GH Update Thursday 2/21/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 2/21/02

by Rachel

Courtney tells AJ that she can't help but think that Sonny will find out that she's staying here with him. There's a knock at the door, and AJ tells her that their breakfast is here. Courtney goes to hide. AJ opens the door, and Sonny is at the other end of it. An angry Sonny comes in, and tells AJ that he doesn't want him looking for Courtney. Sonny leaves, and Courtney comes out scared that Sonny will come back with his men. AJ tells her not to worry, and that maybe they should go for a walk. At his office, Sonny tells one of his men to watch AJ because he might have something to do with Courtney's disapearance. The man leaves. Mike comes into the office, and tells Sonny that he's pushed everyone out of his life including Courtney. He tells Sonny that he doesn't listen to other people. Sonny gets a phone call from one of his men saying that they spotted Courtney at the dock. Sonny, Mike, and the men go down to the dock, and see AJ give a girl who looks like Courtney a corndog. Sonny tells AJ to explain himself. The girl turns around, and it's not Courtney. The girl is a detective that AJ hired to find Courtney. Mike tells the girl to tell Courtney that he loves her once she finds her. Mike and Sonny go back to the office. Sonny tells him that AJ set them up by hiring a girl that looked like Courtney. He also tells him that Courtney probably hasn't left Port Charles, and that AJ is giving her the money to help her hide out. At the hotel room, AJ tells Courtney that no one will find her. He also tells her that he has a plan to make Sonny believe that she's gone, but her needs her trust to do it.

Bobbie and Sarah tell Liz to get some rest. They walk out of the room, and Lucky tells them that he needs their help to bend the hospital rules. Sarah wheels Liz to a room, telling her that she needs to take an x-ray. Instead, Liz goes into a room where Bobbie is, and there's a set table with a lit candle on it in the room. Lucky comes in, and speaks to Liz in a French accent. They sit at the table, and Bobbie and Sarah leave. Outside the room, a doctor comes up to them, and complains that Sarah is showing favortism to Liz by letting her eat with Lucky at the table. He also tells her that Gia never took a blood alcohol test. Bobbie tells the doctor that Gia's test is probably lost in the computer, and she'll get it. Sarah gets upset that the doctor yelled at her, and Bobbie tells her not to worry about it. Bobbie goes to look for Gia's file. Alone, Sarah tells herself that Bobbie won't find the test. Lucky tells Liz that his father left town, but that he won't go anywhere. Lucky has Liz do a pose while he draws a picture. When finished, Lucky shows a cute stick figure drawing of he and Liz together. Lucky tells Liz that his parents are probably together, and maybe they're getting married again.

Laura wakes up, and Luke reminds her about their plan. Jennifer and her men come in, and Luke compliments her. Jennifer asks Luke if he'll choose to marry her or to die. Luke tells her that he'll marry her. Meanwhile, a frustrated Roy wants to get off the plane in Houston, but Felicia stops him. Roy tells her that Luke needs his help. Felicia tells Roy that she's working on a case in San Antonio, but she wants to help Luke. Roy gives her the note from Laura. Felicia says that she knows someone who can help them, and calls her grandmother to get his phone number. On the ranch, Laura refuses to have Jennifer marry Luke. Luke tells her that he wants to be with Jennifer, and that his biggest mistake was losing her. The men take Laura, and Jennifer tells Luke that for a wedding gift she wants Laura dead. Luke stops the men by refusing to marry Jennifer if Laura is killed. Jennifer tells him that he has to prove his love for her by kissing her and having her like it. Laura watches on as Luke and Jennifer kiss. Jennifer tells her men that she liked the kiss, and tells Luke to say "I love you" to her. Luke says it, and Laura tells him that he can't do this to her by marrying Jennifer. Luke tells Jennifer to put Laura on a bus, but Jennifer tells her men to kill Laura instead. Luke requests to Jennifer that they make Laura watch them gt married, and then get rid of her. Jennifer agrees to the request, and tells him that the preacher will be there shortly to marry them. Jennifer and her men go to get Luke's suit and her dress. Alone, Laura tells Luke that she might have a plan to get them out. Luke and the men are all dressed up when Jennifer comes in complaining that the preacher is late. One of her men tells her that he had a flat tire. Later, another man comes in to tell Jennifer that the preacher is here. The preacher comes in, and just happens to be Roy.

Gia talks on the phone, and is told that her car is lost. She gets off the phone, and suddenly remembers when Liz told her to stop the car because the light was red. Nikolas comes in, she tells him that the body shop lost the car. He surprises her with a brand new red convertable. Gia worries that everything is wrong because he had to lie for her to get her out of jail. She's also worried that Liz will remember what happened during the accident. Nikolas suggests that they go to New York, and Gia can shop all she wants. Gia likes the idea, and Nikolas suggests that while they're there they could "make love all day". They prepare for the vacation by making love right there on the sofa. Afterwards, Nikolas dreams of seeing his father. Starvos tells Nikolas that he's proud of him for getting things done. Starvos tells Nikolas that what he is doing for Gia is exactly what he did for Laura. Starvos tells him that he's using his power to destroy people, and that eventually his power will become second nature to him. Nikolas and Gia wake up, and Gia tells him that he's a natural at being a prince. Gia says it as a compliment, but Nikolas realizes that he acted like Starvos to help Gia. She tells him that she wants to drive her new car, and goes to dress. After she leaves, Nikolas replays exactly what Starvos said in the dream about how his power will become second nature. Sarah comes into the room, and asks Nikolas what's the matter with him.


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