GH Update Monday 2/4/02


General Hospital Update Monday 2/4/02

By Rachel

Outside Edward's bedroom, Skye and A.J. discuss what Edward and Skye talked about while she was in his room. Melissa and a Quartermaine attorney rush past Skye and A.J.,  into Edward's room. Melissa tells Skye and A.J. that she wants the attorney to take her out of Edward's will right now. Edward wakes up, and signs the paper to take Melissa out of the will. He tells her that she's making a big mistake, and tells the attorney, Skye and A.J. to leave the room. Edward praises Melissa for her nursing work.

Outside the room, A.J. and Skye talk about the fake note that Sonny supposedly sent, and how A.J. is seducing Courtney to get to Sonny.

Meanwhile, Roy tells Laura that he wants to dig into Melissa's past as a nurse. Laura has Lucky hack on the computer into the files of Chicago Memorial Hospital. After Lucky hacks on, he's shocked to find something in Melissa's file. He prints out her file, and there's almost a hundred terminal cases on her record. Roy, Laura, and Lucky examine this cases. Roy goes to General Hospital. Melissa is still talking to Edward about how he shouldn't worry about dying soon. Once she leaves the room, Roy confronts her and tells her he has something to discuss.

Sonny and Jax confront one another in Sonny's office. Jax tells Sonny that he's using Alexis, Skye, and Courtney to his advantage. Jax says he's not going to let him hurt the women. A man comes in, and tells Sonny that his business needs to vacate thanks to Jax and his new business. Skye barges into Sonny's office, and tells him that she's not afraid of him.

The scene shows the car crash. Liz and Gia are in one car, while Courtney's in another. All three women are passed out, and Liz and Gia are bleeding. Courtney wakes up, gets out of her car, and walks toward Gia's car. she decides to call for help, but Sonny's guards take the phone from her. They try to force her to leave the scene, but Taggert comes and tells them to stay. Taggert calls for help, and wakes up Gia. The ambulance comes, and takes Gia along with an unconscious Liz.

 While at the hospital, Taggert tells Gia that Liz has internal bleeding and is in bad condition. Sonny gets a phone call from one of his guards and rushes to the hospital.

Skye and Jax are alone, and Jax asks why Skye came to Sonny's office. Skye begins to tell him that she set up the whole thing with Sonny, and that he had nothing to do with it.

A.J. goes to see Janine, but when he arrives she's arguing with Mike. Mike says his going to look for Courtney. A.J. walks up to Janine and talks to her. After several minutes, he tells Janine that he's in love with Courtney and wants to marry her! Because Janine would be a Quartermaine-in-law, he tells her that she would get whatever would be coming to her.

While at the hospital, Taggert tells Courtney that he wants to give her a breath test to see if she was drinking alcohol while driving. Sonny enters the hospital, and tells Taggert to get away from his sister.

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