GH Update Thursday 2/14/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 2/14/02

by Rachel

Today's General Hospital was a Valentine's special. This episode doesn't follow the storylines, but it was a lot of fun to watch!

Skye comes down the stair in a gown to meet Jax. Ned, Sonny, and Edward come in, and make fun of Skye. Jax tells Sonny to leave, and he actually disappears. Skye also has Jax turn Ned into her chauffeur. Jax shares his "powers" with Skye, and she turns Edward into a butler. Skye thanks Jax for sharing his "powers" with her. Jax tells Skye that he'll never leave her, and the two passionately kiss.

Alexis and Sonny go over some legal stuff, and suddenly Sonny starts flirting with her. He starts unbuttoning her shirt, and kisses her. She tells him to kiss her again, and two start making love!

Elton comes out, and introduces , who's with Nikolas, to the press. Courtney comes up to the stage, and Taggert arrests Gia. The press start to boo, as Gia asks Nikolas for help. Nikolas starts to talk, and suddenly he turns into Starvos! Starvos says that Taggert and Courtney are lying, and the two are arrested. Starvos turns back into Nikolas, and Gia tells Elton that she's so lucky to have her fiance.

Liz and Lucky are in an alley discussing the curse that Helena put on him. Helena walks out of a building in an outrageous dress that makes her look like a witch. Helena waves her hand, and a crate hits Lucky, knocking him unconscious. She keeps waving her hand, and sparks hit Liz. Liz pours water on Helena, and she begins to melt! Lucky wakes up, and Liz tells him the great news. Lucky soon realizes that the curse is broken. It starts pouring, and the two kiss in the rain shower.

Carly tells Sonny she's leaving, but he tells her that he wants his wife to be with him. Sonny has his men and Alexis leave. He gives Carly a necklace. The two kiss and start dancing.

A.J. is in a boxing match against Sonny. Edward and Skye are managing A.J. while Alexis and Carly are managing Sonny. Courtney tells A.J. not to fight, but he does. Sonny and A.J. begin to fight, and Alan is the commentator and Ned is the referee. Sonny beats on A.J., but A.J. KO's him, winning the match. The "Rocky" music begins to play, and A.J., Edward, Skye, and Courtney celebrate in the ring.

Ned and Kristina sing to each other while Ned plays the piano. They look at each other in the eyes, and sing some more. Alexis walks in, and they stop singing.

Carly asks Sonny to stay with her. He agrees, and the two make love. Afterwards, Carly tells Sonny that his scars from the accident will heal. He tells Carly that he wants to trust her, and the two start to make love again. Suddenly, Carly turns into Alexis. Alexis tells Sonny to trust her.

Luke and Roy are dressed up as mobsters. Roy tells Luke that a woman is here to see him. Luke walks in, and the woman is Laura. Laura gives him a gray heart, and tells him that she loves him. The two are about to kiss, and the heart turns red.

In another scene, Laura is on a boat when a shipmate gives her a letter from Luke. The letter says that he loves her, but the two can never be together. Luke appears, and tells her that he does want to be with her. Luke tells Laura that he'll love her till the day he dies. The two kiss.

There's a heart with a message wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's from the show.


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