GH Update Tuesday 1/22/02


General Hospital Update Tuesday 1/22/02

By Glynis

Carly tries to get AJ to admit that he is only going after Courtney because she is Sonny’s sister. He thinks that she was the one that sent Sonny after him. He is not playing Courtney. He was being compassionate to her. Carly finds that hard to believe. He can’t see Sonny being Courtney’s brother. They are so different. She tells him that he will never be half the man that Sonny is. They rehash their whole relationship. She knew that he was never a man. She is sure that he is using Sonny’s sister to be a man. He thinks that she is using this situation to get back with Sonny. He knows how she operates. He thinks that Sonny is going to be grateful to her and forgive her for trying to throw him in prison. Carly goes lunging for him and starts punching him. Sonny’s man is there and pulls her off AJ. The man holds her and she continues to threaten AJ. The bodyguard leaves AJ and Carly to work things out peacefully. She promises not to touch a hair on his head. He calls her a nutcase and she lunges for him again. Zander intervenes and AJ walks from her smiling. AJ is not worth it. She has more important things to think about. She wants to hit something. He suggests that they go to her club and she can hit some things there…Christina has brought Ned to the park and wants to help him to feel better out under the stars. She tells him to lie down on the bench. He laughs at her and does it anyway. She tells him to close his eyes. He does as he is told. She gets him to imagine that he is at the top of a penthouse and he looks up and he sees the sky and feels the cushion beneath him. The sun is warm against his skin and the breeze is cool. All the noise of the city is far away from him. She gets him to imagine that he goes to the railing of the deck and he leans out over the edge looking at the magnificent view of the city. Now she wants him to imagine that the railing is no longer there. He jumps up and she laughs at him. She suggested that he was going to fall and he tensed up and got scared. That proves that he has the power to change his perceptions. He is not the guy standing at the top of a building without a railing. He is on a mountaintop, on a beach. It is up to him. He can decide how he wants to live his life. Ned believes her. He gets up off the bench and kisses her and she leans into him. They sit together and he thanks her for making him realize that he has to go back to the fork in the road and put on that suit of armor. His family needs him to be strong and predictable and that may be his problem. That is why he likes to be Eddie. He is free then. He hasn’t done that for a long time. Maybe it is not too late for him. Maybe he can live that way again. Christina has helped him greatly. They may not be able to save his grandfather but maybe they can save him. He moves to her again and they kiss again.

Skye and Jax are together in the restaurant. She thanks him for making her make amends with her grandfather. She has to find a place to live. He thinks that she should move back upstairs…

Alexis is with Scotty and Sonny has come in with his sister. Scotty tells her that Sonny is bad news…

Sonny is having trouble keeping from watching Alexis with Scotty. Courtney has arranged to have Mike meet she and Sonny at the table. Mike would like to work things out. He likes that they are trying to be there with him. Sonny ignores him telling Courtney that the steak is good. Courtney leaves to go to the ladies room. Sonny tells Mike that he shouldn’t be there when Courtney gets back. Mike refuses to back off. He doesn’t have that many chances left to make things right. If Sonny doesn’t like that then tough…

Courtney bumps into Jax at the restaurant and they share a short talk. Skye sees him talking to her and just watches from afar until Courtney leaves. Skye has decided to take his advice and take a room at the hotel. He tells her that Courtney has a lot on her plate. Skye goes to the hotel concierge and tells him that she would like the same suite that she had across from Jax. The suite is taken for the foreseeable future. He can’t move the guest so that she can have the room. She tells him that she is a Quartermaine and that she owns the hotel. She orders him to make the change happen…

Alexis tries to defend her being Sonny’s lawyer. Scotty has some clients that are questionable too and he shouldn’t’ talk. He finds that the dinner was a mistake and both of them want out of there…Mike can’t let the night go by without giving Courtney and Sonny his best shot at making it work. Courtney is back at the table now and Mike explains that he was scared and that was why he did the things that he did in the past. He would like to be with his family now and earn their trust again. He would like them to forgive him and let him try again. Courtney has turned into a beautiful young lady and he is sorry that he missed all that time with her. She had a great Sweet 16 party. Courtney would like to know why Mike dumped Sonny. Mike had some bad luck and thought that Sonny and his mother would be better without him. Sonny is still being cynical. Sonny tells her to ignore him because Mike always has excuses. He is addicted to gambling and when he is on, everything goes out the window. Mike says that he never forgot his children. He kept something all these years and he fishes it out of his jacket and gives it to Courtney. It is a picture of he and she. He tells her that she was his little princess and always will be. Sonny can’t take it anymore and bangs on the table shaking all the things on the table. Mike looks at him and asks him not to do this. Sonny tells Courtney that they are leaving now. Courtney hates that he is trying to order her around again. He tells her that Mike does this all the time. She is willing to listen to her father and get the information to make a decision for herself…

Alexis and Scotty make an agreement not to date each other again and she leaves the table going over to Sonny’s table. She gets Courtney out of there and leaves Mike and Sonny. Mike doesn’t blame Sonny for the way that he feels but he knows that he was wrong. It is not right for him to keep Courtney from him. He is still her father. Sonny tells him that it is too late. Sonny is always cleaning up his mess and after Sonny cleans up this mess they will be finished…Skye is still trying to get the room across from Jax. The employee still refuses saying that there is a very important guest there and he can’t tell her who that is. She leaves him and sees Courtney waiting for Alexis. She goes for the jugular. She tells Courtney that she is just like her mother. She warns Courtney that she better stay out of her way.

Alexis tells Skye to stay away from Courtney who is her client. Jax walks up and tells Alexis that he will take care of Skye. The employee watches on with glee as Skye is brought down. Jax has heard every word that Skye has said to Courtney and he is not happy at all. She apologizes saying that she lashed out without thinking. She dumped on Courtney because she was in pain and wasn’t herself. Jax knows that she was picking on Courtney because she wanted to make someone else feel worse than she does. She knows what she is and what she isn’t. She is trying to change but it is hard. He is not cutting her any slack and he leaves her there so that he can turn in.

Christina and Ned are together and he is looking into her eyes. She has sunlight in her face. They joke about that. He only has dark Quartermaine shadows in his eyes. She sees sparkles in his eyes. She has come to be with him at his grandfather’s bedside at the hospital. She is an optimist and he is not. He feels that the heart attack that his grandfather has had will not bring the family together. She grabs his arms telling him that they are going to perform brain surgery.

Alexis and Courtney get back to Alexis’ apartment. She hates that Sonny bosses her around. He has no right to look through his father like he doesn’t exist. She hates that. She thought that the 3 of them could talk things out. Alexis turns and finds Sonny behind them entering her apartment. Courtney has only met him and he constantly orders her around. He is all over her with rules and regulations. Who died and gave him the key to her? She can talk to whomever she wants. Sonny tells her that AJ hates him and is trying to use her to get to him. She doesn’t care about that. She still has the decision to talk to him if she wants. She tried to get the family together and Sonny ruined it. Sonny feels that their father doesn’t deserve to have a father. She tells him that her life is about her and not about him. She runs upstairs and he kicks Alexis’ table. He apologizes and walks out of the apartment slamming the door. Alexis follows him.

Zander and Carly are at the docks and she thanks him for stopping her from doing something stupid. She was only trying to protect Courtney from AJ. Zander thinks that she thinks too much. It is okay if she cares for Sonny. It is great that they still look out for each other. When she thinks about this, it is her responsibility to help. She believes that AJ is only going after Courtney because of Sonny. Zander tells her to leave it alone. She promises to leave it alone. She thinks that she should get someone to get between Courtney and AJ. She turns to Zander. She tells him to turn around for her. He does and she tells him that he is cute and sexy and he can be the one that gets between Courtney and AJ.

Scotty is at the restaurant where Alexis left him and he sees a beautiful woman and goes over to talk to her. He offers to buy her a drink.

Skye is in the restaurant of the hotel having a club soda when AJ comes in. She tells him that she shot herself in the foot. She ran into Courtney and couldn’t help herself.

Courtney comes downstairs in Alexis’ apartment and she sits on the couch. She is alone now that Alexis and Sonny have gone from the apartment. She takes out the picture of she and her dad and she looks at it. She puts it in her pocket and gets her coat while running out the door.

Alexis comes to talk to Sonny who wants to be left alone. She will not take no for an answer. She tells him that they are going to talk about this.


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