GH Update Monday 2/18/02


General Hospital Update Monday 2/18/02

By Rachel

Edward, looking at the stock market highs in the newspaper ("I told you to sell," said Reginald), received the shock of a lifetime when Kristina barges in and told the family of Ned's latest and greatest. Edward sat her down and blamed the whole thing on her, telling her that she dragged her feet and therefore "Ned reproduced with the wrong sister." On the other side of town, at the Port Charles Grill, Ned had a glass of milk sent to Alexis' table, just before Sonny decided to join her - uninvited. Ned jumped in to rescue his former catch, but was shunned himself when Alexis told them both to back off. Sonny told her to cut Ned some slack, that worrying about the mother is natural for a soon-to-be daddy. Throwing him a stare full of sharp daggers, Alexis asked him to get to the point. He told her he was still looking for a good lawyer. After leaving the grill, Ned took the short cut by the docks and caught Kristina crying alone, suitcases at her feet. Trying to smooth things over, he began telling her how much she meant to him. Just before he had her ready to "think" about the situation, Alexis interrupted, not seeing her sister, and told him not to buy her anymore milk. Apologizing to the heartbroken young lady in front of her, Alexis tried to pass the situation off as nothing, to no avail. Kristina went into a fit about how things were going to turn out. Alexis and Ned milked the "not a relationship" line, but it failed. "Parenting is a relationship," Kristina told them. "I think I've shown that pretty conclusively and I've only covered the first six months;. and after college graduation." She told them to connect all the dots and they would have a family - a family she wasn't willing or able to deny them. She explained to her big sister that there was a big gap in her life where that person she loved was supposed to be, "but unfortunately that person is not available." She concluded that Ned and the newborn child would eventually fill that gap - leaving her in the cold. She left, taking her luggage with her. At that moment, Alexis realized just how much Ned loved her sister, and hated the fact that her mess had drug him into all of this. Kristina wasn't satisfied with the way things ended though, she continued to take matters into her own hands, going directly to the man himself - Sonny. Accusing him of getting Alexis into her current situation by not returning her love and flat-out calling Carly "evil," Kristina managed to get yelled at, disrespected, and thrown out of the penthouse one last time. After explaining that he broke her sister's heart she gave him fair warning: "Well, you're heart is next buddy, that's how it works."

Skye told the bartender at Club 101 what to expect from his new manager and to forget everything Carly told him. To her surprise, when Jax came to visit, he told her that his deal had gone through without a hitch - a fact that surprised them both, knowing that Edward had some sort of agenda. Furious at the fact that her grandfather didn't take advantage of the heads up she gave him, Skye went straight to Edward and let him have it. He explained that this was a test, that she had passed it, proving that they could trust one another enough to go on. "Have you ever been plowed down by stiletto heels, grandfather?" she asked, threatening him that that was exactly what would happen should he decide to double cross her. She returned to Club 101 where Jason finds her. Feeling a little under minded, Skye lets it slip that she will be Edward's only heir. Jax interrupts, curious as to what Jason is doing at the club, and gets right to the point. Jason asked him flat out to buy it back, Jax refused telling Jason to pass along the message. Jason began to dig a bit deeper, asking Jax how far he would go to take Sonny out. Wondering if his least favorite opponent is in some kind of trouble, Jax denied doing anything to goad the mob boss. When Jason left, Jax turned to Skye, telling her straight out that he knows something is going on. He hits a grand slam, though, when he guesses that she and Edward may be in cahoots.

Edward called Ned, telling him there was an emergency at the mansion and he needed to bring Alexis with him. Welcoming them into the house, he couldn't spit out the fact that he knew the news soon enough. When the unsuspecting "parents" ask how the family found out, all fingers pointed at an extremely upset Christina. Alan congratulate them on their newest edition. "However, you must be very careful that father doesn't sell the child," he warned. Ned gave fair warning of his own - this child is off limits. Once Lila was in on the big secret though, things began to get hairy. "Now we have a wedding to plan for," she told them.

Carly, still upset over Sonny refusing to listen to her, woke up with her head in Jason's lap, moaning something about her husband. When the doorbell rang, thinking it was none other than the man himself, she answered it with a loud, "Go to hell." Frowning at her welcome and knowing the endless possibilities for such a greeting, Bobbie stepped in to analyze the situation. Instead of helping things out, though, she managed to plant ideas in Carly's head that hadn't even evolved yet, assuming that Carly had slept with Jason to get back at Sonny. With her new plan in mind and wearing sexy lingerie, Carly called Sonny's right hand man and invited him to supper.

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