GH Update Tuesday 2/26/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/25/02

By Rachel

Edward comes into Skye's room, and surprises her by being out of the hospital. Edward makes a deal with her. If he becomes CEO he won't tell Jax the truth. Jax overhears him, and walks in. Edward tells Jax the secret, but is surprised when Skye tell him that Jax already knows. Edward shocks both Jax and Skye this time by revealing that Skye wanted to sleep with him. Edward keeps badgering Jax to make him CEO of ELQ, and Jax decides to give Edward and Skye a test to determine who will be CEO. He asks Edward a business question, and Edward loses because he doesn't know it. Edward angrily leaves, and Skye asks Jax what he would say if she did want to sleep with him.

Carly is talking to herself, rehearsing what she wants to say to Zander. Bobbie overhears her, and asks her daughter what's wrong. Carly tells her that she might get Zander in trouble for something, and asks her mother what to do about it. Bobbie suggests that she left Zander have some time, and not to call him. Bobbie leaves, and tells Carly to back off Zander for a while.

At the pier, an angry Zander asks Kristina why she confronted Carly. Zander tells her that he and Carly are no longer friends, and Kristina tells him that she thinks it's because of Sonny. Zander tells her that he's loyal to Sonny, and he can't have a relationship with Carly because Sonny still loves her. Kristina apologizes to Zander for confronting Carly, and Zander touches her face in acceptance. Ned just happens to see them, and after Zander leaves he goes up to Kristina. Ned asks her to go away with him for a while, but Kristina refuses. She confesses that it's weird to have a relationship with him, and still be with Alexis. Ned reassures her that he and Alexis have moved on. He tells her that they need time alone together. In his room, Zander refuses to pick up the phone. On the answer machine, Carly apologizes to him for everything she did.

AJ gives Courtney earrings and a necklace to go with her dress. This shocks Courtney, and she tells him that he's giving her too much. There's a knock at the door, and Courtney hides. The detective that AJ hired comes in, and tells him that she can't work on the case because Sonny's men are bothering her. She tells him that she's leaving the case, and then leaves the room. Courtney comes out, and AJ tell her that they need to go through with their plan to make Sonny believe that she's out of Port Charles. AJ calls Janine over, and tells her that he talked to Courtney. He tells her that she wants Sonny to stop try to find her. Janine doesn't believe AJ, but accuses him of being a liar. Then, she threatens to call Sonny, so that he can take care of AJ himself. Courtney rushes out, and starts yelling at her mother. Janine gets upset that her daughter is living with AJ, and AJ has her go out of the room with him. Outside, AJ tells Janine tha

Sonny and Alexis go into her room, and Sonny asks her why she's moving, suggesting that it's because of him. Alexis denies it, and tells him that she and Kristina are moving into Wyndemere with Nikolas. Sonny tells her that she's moving because she's afraid of him. (That's what Kristina told him.) He asks her if he's pushing her away just like he did to Carly and Courtney. Alexis ignores the question, and Sonny admits to her that she's the only person left in his life. If she moves, he's afraid that he'll lose her too, and he doesn't want to lose her. Alexis still tells him that she's moving. Janine interrupts them by barging in, and announcing to Sonny that she found Courtney.

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