GH Update Monday 2/11/02


General Hospital Update Monday 2/11/02

By Rachel

Gia wakes up screaming. She tells Nikolas that she's worried about the truth being revealed. Nikolas tells her that she has nothing to worry about. Taggert comes to see Gia as Nikolas leaves. Gia asks Taggert about what might happen to Courtney, and starts to defend her.

Lucky and Sarah are by Liz when she wakes up. She tells Lucky that he can leave, and Sarah tells her that he stood by her the whole time. Nikolas comes in, and asks Liz if she remembers anything from the accident. Lucky overhears this, and tells Nikolas to go in another room. He tells Nikolas not to have Liz worry about the accident. Taggert comes to see Liz, and asks her about the accident. Nikolas is standing by the doorway overhearing what Liz is going to say.

A.J. tells Courtney that he'll make sure no one finds out that she's staying with him. Suddenly, Skye walks into A.J.'s room. A.J. leaves Skye and Courtney alone in his hotel room. Courtney asks Skye to tell her what Sonny is really like.

Sonny, along with Mike and Alexis, tells his guards to search for Courtney. Janine walks in, and demands that she know where her daughter is. Sonny's guards come back with A.J. Sonny and A.J. blame each other for Courtney's disappearance. Sonny lets A.J. leave, and Janine goes out to look for Courtney. A.J. comes back to his room, and tells Skye about how he set it up so that it'd seem like he doesn't know where Courtney is. Sonny tells Alexis that he truthfully knows that he caused Courtney to disappear.

Roy tells Bobbie that he's going to confront Melissa about her nursing record. At the hospital, Melissa is about to give Edward a needle. Alan comes in to talk to his father, but Edward dismisses him. Melissa again tries to inject the needle into Edward's IV tube, but Roy stops her. They go into the chapel, and Melissa tells Roy that the needle was filled with morphine. Roy, then, tells Melissa about what he found in her nursing record. Melissa admits that she helped people die while in her care. Roy tells her to turn herself in, or he will have to do it for her.

Ned visits Edward, and talks about his confrontation with Skye. Ned tries to give his help to Edward, but his uncle refuses. Ned tells him that he's setting up Skye, and Edward agrees to be a part of it.

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