GH Update Tuesday 2/12/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/12/02

By Suzanne

Elton fills Laura in on her day and also shows her a new email from Luke (in code).  She asks about his back.  She is preparing to give him a message back to Luke when Carly walks in, greeting them cheerily.  Laura is shocked.

Jax stops by Carly's office looking for her.  Zander is there and tells Jax that she is out.  Jax asks for his help.

Ned runs into Skye in the hospital.  He hands her papers that would make Edward CEO again and asks her to sign them.  Skye says sweetly that Edward is imagining things in his recovery.  Ned tells her that if she doesn't sign them, then he will personally make sure that Jax is out of her life for good.

Roy tells Melissa that if she doesn't go to the cops, he will.  She tries to talk her way out of it but he won't budge.  They argue at great length.  She begs him and then when that doesn't work, she starts insulting him, playing on his guilt about her brother.

Taggert asks Elizabeth about the accident but they are interrupted by Nikolas, who says it's too soon for Elizabeth to be answering questions.  Lucky comes in and agrees.  Elizabeth protests that she's fine.  She remembers getting into the car and that they both had on their seat belts.  Nikolas wants to know why Taggert is putting her through this when there was a witness.  Taggert asks suspiciously how Nikolas knows that.  He says he called the station to talk to Officer capelli, who told him about the case.  Elizabeth is concerned when she finds out that there was another driver, Sonny's sister.  They tell her that she's fine.  Taggert asks Lucky and Nikolas to step outside so Elizabeth can concentrate.  They leave.  Gia comes in a few minutes later, saying she's glad that Elizabeth is okay.

Melissa says that she knows she can't work with terminal patients any more and she will asked to be transferred to another floor.  Amy comes in looking for Melissa but Roy says they're in the middle of something.  Amy goes to Bobbie and tells her to stay out of the chapel because Roy and Melissa seem to be having an argument.  Bobbie gasps, realizing what that means.

Skye jokes that she will make Edward head of janitorial services at ELQ.  Ned tells her that Jax will listen to him when he reminds Jax that sending women threatening notes is not Sonny's style, and he will realize that she's been playing him for a fool.

Zander doesn't want to hear Jax's offer.  They argue a bit.  Jax wants to get back at Sonny by using Zander to spy on him.

Carly tells Laura that she's moved on with her life and wants to invite her and all of Deception to the premiere of her new club.  Laura doesn't know what to say or whether Carly is being honest.  Carly also asks her to bring the buyer from Gautier and all his French models to the club.   Laura is still suspicious.  Carly says she was mad about the company being taken away from her, but it turned out to be a good thing in the long run.  Laura is happy for her.  Elton interrupts with another message from Luke.  Laura exclaims in frustration.  Carly wonders why she's surprised, since Luke is not normal.  Laura counters that people would have said the same thing about her and Sonny.  Carly agrees and says she understand that kind of connection.  Laura says they have that in common.  Carly points out that for her it's not past tense.  She leaves, saying she'll see Laura at the opening.

Zander tells Jax to get out, but Jax offers him $5 million.  He reminds Zander that's freedom from not just Sonny, but also the Quartermaines.  He implies that he could use the money to get Emily back.  Zander appears interested.

Gia and Elizabeth greet each other.  Lucky offers to get everyone out of Elizabeth's room but Taggert asks his sister to step outside with the others.  She says she won't leave.  Taggert says this is official police business.

Roy tells Melissa that he'll stick by her and hire the best defense he can get.  She calls him names like "liar", "snitch" and "hypocrite" just as Bobbie walks in behind her.  Bobbie calls her a killer.  Melissa turns on Bobbie, saying this must have been all her doing.  Roy says that actually, he went to Bobbie and she said Melissa was a gifted nurse who couldn't have done these things.  Melissa softens and asks Bobbie to tell Roy what it's like to be a nurse and be around all these people who are in pain and suffering.  Bobbie admits she's felt like helping them to die, but it's not up to them, it's up to God, or the patient.  Melissa says she must be different than Bobbie because she couldn't do it.  She yells at Roy some more.  She yells at both them for bringing her there from Chicago where she had a nice life.  Melissa has clearly lost it.  Roy tells Bobbie to get Alan or Mac, now.

Taggert continues to try to talk to Elizabeth alone while the other three try to block him.  Bobbie comes up and says he must come with her, it's an emergency.  So he has to go.

Skye makes fun of Ned, wondering if he's doing all this for Katrina's benefit.  Ned just tells her to sign the papers.  Skye tears them up and says Jax may be a friend of his, but they have a "special relationship".  They also share a secret about Edward, the one that she used to keep Edward from throwing her and A.J. into prison.  Ned thinks she might be bluffing.  She suggests he try it, and Edward will be the one in prison, not her.

Jax assures Zander that any information he gives him about Sonny will remain between them.   Meanwhile, Carly listens outside the door, shocked.   Zander wonders why he's willing to pay so much to get rid of Zander.  Jax says that Sonny hurt a lot of people he cares for, and now he's singled out someone he's promised to protect (but he won't say who).  Zander and Jax shake on it as Zander agrees to do his best.

Skye has a hotel staff person let her into Jax's room, claiming that she's planning a surprise for him.  She heads for Jax's computer, hoping to find some dirt on Edward.

Jax says he needs hard evidence that will lead to Sonny's arrest and conviction, before he gets his money.  He assures Zander that he is doing the right thing.  Carly hides as Jax leaves, then comes flying into the room, yelling at Zander for betraying her and Sonny.  He smiles at her as she yells at him to leave.  He says she's pretty when she's mad.  She goes to call Sonny but he says she'll have to beat him to it.  He intends to let Sonny know what's going on with Jax in case he tries to bribe someone less loyal to Sonny.

Nikolas tells Lucky that he'll see if his lawyers can do anything to keep Taggert away from Elizabeth.  Nikolas asks Gia to get Lucky out of the room so he can talk to Elizabeth.

Taggert goes into the chapel with Bobbie and wants to know what Melissa has done.  Melissa pours out her confession about all the old and dying people she's killed out of compassion.  Both Roy and Taggert try to get her to shut up, read her rights, etc. but she keeps going on.  It's very sad and compelling the way she describes how they are all in pain.  Taggert arrests her and puts her in cuffs.  As they are leaving, Melissa leans her head on Roy's shoulder, then calls him "Judas" as she leaves.  He looks very sad and pained.

Skye can only find business stuff in Jax's computer. She hears him coming in so she just faces the door, looking guilty.  He walks in and sees her.  She smiles.

Carly is impressed with Zander's plan.  They joke around and end up hugging, then they kiss passionately.

Gia asks Lucky to go with her to the wrecked car so she can get her registration for the police.  She says it's too creepy to go alone, so he agrees.  Nikolas sneaks in after they lave and asks Elizabeth how she's feeling.

Elton wears an umpire's outfit to give Laura the latest email from Luke.  He is afraid she might throw something.  Instead, she screams into a pillow.  Laura wonders if this is real.

Luke is sleeping when someone comes up and attacks him.  He fights back valiantly.

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