GH Update Wednesday 2/6/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 2/6/02

By Rachel

Kristina and Ned are at a restaurant, and talk about why Kristina told Sonny that Alexis was in love with him. Kristina asks Ned why that would bother him and make him jealous. Ned responds by saying that Alexis loving Sonny doesn't bother him, but that Kristina seems to not care about it bothers him. Kristina begins to defend Sonny, but Ned tells her that Sonny's personal life never changes. He always treats his girlfriends like dirt. He gets pretty upset over this, and leaves Kristina crying at the table.

Skye says she wants to confess something to Jax, but instead calls him a jerk. Jax responds by saying that the only reason he's a jerk is because he put up with with her nonsense. Skye tells him that it doesn't feel right for her to have some one look out for her. They talk some more, and Skye praises Jax for protecting her, and that he's wonderful. She asks himif he's going to let her down, but he refuses to let that happen, and kisses her on the hand as he leaves. Alone, Skye question herself if she likes Jax or not.

Sarah checks in on Liz, while Lucky battles a pesky photographer who wants a photograph of a wounded Gia. He ruins the exposures from the camera. Sarah comes back, and pretends to help the photographer, but Lucky thinks it's real and leaves. He wanders through the hospital, and flashbacks to his and Liz's wedding when he told her he didn't love her anymore. Sarah meets up with him outside, and he tells her that he misses Liz. Sarah tells him that she and Nikolas fell out of love, and maybe the same happened to him and Liz. Lucky denies it, and Liz gets a page that Liz is out of surgery. They go to see her, and Audrey and Amy tell them that the surgery went fine. Lucky tells Liz that he'll never leave her, as Audrey and Amy wheel her to her room.

In the police station, Sonny reminds Courtney not to say anything even if she is innocent. Sonny threatens Taggert and the police station. Taggert blames Sonny for the accident. Alexis comes in, and asks Taggert if this case is more personal than legal to him. Taggert tells Alexis that Courtney was driving a car that was not insured, and has to stay at the station for a while. Sonny asks Mike about the insurance, and Mike confesses to falling behind on paying for it. Courtney tells Taggert that she didn't know that the car was uninsured because she drove off hurridely when Janine, Mike, and Sonny were fighting. Sonny tells Courtney not to talk anymore, and Courtney begins to believe that he thinks that she's guilty. Andy tells Taggert that he doesn't have any evidence to use against the court. Taggert tells him that he's using Courtney to get to Sonny. Andy warns Taggert about this.

In the meantime, Gia tells Nikolas about what really happened during the accident. A nurse comes in, and tells Gia that the police order she'd take a blood alcohol test. Nikolas lies to the nurse by telling her that Gia took one in the ER. Lia later tells Nikolas that she's worried about what might happen if the truth is revealed. Nikolas comforts her, and then leaves. Gia's mom visits her, and Gia tells her about the accident. Her mom tells her that Nikolas is no good for her, but Gia tells her that Nikolas comforted her through all this. Nikolas goes to the crash scene, and meets up with an old woman who witnessed the entire accident.

Down at the station, the old lady comes in, and falsely states that Courtney ran the red light, causing the accident. It is later revealed that Nikolas paid her by giving her a condo in order for her to lie for Gia. Courtney get to leave the station, but is going to be summoned for the crash, and Mike is also going to be summoned for the insurance. Courtney later goes to A.J.'s to see him.


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