GH Update Wednesday 2/13/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/13/02

By Rachel

Laura tells Elton that she wants nothing to do with Luke. Meanwhile, two men hold Luke back while another man punches him. Laura begins to worry about Luke from what he said in his e-mail. She tells Elton that she'd going to find Luke. The three men threaten to kill Luke, and Luke fights his way out of the room. Laura finds out that Luke is somewhere in Texas. She tells Elton to give Roy a letter from her, and leaves to go to the airport. The three men catch Luke, and handcuff him to a chair. Suddenly, there's a noise, and the men tell Luke that 'the boss' is here. 'The boss' happens to be Jennifer, Luke's ex-fiancee, who walks into the room.

Nikolas lies to Liz about what happened during the accident. Outside the room, Taggert tells Gia that he has to interview Liz, and he can't show any favoritism in the case. Nikolas keeps lying to Liz. Taggert and Gia come in, and Liz tells Taggert that she remembers she and Gia arguing, and suddenly she yells at her about the light. A man comes in with a note from Sonny asking Liz if she needs anything. After the man leaves, Liz tells Taggert that she'll swear under oath that Courtney ran the red light because what Nikolas and Gia are saying seems true. Taggert, Gia, and Nikolas leave as Lucky comes in and asks Liz to be his Valentine.

Jax asks Skye why she's using his computer. Skye tells him that she's looking up information to use against Edward. Jax tells her that she's lying, and Ned comes in the room. Jax tells Ned that he never told Skye anything about Edward. Ned and Jax walk out, and Ned tells Jax to think with his brain when it involves Skye. Jax walks back in, as Ned leaves, and Skye suggests to Jax that they should sleep together because they obviously are attracted to one another.

After they stop kissing, Zander says he sorry, and tries to leave. Carly tells him to talk to her, and he tells her that he can't get involved with Sonny's wife. Carly reminds him that she's no longer Sonny's wife. She leaves Zander because she think that Zander thinks that she belongs to Sonny.

Sonny asks Alexis to go to Puerto Rico. They talk about the last time they went there. Sonny tells her that he needs her help with Jax destroying the pier. He tells her that Jax is doing this because he's upset that she and Sonny are friends. Alexis says she'll handle the situation. Sonny tells her that he can't deal with all the personal issues in his life. Alexis leaves, and Sonny calls someone and speaks to him in Spanish. When she gets to her apartment, Alexis finds a box with a flower that's from Sonny. Sonny walks by her door, and he smiles at her.


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