GH Update Friday 2/8/02


General Hospital Update Friday 2/8/01

By Suzanne

Sonny tries to tell Alexis that Kristina was concerned about her safety, not just physical but emotional.  Alexis scoffs and doesn't appreciate being discussed behind her back.  He says he would never tell her anything that Alexis told him in confidence.  They trust either other to keep secrets.  Alexis babbles on that while she did tell Kristina about why her lock sticks (because Sorel shot off the old one), she neglected to mention that Sonny saved her life.  She compliments him by saying he was courageous and also proficient in his job.  Alexis doesn't know what he means by "emotional risk".

Courtney is flustered so A.J. suggests that she let him take care of her.  She isn't sure but he says she's safe with him.

Bobbie says good night to Scott but Roy walks in and asks her help with Melissa.

Skye comes to the hospital to see Edward; Alan tries to dissuade her but she says that Edward summoned her.  He bellows for her to come in.  Alan asks her to not get him excited, and so does Melissa, who is there reading to him.  Melissa leaves.  He gives Skye some papers that he had his lawyer draw up.  It just needs her signature.  She looks it over in disgust.  She doesn't know why she should sign them, since it gives him back ELQ.  He threatens to tell Jax again about what she did.  She laughs and tells him that she already told Jax that Edward was trying to blackmail her about the threats, saying that his medication was making him delusional.  She tears up the papers.  She calls Edward "retired", buy he won't hear of it.  She suggests that he become assistant director of community affairs. He clutches his chest and she has to call in doctors to help him.

Zander tries to tell Carly how he feels.  She says they're good friends, but he might want to rethink that.  She won't let him call her "Carly" any more, either.  She tries to blame herself for what happened to her friend "Carly" but he gets her to see that her friend couldn't have done anything anyway, and it wasn't her fault.  She tries to say what a screwup she is, but Zander says that Carly saved his life from Sorel.  Zander wants to help her.

Sonny tells Alexis that they're "close" and she admits that's true.  They talk about some of the problems they've had.  Just when Sonny is trying to broach the big subject, Mike knocks on the door and asks if Courtney is with them.

A.J. gets Courtney to drink something warm.  One of his new bodyguards knocks on the door and asks something.  She thinks that they are like Sonny's guys.  She thinks that Sonny tried to hurt him because of her.  A.J. says "It's a complicated situation".  She wants to leave so she doesn't cause him any more trouble.  He stops her and says that he needs her more than she needs him.  She wants to go but he gets her to stay by saying that she sees him as less of a jerk than most people do.  He asks her to stay with him.

Sonny explains to Mike that the cops released Courtney, and then she was gone.  Mike demands to know why Sonny didn't go after her.  They argue.  Alexis tries to tell Mike that she convinced Sonny not to go chasing after Courntey.  Mike doesn't think this was a good idea.

Bobbie knows that Roy is doing undercover work for Mac.  He is surprised that she knows.  Felicia told her.  He says that it concerns Melissa.  He tells her about the pattern he found.

Alan looks at Edward's test results and said he had a "emper tantrum".  they ague.  Edward thought he had a real heart attack, but he didn't.  Alan is annoyed.  He gives Edward a sedative.  Alan tells Skye that Edward is fine for now.

Edward talks to Melissa bout how he feels.

Bobbie doesn't believe that Melissa is a mercy killer.  Roy lays out what he knows.  What gets her attention is that Roy says Meilssa said that a patient's death was "a blessing".  Bobbie heard her say the same thing about another elderly terminal patient that she was close to.

Melissa tries to tell Edward that retirement is a good thing, that he can spend more time at his leisure.  He says he would rather die that spend time with other old people or "go fishing".

A.J. asks what Courtney really wants.  She wants space and no one to hassle her.  He understands.

Mike and Sonny continue to argue about Courtney.  Alexis tries to help, but it doesn't work.

Zander helps Carly learn how to drive again.  When she shifts, he puts her hand over hers to help her out.  She jokes that he must give Sonny an itemized list when she does something crazy each week.

Sonny tells Mike that if he'd shown up with Courtney, he would have given him anything he wanted.  He asks Mike what he wants from her.  They keep arguing.  The door man brings in a letter for Sonny.

Skye asks Melissa how Edward is.  Melissa tells her that he doesn't want to live because he feels his life is over.  Skye is unrepentant that she took his company.  Later, Melissa watches over Edward as he sleeps.  She seems to be thinking about something.

Bobbie thinks that Roy's findings about Melissa are "alarming".  They debate the issue.

Carly drives and Zander helps her, including putting his hand over hers while she switches gears.

Sonny asks the doorman who left the letter, but he didn't see. He asks Mike if it's Courtney's handwriting, but he's not sure.  Sonny opens it and reads it.  It's from Courtney.  It says that Courtney is going out of town for a while and to let her parents know she's okay.

A.J. gives Courtney some cookies and they joke around.  He tells her that she has a jacuzzi and sauna in her room and she can use the personal shopper in the gift shop.  She is a little amazed.  Courtney wonders what Sonny will think.  A.J. assures her that Sonny and everyone else thinks she left town.  She's safe.

Bobbie and Roy compare notes on the old ladies at GH that died when Melissa was in charge.


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