GH Update Monday 1/28/02


General Hospital Update Monday 1/28/02

By Glynis

Zander tells Carly that Sonny still cares for her. She is the mother of his son now and that gives him a right to be concerned for her. Zander would like to stay her friend. She assures him that he hasnít blown it with her. She has learned that Zander was sent to watch her and she tries to turn the tables. She wonders what he has been saying to Sonny. Zander was asked to watch her because he cares for her. Zander told Sonny that Carly was helping Mike with Jeanine. She wonders if that is all that he has said to him. Zander hasnít betrayed any other confidences and he would like to be her friend. Watching her has made them great friends. They hug. He leaves and she goes back to work but canít. She gets on the phone calling Jax. She leaves a message that she is going to burn the club down for insurance money.

Alexis has something to say to Sonny. He would like to hear it but stops her. He thinks that he knows what she might be going to say. He had been yelling at her for no good reason. She has been trying to help him with his sister. He kept his mouth shut with his mother but he doesnít want to do that with Courtney. He knows that his life is more complicated for her since she became his lawyer, but if she is looking for a way out, he understands. Alexis gets called away but she will be back to talk to Sonny some more.

Courtney has come to see AJ and he takes her into his place to talk to her. He tells her that the problem that he has with Sonny is not her affair. She wants information but AJ doesnít want to give the information. He admits that he wasnít the one that gave his son up. That means that Sonny took her son. Courtney thinks that is really twisted. Who is she to believe all the time? Courtney is sweet and shouldnít be involved in all of this. She thinks that she should go back to Atlantic City in her car. AJ laughs at the thought of her car. She tells him a funny story of her car and how she learned to look at things before she bought them. He feels that she needs a means of escape and not alcohol. He has an idea. He starts rummaging through his desk and she waits in anticipation. He starts writing something. He has to hurry because she wants to go soon. He tells her that if thinks donít work out with her dad and she needs to escape she should use this. He hands her a cheque for $10,000. She refuses the money wondering what she has to do in return. He tells her that the money is a gift. He is from a big family and that money is pocket change. Money in your pocket takes pressure off you. She is sure that he must be expecting something. After all, her mother tried to blackmail his grandfather. This money to him gives a person options. He tells her that the key to a secret stash is that no one has to know that they have it. If she wants the money ever, she only has to come over and unlock the drawer taking the money. She takes the key and leaves.

Nikolas wonders if he is like his father and Laura tells him that he is different from his father. Gia is outside the room listening to the talk that Nikolas is having with his mother. Laura thinks that Stavros loved Nikolas as much as he was capable of doing that. That doesnít amount to much. Nikolas wants something and Laura asks him what that is. Gia walks in and Laura soon leaves after learning that Gia is going to give up her contract when it is through to be with Nikolas. Gia asks Nikolas if anything is wrong but he doesnít say that there is.

Jax is at the gym and Skye happens to be there too. She drops the weights when she sees him. She has given up on trying to be a better person. She would rather live her life as a lesser person. He can tell that something has happened. She doesnít want to tell him but he manages to get the information out of her. She tells him about her last meeting with Sonny and how she was almost fish food. Jax knows that she is in over her head. She can take care of herself. She has signed up for an aggression class and she has put Jax on the floor before.

Alexis takes care of her errand and returns to Sonny. She changes her mind about talking to him and decides to have the talk with him another time. He tells her that she means a lot to him. If she needs anything, she only has to say the word and it will be hers. She seems to be stalling but she calls it waiting for the right words. Some feelings should remain unexpressed because some thoughts need to be edited. Johnny keeps interrupting and Sonny tells him the next time that he does that, he will be fired. Johnny leaves and Alexis tells him that she has said everything that she has to say. Sonny is not going to settle for that. The phone rings but Sonny keeps talking. He doesnít want her to compromise on anything. If she wants more privacy or time off, she only has to tell him. He wants her to be honest.

Jax shows up to see Carly and she tells him that Sonny did something that was supposed to be considerate but it turned out to be insulting. She tells him what Sonny has been up to. She has been working hard on the club and will deal with Sonny if he gets out of hand again. Carly would like to deal with Sonny herself.

Zander goes to Sonny telling him that Carly is aware that she was being watched. Sonny gets very angry with him and Alexis tries to smooth things over. Sonny canít help it. Zander should have been more careful and not let Carly find out that she was being watched. Sonny is very angry at Zander and he tells him that he is fired. He bans Zander from the property. Alexis decides that she is going to tell Sonny how she really feels after all. Alexis hates that Zander works for Sonny but he is so loyal to Sonny that he would do anything for him. Sonny in turn treats him like a dog and throws him from the property. Sonny did that because Zander didnít follow his orders. He is incapable of dealing with anyone elseís feelings. She tells him that he is a hypocrite. Right now, she thinks that he stinks. She leaves slamming the door behind her.

Mike and Courtney connect. He shows her to her room. He wants her to have a relationship with her brother. Forgiving is the hardest thing for Sonny to do. It doesnít come easily for him. He wonders if she will forgive him for what he has done to her. She doesnít give him an answer. She reminds him that she is not a kid. She does her own things. Mike has no problem with that. Mike is willing to accept her terms. She is a smart, intelligent woman but he canít take any credit for that. He will respect her privacy and let her make up her mind about things. They will try this arrangement and if that doesnít work, they will try something else.

Skye comes to see her brother and hasnít seen him like this before. He is beaming.

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