GH Update Tuesday 2/5/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 2/5/02

By Rachel

Skye confesses to Jax that she set up the whole thing involving Sonny, but she makes it seem as if she's lying. Jax tells her to stay and tell him more, but Skye refuses and uses a self defense move to leave. Once she's home, she can't seem to put the lights on. Suddenly, a man walks through the door, and closes it behind him. The man turns out to be A.J., and he's the one who stole the light bulbs. The two talk about how they are setting up both Courtney and Jax. Jax, in the meantime, goes to Sonny's office, that is now being condemned, and talks to Andy about how Sonny can never seem to be found doing anything incriminating. 

Edward tells Ned that he knows something against Skye, but refuses to tell him. Ned leaves Edward.

Alexis meets Kristina at the hospital, and asks Kristina why she's ignoring her. Kristina says it's about Sonny. They begin to talk, but Sonny calls Alexis to see him. After Alexis leaves, Ned comes up to Kristina, and he tells her that Edward knows something against Skye. He asks her to help him get Edward to say what it is. Kristina goes to Edward's room, and tells him to try a Kawakino (a Hawaiian mountain) remedy. She tells him to tell her all the negative things in his life. Edward seems to mention things about Skye and Jax, but then he tells Kristina that he knows what Ned and she are doing to him. 

Lucky comes rushing into the hospital, and goes right into the ER. He sees Liz, and tries to comfort her, but he gets kicked out the room. Sarah tells him that she'll find out what's going on in the ER, and Laura comforts her distraut son. 

Meanwhile, Courtney tells Taggert that she'll take a blood alcohol test even after Alexis and Sonny tell her not to. Nikolas comes to see Gia, and reminds her that she didn't drink any alcohol before the accident, (even though she did.) Gia tells Taggert that Courtney was the one who ran the red light. The blood alcohol test proves negative, but Courtney still has to go to the police station because Taggert her and Sonny's guards trying to flee the scene of the accident. Taggert, Sonny, Alexis, Courtney, and Mike (who came to see his daughter after he heard of the accident), leave the hospital. Nikolas takes Gia to her room, and she thanks him for standing up for her.

Roy tells Melissa that he's got a case that involves knowing someone and finding out something shocking about him or her. Roy begins to ask Melissa about her record, but she gets paged to the ER.

At the ER, Sarah tells the doctor that something might be wrong with Liz. Melissa comes in, and examines her. She tells the doctor that Sarah's right, and Liz has a ruptured lung. Sarah comes out of the ER, and tells Lucky about Liz's condition. She says that if it weren't for Melissa, then Liz might be dead right now. After hearing Sarah, Roy feels as if he should just forget about everything that Melissa's record says.

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