GH Update Thursday 2/7/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 2/7/02

by Rachel

Sarah tells Gia that Liz is in stable condition, and checks on her. She looks through Gia's record, and tells her that her blood work isn't filled out. Nikolas gives the bartender, who served Gia the drinks before the accident, a job at his resort in another country, so that he doesn't testify against Gia. He goes to meet Gia, and tells Sarah tht Gia didn't need a blood alcohol test. He tells Gia that the lady who witnessed the crash and the bartender were paid off. He reassures Gia that she won't get blamed for the accident. Gia tells Nikolas, though, that once Liz wakes up she'll tell that Gia ran the red light.

Courtney tells A.J. that she was in an accident, and tells him what really happened. A.J. believes her, and calls the hospital, pretending to be a doctor, to ask for Liz's current condition. Courtney tells him that she can't let Sonny help her because she'd be caving in, and A.J. gives her the check she wanted. He offers her his car, but Courtney suddenly breaks down, and he comforts her.

Sonny want to find out where Courtney is, but Alexis tells him that she needs her space. Alexis gives him a lesson in patcience. He tells her that he wants a relationship with Courtney. Sonny begins to question Alexis about their own relationship, and Kristina walks in. Alexis leaves for a minute, and Kristina tells Sonny that Alexis is not in love with him. She also says that Alexis isn't safe when she's around him. Kristina goes to bed, and Alexis comes back. Sonny tells Alexis that he and Kristina were talking about how that Alexis isn't safe around him.

Zander gives Carly a driving lesson, but once Carly sees the accident (that Gia caused), she stops and refuses to drive. Once at her house, Carly tells Zander that her friend, who's name was also Carly, was in an accident and died. She told him that she caused the accident because she told her that she was going to "crash and burn". Right after she said it, her friend hit another car, and she died.

Bobbie and Scott go out to dinner. They talk about how much fun they're having, but then Felicia interupts them. Scott leaves for a minute, and Felicia asks Bobbie if she and Scott are on a date. Bobbie doesn't comment, and Felicia leaves. Scott then asks Bobbie to go with him to a hockey game, and she excepts.


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