GH Update Monday 2/25/02


General Hospital Update Monday 2/25/02

By Rachel

Carly asks Kristina why she cares about her personal life, but Kristina tells her that Zander thinks that they have a relationship together. She gets Carly upset by telling her that she's using Zander to get to Sonny. Kristina tells Carly that Zander took off after they talked at the pier. Carly leaves Kristina as she rushes out of the room.

Sonny asks Zander what's going on between him and Carly. A nervous Zander tells him that it's about the man who kissed Carly. Sonny warns Zander about Carly because she's self-desructive. Zander defends Carly, telling his boss that all she did was kiss another man. Zander tells him that the reason he's defending Carly is because Sonny told hm that he and Carly should be friends, and now they are. Carly hears Sonny asks Zander who kissed her, and rushes in. She tells Sonny that she was jealous that he gave Alexis flowers, so she told him that she kissed someone. Sonny leaves, and Zander admits that he almost told Sonny the truth. He also tells her that he's sick of she and Sonny using him to get to one another. He's about to leave when Carly realizes that he didn't tell Sonny for her sake. She offers her friendship to Zander, but he refuses and leaves.

Nikolas tells Alexis that he's afraid of his family's power. Alexis tells Nikolas that she defended Courtney, and she seems to think that Courtney is innocent. Nikolas defends Gia saying that she didn't cause the accident. Alexis advises Nikolas not to be pulled by the Cassadine power. Alexis tells him that she's on her family's side, but Nikolas asks her how she can defend Sonny and Courtney. Alexis tells Nikolas that if she's covering up for Gia then he might be turning into Starvos. Nikolas tells his aunt about his nightmare of Starvos, and that he's just worried about Gia and Liz. Kristina comes in, and tells Nikolas that she and Alexis are moving. Nikolas suggests that they move into the Cassadine mansion. Kristina loves the idea, but Alexis is skeptical and leaves. Kristina tells Nikolas that Alexis knows all about the Cassadines, and probably won't want to move in. At her penthouse, Sonny tells Alexis that he and Carly are through. 

Jennifer tells Luke and Laura that one of them has to die. Luke tells her that it's him, and tells her to aim for his borken heart. Roy and Felicia beat up two men in the barn. Luke tells Jennifer that he'll marry her, and and says that all he wants is to be with her. Laura distracts Jennifer, and Luke takes her gun and they run. Felicia call the cops and Roy hold Jennifer and her men in the barn until a man comes in, and holds Felicia at gunpoint. Roy beats the man up, and Felicia takes the gun. Laura and Luke find an underground barn, and they start arguing. The more they yell, the more unstable the barn becomes until it collapses with them in it. The cops handcuff Jennifer and her men, and the sheriff tells Roy and Felicia that they also have to go to the station.

Sarah tells Liz, who's with Lucky, to get some sleep. Sarah sees Liz's drawing, and Liz tells her that she just remember the color of the light during the accident. Lucky and Sarah leave, and Sarah asks him why he's telling Liz that they will love one another when they never will again. Sarah tells him that the same thing happened to her and Nikolas. They grew out of love. Lucky blames Helena for him and Liz falling out of love, but Sarah tells them that time changed their relationship.

Bobbie visits Melissa at jail, and tellsher that what she did was wrong. Melissa refuses to believe that. Bobbie admits to her that is hard to see patients suffer, but she murdered them. Scott come in, and he and Bobbie tells Melissa that she's going to regret what she did. Scott tells her that the jury is going to see her as a murderer, and that maybe she should plead herself as insane. Mac comes to take Melissa to Chicago. Scott tells Bobbie to let everything go involving Melissa. Melissa tells Mac to have Roy suffer by having her not tell him anything. A tearful Melissa is put into the crusier, and is driven away.

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