GH Update Friday 2/15/02


General Hospital Update Friday 2/15/01

By Rachel

Jennifer tells Luke that they're going to pick up right where they left off. Jennifer tells Luke she's getting him. She tells him that if they don't marry, she'll have her men shoot him. She has the men leave, and tells Luke that she wants his companionship. Luke tells her that he loves Laura, but she doesn't listen, and kisses him. Jennifer leaves, and Luke tries to escape. A person with a cowboy hat walks in, and it's Laura, who tells Luke that she's going to free him.

Lucky gives Liz a rose, and plays a romantic song for her. Liz tells him that they have to let go because they aren't in love anymore. Lucky pleads Liz to give their relationship a second chance, and Sarah overhears them. She walks in, and tells Liz that she needs some sleep. Lucky and Sarah leave, but Lucky comes back, while Liz is asleep, and holds her hand.

Jax agrees with Skye when she says that she wants to have sex with him. They talk about ways to deal with their attraction, and they kiss. Jax tries to kiss Skye again, but she tells him that she can't deal with sex. Jax tells her that she's beautiful, but is taking Ned and Edward's warnings of her, into consideration. Jax gets a phone call saying that Sonny is given a stay at his office. Skye tells Jax that she has a plan on how to get to Sonny.

Zander and Kristina are playing pool. Kristina asks Zander about the real Sonny, asking him if it's dangerous to fall in love with him. Zanders tells her that Sonny isn't over Carly. Kristina tells him not to tell anyone about the conversation, and the two leave.

Alexis thanks Sonny for the flowers as Carly exits the elavator. She tells Sonny that she has to go over something in the divorce agreement. She asks him why he can go on with her life, yet she can't. Carly tells Sonny to tell her that he doesn't own her, and then tells him that a guy kissed her. She asks him if that is all right. He says that he doesn't care. Carly and Alexis leave, and Alexis goes to her apartment. She puts the flowers back in the box, and tries to ignore them by throwing them on the floor. Sonny burns documents in a fire. Carly plays pool, but dream of making love on the pool table with Sonny. Kristina walks into the apartment building, and tries to talk to Sonny, but he ignores her. In the apartment, Kristina tells Alexis that they should move because she shouldn't be around Sonny.


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