GH Update Wednesday 2/20/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/20/02

By Rachel

Alexis and Felicia catch Ned and Kristina at the studio. Felicia goes into the studio, and tells Ned that she's working on a case against a record manager. Kristina goes into the control booth, and Alexis tells her that maybe they should move. Alexis refuses to Kristina that she's upset about Ned. Felicia leaves, and Ned asks Kristina if he could talk to Alexis privately. Alexis tells Ned that she has moved on. Ned tells her that he's not sure if he wants to fall in love again. Alexis leaves, and Ned tells Kristina that he believes that Alexis has moved on.

Roy goes to visit Melissa in jail. Melissa tells him that their relationship is over, and that she has a trial in Chicago the next day. She tells Roy to get out of her life. Roy goes to the bar, and Felicia asks him to talk about Melissa. Roy refuses, and Felicia leaves. Elton comes running in, and gives Roy the note from Laura.

Luke asks Laura if she's serious about wanting to marry him. Laura tells him that she does want to marry him again. Luke tells her that he has a plan to get them to escape from Jennifer.

Courtney hears on as both Skye and AJ deny that they faked Skye's kidnapping. AJ tells Jax about the time that he was in the meat locker, and he was forced to sign over the rights to his son. Skye and Jax leave, and Courtney tells AJ that it's too dangerous to live here with him. AJ talks her into staying, and tells her that he wants to be her friend. Jax goes to Skye's, and demands that she tell the truth. Skye refuses, and kicks him out.


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