GH Update Tuesday 2/19/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/19/02

By Rachel

Luke and Laura are caught by Jennifer and her men. Jennifer tells Laura that she's going to have to be killed. Luke stalls Jennifer from the killing by persuading her to entertain him with Laura's trial for the murder of Jennifer's brother, Damian. In front of Jennifer, Laura tells the jury, (Jennifer's men), that she wants to marry Luke again. Jennifer, the judge, sentences Luke and Laura to both be killed. Both are handcuffed, and Luke asks Laura if she's serious about wanting to marry him again.

Kristina apologizes to Ned while at the recording studio. Ned tells her that he is totally over Alexis. Kristina brings him whipped cream and cookies. Ned puts whipped cream on Kristina's face, and kisses it. Kristina puts the whipped cream on his neck, and they start making out.

Courtney tells AJ that he's hitting on her by giving her all these gifts. AJ swears to her that he wasn't trying to be like other men, and Courtney tries on the gifts he bought for her.

Skye tells Jax that Sonny's men kidnapped her, and she's in the meat locker. Jax finds her, as well as AJ's cufflink. Jax tells Skye that he's taking her somewhere safe...that place being AJ's hotel room. Jax tells Skye that he knows that she and AJ set up everything about Skye being threatened by Sonny.

Zander decides to tell Sonny that he kissed Carly, but she interrupts them. Zander leaves, and Carly tells Sonny that a stranger kissed her, so she doesn't care about it. Sonny leaves, and an angry Zander comes back, telling Carly that she just used him to upset Sonny. Zander kicks Carly out of his room. Sonny talks to Alexis in her apartment. Alexis accuses Sonny of being jealous of Carly kissing another man. Sonny leaves, and goes to his apartment.

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