear that Courtney ran away from Sonny.  Alexis tells him that this is a bad time.  He says it's about to get worse.

A.J. tells Courtney that he gave her those things just to make her happy, because he likes her.  She doesn't buy it.  He tells her in poetic terms how much he enjoys watching her smile and how he wants to take care of her.  She says she can take care of herself.  He knows that, too, and it attracts him even more how independent she is.  He says that he is being straight with her when all he wants is for her to be happy and get everything she wants.  She apologizes for being defensive.  He says not to worry and then starts putting himself down, saying he's not the best prize around.  He offers her ten thousand dollars in cash and says he has to leave for a meeting.  If she wants to leave, take the money.  If not, use the key to lock the door and he jokes that she should keep the poker handy until she trust him.  He will respect whatever decision she makes.  He apologizes for confusing her because he is confused, too.  He also tells her how great her hair smells, then he leaves.  She sighs.

Nikolas asks why Helena is out of jail.  Helena says she's ill and might have to have surgery.  He tells her not to expect him to worry.  She asks about Gia's accident.  He says Gia's fine and she'll stay that way.  She tells him some more Cassadine stuff about how he has the power to care for Gia, Sarah, or anyone else he wants to, "As weightless as shadows, as easily and naturally as your father".  He says he's not his father.  She sees Stavros in him.  He tells Taggert that he wants his grandmother taken to another hospital.  That just makes her laugh and be proud of him more for acting like a prince.  Taggert says that until after her trial, this is the hospital that the state has a contract with.  Nikolas offers to pay money to get her somewhere else, but Taggert tells him that money doesn't solve everything.  He is hoping that Nikolas is different from the other Cassadines.  Nikolas protests that Taggert knows he loves Gia.  Taggert points out that Stavros loved Laura, too.  Not to mention what happened to Chloe and Katherine.  Taggert hopes that Nikolas is more like Laura than Stavros.

Gia gives Elizabeth a present, a robe.  Elizabeth tells her that she's going to live with her grandmother; she doesn't want to mess up things with Lucky.  The radio plays music and Elizabeth asks Gia about her new car.  Then Elizabeth realizes the song on the radio is the same one that was playing during her accident.  Gia disagrees but knows it was the same.  Lucky and Sarah come in and Nikolas is standing near the door.  Elizabeth says the song is pulling her back to that night.  Nikolas and Lucky urge her not to think about it.    She wants to, but then she can't remember anything else.  Nikolas shuts off the radio and tries to change the subject.    Sarah tells Elizabeth that she and Lucky agreed that it's up to Elizabeth where she wants to go.  Gia explains to Nikolas about their conflict.  He suggests that they all move to Wyndemere, where there is plenty of room and servants.  They are all surprised. T hey discuss it a bit and then agree.

Dr. Caldwell asks Sarah if he can see her in the hall.

Mike and Sonny continue to argue about Courtney and what they can do to find her.  Sonny thinks Janine is telling the truth about Courtney being safe, since she didn't take the money he offered.  Sonny softens and suggests that Mike go home and get some rest.  Mike keeps talking about how he wants to get to know Courtney again, to have the chance to be a better father.

Jax tells Alexis that the longer she stays around Sonny, the more she will be hurt.  She tries not to address his concerns or answer his questions about Courtney.  She asks how Skye is.  He says that he can admit that she was right about Skye, so why can't she admit that he's right about Sonny?  She asks if he can get A.J. to back off from Courtney, too.   This is the first Jax has heard of A.J.'s involvement, so she explains.  Jax notices the stuff that Courtney left and something seems to bother him.   He asks if she's certain that Courtney is okay.  Alexis says that Janine said she is with a friend.

A.J. and Courtney get all dressed up and are in an elevator.  She is wearing expensive jewelry that he got on loan from the store that's worth half a million dollars.  He's taking her to a surprise.  She tells him that she's had a really good time tonight.

Caldwell tells Sarah that he wants to clarify about what happened earlier.  She apologizes and says it won't happen again.  He tells her he's sure it won't and that she doesn't have to come in on her day off after all.  He was tired and took it out on her.  He says she shows excellent promise.  She is surprised.

Gia, Lucky, Elizabeth, and Nikolas joke around in Elizabeth's room.

Alexis visits Sonny to see if he's okay.  He's been better.  He's still worried about Courtney.  Alexis tries to make him feel better.  He tells her that he still doesn't want her to move out, but he won't argue with her if she feels she has to.  She assures him that she's not going anywhere.

A.J. visits Janine with Skye and asks her what she did when she left his place.  She fills him in.  A.J. pays her off for what she did and tells her that it's the first installment.  He assures her that he meant it when he said he loves Courtney and would never hurt her.  She says he'd better be.  Skye tells A.J. that there's still time to get out.  He says that it's only a matter of time before Courtney is eating out of the palm of his hand.


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