GH Update Friday 2/22/02


General Hospital Update Friday 2/22/01

By Rachel

Sonny tells one of his men to still look for Courtney. He sits at his desk, and remembers the conversation he had with Carly about her kissing another man. Zander is down at the pier when he picks up a broken mirror. He sees Carly's reflection in the mirror, and goes up to her. Carly turns out to be Kristina who's frightened by Zander. Zander apologizes, and tells her that he thought she was someone else. Kristina tells him that she has feelings for Ned, but feels as if she's betraying Alexis by being with him. Zander starts talking about Sonny and Alexis's relationship, but soon leaves to talk to Sonny. Zander goes to Sonny's office, and tells Sonny that what he has to say cannot wait. He tells him that he needs information to give to Jax, but sonny asks him what he really wants to say. Zander tells him that Jax needs to give him respect. Sonny tells Zander that he trusts him, and not to worry about Jax. Sonny is about to leave when Zan

Jax tells Carly that Sonny thinks that he hurt her. Carly begins to think that Zander told Sonny that Jax kissed her. Jax realizes by himself that Zander and Carly kissed. Carly denies it, and Jac tells her that she deserves a lot better than a man like Sonny. He asks her to be truthful about what she did to get Sonny upset. She tells him that she was mad when Sonny gave Alexis flowers, so she told him that she kissed another man. She also tells him that Zander was about to tell Sonny who kissed her, but she stopped him from saying anything. She tells Jax that she's afraid that Zander will get caught in the middle of her and Sonny's breakup. Jax tells Carly that she's changed, and she doesn't need Sonny anymore because she's got her club, her son, and will get a lot of money from her club. Kristina interrupts them, and Jax leaves them alone. By themselves, Kristina asks Carly how her single life is going.

At the hospital, Ned wheels Edward as they talk about how much Edward trusted Melissa, yet she killed all those people. They wait in the waiting room, and Edward asks Ned if his future is with Kristina. Ned tells his grandfather that he likes Kristina, but she's Alexis's sister. Edward tells him that time is running out, and he should do things now before he regrets not doing them at all. Ned takes his advice, and arranges a vacation for him and Kristina.

Liz is in her hospital bed drawing what she remembers from the accident. Lucky comes in, and she tells him that she remembers everything but what color the light was. She tries to remember it, but it isn't there. Lucky tells her that it's the same thing with their love. He tried to see their love, but it just wasn't there. Now, though, he needs to be with her. Sarah listens at the door as Lucky tells Liz that their relationship will turn into love eventually.

Jennifer greets Roy thinking that he's the preacher. Luke pretends to be upset that Roy's late for the wedding. Felcia comes in pretending to be the preacher's wife. Laura pretends to be upset about the wedding. Luke and Jennifer tell her to keep quiet, and Jennifer, along with her men, leaves to get dressed. Roy, Felicia, Luke, and Laura think up a plan to get out of the ranch. Luke and Laura begin to yell at each other, and a man tries to break them up. Roy and Luke attack the man, and drag him out of the room. Another man comes in, and announces that the bride is ready. Jennifer enters the room in a wedding dress. Roy begins the ceremony as Jennifer says her vows. Luke begins his vows, but Laura pretends to knock him out with a bottle. Luke falls on the bed, and Jennifer screams at Laura for hurting the groom. Luke wakes up, and he and Roy attack the men. Jennifer yells at them, but is quickly stopped when Laura really knocks out with the bottle. Roy, Felicia, Luke, and Laura make a run to get out of the ranch. Luke and Laura are running away when Jennifer grabs Laura, and threatens to shoot her if Luke tries to save her.

Sarah asks Nikolas why Gia never took the blood alcohol test. Gia comes in ready to drive her new car. Sarah gets upset that Gia is already driving again even after her sister almost died in an accident. She asks Gia if she lied about running the red light. Nikolas makes up an excuse by saying that even though Gia drank alcohol before the accident, it didn't show up on the test, and that Courtney caused the crash. Sarah and Gia leave the room, and by himself, Nikolas remembers what Starvos said to him in the dream about how his power will become second nature. Alexis interupts him, and tells him that maybe the house, and the spirits of his father and the Cassadines, are effecting him. Nikolas yells telling her to never say that again. Gia walks in, and asks Alexis what she said to upset Nikolas. Nikolas tells her that he didn't mean to yell at his aunt. He asks Gia to leave, and tells Alexis that he's scared of turning into Stavros.


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