GH Update Wednesday 1/30/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/30/02

By Glynis

Zander has something to say to Carly and he is going to tell her now. She tells him to go ahead. He can trust her. She too holds things inside. There was one night in the rain when she took a leap of faith and trusted someone. That changed her life. The person that she trusted wasnít Sonny but someone else. She canít make up to him what he did for her. She would like to do the same for Zander. She has helped him amazingly. She said that he would get over Emily and she was right. He is passed it now because of her. She sees nothing that she had done to make that happen. She actually made him care again and he considers her a very good friend. She is more than a friend to him.

Sonny comes to see Alexis. He has something to say. She is trying to open her door and it is jammed. He would like to help her but she doesnít want his help. She thinks that he wants her because someone has been arrested but he doesnít want to talk to her about work. This is personal, as personal as it gets. Sonny helps her with the door and it opens easily. They both enter but she canít get the key out of the door. Sonny returns to pull it out. She tells him again that he was wrong to fire Zander for telling him the truth. Sonny sees things differently. She finds him to have the most vicious double standards. He will not lie to Carly but he will hire someone to lie to Carly. He has an impossible code to live up to. He loves it when people screw up. She can see that. He apologizes. She canít believe that. She makes him repeat that and she makes him specify what he is saying. Simply things can get complicated in life if you don't pay attention. Like with her. She is important to him and he has not been listening to what she has been saying to him. There have been many clues about what she has been saying. Kristina enters the apartment and tells Alexis that she really wanted to talk to her but she left the gym too quickly before Kristina could get out what she had to say. Kristina stops talking when she sees Sonny sitting there. She asks what Sonny is doing there. She doesnít get an answer. Alexis tells her that there are talking right now. She sees that nothing has been revealed yet and so she leaves to let them be alone. Kristina is a little high strung. Sometimes to Sonny it seems that she seems a little weird. She might say things that donít make sense to people. Alexis thinks that Kristina might seem like that sometimes. Sonny finds her a little excitable. Alexis finds what he is saying to be almost funny. He reminds her that before she was going to tell him about how she felt and she didnít. He would like her to do that now. She begs off talking about some other aspect of Sonnyís personality. They like each other. He tells her that now when she talks to him he understands that it is coming from a deep place. He says goodnight to her and leaves. She knows that something weird just went on, but he doesnít know what.

Roy is telling Melissa that she should be okay at work now. Tony comes to see them and discusses a patient with her. Tony thought that one of his patients had 3 months left to live but she died. He wants to know if she has noticed anything before the woman died. Melissa noticed nothing. Tony likes her and hopes that she reconsiders her resignation. Alan comes up after Tony leaves. Melissa has something to say to him about his daughterís accusations. He thinks that she just needs another human being to smile at them. He sees that their patients need her and she withdraws her resignation. Alan is glad to hear that. He leaves and Melissa is happier than ever. Roy is happy for her. She just told the way that she felt. It really bothers her that people are in pain, no matter what that is. She cares because that is her job.

Jax is with Skye and she is in a really good mood. She is dressed for the gym and talking of how powerful she is. He grabs her and holds her down and she tells him that she has the power to overpower him. They move the couch and Jax takes off his shirt. They spar on the livingroom floor with Skye trying to kick him and Jax warding off the blows. He grabs her and flips her onto the couch. She loves it. He shows her how to get out of the hold that he has her in and goes running from the room. She is feeling happier than she has felt in a long time.

Nikolas and Gia; Elizabeth and Lucky are on a date when Elizabethís sister shows up at the restaurant. She is back in town for good. She wanted to get back to her friends and family and here she is. Gia says that she has to go to the restroom and would like Elizabeth to go with her. They both go.

In the restroom, Gia wants to know why Elizabethís sister didnít know that the wedding was cancelled. Gia hasnít got a sister but she can grasp how it must be. Elizabeth tells Gia that her sister is perfect in every way. She is also a doctor. She spreads sweetness and light wherever she goes. Lucky used to have a crush on Sara long ago and she had a crush on Nikolas.

Nikolas and Lucky explain about the wedding to Sara but she wants more info. Lucky says that it was his fault. Sara wonders if he hurt her sister or let her down. Lucky admits to doing both. Nikolas feels that he is the one that is responsible for what happened to Elizabeth. Sara comes into the restroom to talk to her sister.

Sonny walks into the club office and finds Zander talking to Carly. HE comes in ready to discuss what he did to Zander earlier. He admits that he put Zander in a bad position but he expected Zander to handle it better. He is sorry for losing his temper. He offers Zander his job back. Part of Zanderís job was telling Sonny about Carly and he canít do that anymore. Zander would like to have his job back and he takes it. Carly would like to talk to Sonny alone for a minute and Zander leaves them. The conversation that Carly and Sonny have is very civilized. She tells him that when she found out that he had Zander looking out for her she was mad but then she remembers that he looks out for the people that he loves. That is himÖMr. Wonderful. She wishes that he would respect her and let her take care of herself. He reminds her of the mess that she made of Deception. Sonny tells her that Jax is using her. She wants him to trust her to be a lot smarter than he thinks she is. Sonny leaves and Zander comes in. Carly wants to know what Zander was going to say to her earlier but Zander says that he wasnít going to say anything.

Jax is wandering around with no shirt on when Skye comes back dressed in a robe. She tells him that she would like to study up on more self-defense. She pretends that Sonny may have threatened her again. She says that she went into her room and she found a card with a hole burned into the middle of it. The card is the Queen of Hearts. Jax doesnít think that this is funny at all. He stood by and watched Sonny make trouble for someone else in his life and he is not going to do that again. She is being threatened in his eyes. He is going to find out who did this. They are going to stay up all night to figure out who did this and then Jax is going to stop this. Skye smiles to herself.

Kristina is finally alone with her sister and she tells her that she might have said some things that she shouldnít have. Alexis knows nothing of which she speaks and just hugs her.


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