GH Update Tuesday 1/29/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/29/02

By Glynis

Gia is waiting for Nikolas to finish what he is doing so that he can talk to her. She is distracting but he says that he likes that. She says ‘black’ to him. She wants to know what comes to mind when she says that. He told her that he wouldn’t ever be too busy for her and she was just testing that out. He plays her little game.







Nikolas turns to her asking, "what is this really about?" He finally answers:



He decides that this is too much. She decides that he needs a romantic evening with his fiancée. He will take her wherever she wants to go. He leaves to go and get dressed. She knows that he is avoiding telling her the truth of what she wants to know.

Elizabeth and Lucky are out on their date. He has gotten a limo for the date but she finds that wasn’t necessary. He was trying to be romantic and special. They are doing something that they never have done before. He reaches to the floor of the car and brings out flowers. It is roses and she pricks her fingers. He kisses the cut with her wondering if this is a sign of things to come. They are both feeling awkward with each other. He wonders if he has done something wrong. She assures him that he has done nothing wrong. He tells her that she looks great but he already has said that. He likes her hair and the dress too. He notices her new shoes. He offers her a drink but she doesn’t want that. He has everything in there. She asks him for some water and Lucky gets it for her. He pours it for her and ends up spilling it on her dress. The limo swerved at that moment and Lucky ends up shouting at the driver of the limo. Lucky thinks that God is making this very hard. Elizabeth tells him that God isn’t the one that is making things hard, it is he. He is trying too hard to be romantic. He only wanted the night to be special. She thinks that being with him is special. The limo is nice but that is not important. He thinks that they should enjoy the limo anyway. They should be reconnecting again and find out what they have lost. He isn’t comfortable but he is getting there. Lucky went to see Kevin and he says that these things take time. He thinks that they are doing the right thing and they shouldn’t expect to fall in love in one day. Elizabeth fell in love with Lucky the moment that she first saw him. She looks in his eyes but she doesn’t see his love reflected back at her. He would like her to give him a chance. They would normally be laughing on the floor about this but now they are not the same.

Carly tells Zander that she just gave Jax a tour of the club and he signed off on everything. Zander has just told Sonny the truth about Carly knowing what was going on with Zander watching her. Carly wants all the details. He tells her that he was fired. She knows that he is a good person and she could use someone like him working for her. He doesn’t think that is a good idea. She thinks that he would fit in fine. He is good looking and would make a great asset to her club. Zander tells her that he doesn’t want her shoving women at him. Carly really would like to know what he is going on about.

Alexis is at the gym and Ned tells her that he has never seen her look more beautiful. She has decided to get healthy now. Ned knows that she hates getting healthy. He wants to know what is going on with her and getting healthy. This must have something to do with someone else. Scottie walks in the gym and greets the duo. He starts making jokes about Alexis and Bobbie comes along and pushes him off of her telling him that he has bad manners with the opposite sex…Alexis moves to another apparatus and Ned spots her with it. She finds it irritating that he is there over her wanting to ask her questions about Sonny. She tells him to go ahead. He tells her to turn around and put her hands up on the handle of the machine. Ned continues to spend time with Alexis and they talk about their past.

Sonny gets a visit from Kristina but he really doesn’t want to talk to her. Kristina bursts in asking Sonny who the hell he thinks he is. She wants to know what he said to Alexis. He doesn’t have to explain himself to her. He tells her that they are done. She is not leaving yet. He threatens to tell her sister that she was there. She is barging in on him trying to talk about subjects that she knows nothing about. She knows that he has hurt her sister. He thinks that she is making a big mistake coming there. She wonders how he would know what Alexis thinks. He doesn’t pay any attention to her at all. She explains to him that Karma is doing good things and having good things happen to you. She tells him to treat her sister better. Sonny tells her that Alexis came there to talk to him and he told her that he would give her everything that she wants and she stomped off. If she is going to act that way then how is he supposed to deal with that? Kristina says that he should be ashamed of himself talking that way about someone that is in love with him. Sonny turns to her and begs her pardon.

Nikolas and Gia arrive for dinner dressed to kill and Nikolas compliments her on her dress and the entrance that she has made. She has had a lot of practice walking in gowns. She is quite comfortable with the attention. She wants him to know that she can understand things that he thinks she can’t. He knows right away that she was eavesdropping and she readily admits it.

Elizabeth and Lucky; Gia and Nikolas end up at the same restaurant and Elizabeth and Gia end up talking in the restroom. Elizabeth tells her that Lucky is so strained trying to get along and make the date work. Gia thinks that Elizabeth would be complaining no matter what…Nikolas comes over to Lucky’s table while the girls are in the restroom and he talks to his brother apologizing for the way that he acted with him earlier when they discussed Nikolas being a Cassidine. A girl comes up behind the brothers and says that she sees the 2 best-looking guys before her. They both get up and give the girl a big hug. Elizabeth and Gia come out of the restroom and find their guys hugging someone. Elizabeth recognizes the girl right away. "Oh my God…It is my sister."

Sonny is alone and he remembers bits of conversation that he had with Alexis. She was telling him that she was going to tell him what she thinks of him. She told him that words have consequences and he thought that she was trying to get time off from working for him. He had no idea that Alexis was in love with him.

As Ned and Alexis are talking Kristina comes up to them. Alexis explains that she just ran into Ned at the gym. Kristina wants to talk to her sister alone and Ned leaves. Kristina tells her sister that she said something to someone and then realized that she shouldn’t have said it. Alexis is not listening. She thinks that she has hurt her back and she goes running off…Bobbie is working out and is talking to a girl that she knows from the dream. The girl tells her that the guy (Scottie) is a dream. Bobbie tells the girl that the guy is way off limits. The girl walks off and Scottie comes up asking what the girl was saying about him. Bobbie says nothing and leaves him standing there. He follows her and asks her what he did wrong. She tells him that his behaviour is not nice for women. She is his friend and he is not treating her very nice right now…Alexis sends a note over to Kristina saying that she is heading home and that Kristina is to have a great night with Ned. Kristina is beside herself. She knows that she is too late to intercept her sister and she has made a terrible mistake.

Alexis arrives home. Sonny is waiting for her and calls to her telling her that he would like to talk to her.


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