GH Update Monday 1/21/02


General Hospital Update Monday 1/21/02

By Glynis

Christina is getting ready to go out and Alexis is not going with her. Ned is going to be there and Christina thinks that she is still confused about being with either Sonny or Ned. Alexis is supposed to go out with Scott and they have things in common so that shouldn’t be a hard date to go through. She feels that they have nothing in common. They have clients that hate each other. She knows that she has represented people that have questionable principles but that is her decision. Christina offers to cancel Scott’s date for her. Alexis will take care of her own business herself. Alexis doesn’t think that Sonny needs to know about this. Christina questions why Courtney is staying there. Maybe Alexis is doing that for Sonny really. Alexis puts her straight on that idea. Christina says that she will save her sister with a call on the cell phone so that if the date is going bad she can escape.


Sonny and Carly watch AJ in the park. It looks like he is hitting on Courtney. Sonny will take it from here…AJ and Courtney talk nicely in the park. She is more comfortable with him now. Sonny comes out of the woods and greets his sister. "How’s it going?" He tells her that they have to go. Courtney is angry with him saying that. AJ tells her to go. He doesn’t want to cause any trouble. Carly comes out of the woods also saying that AJ is a liar and a drunk. Courtney refuses to go with Sonny. She wants to hear nothing that Carly or Sonny has to say. Courtney still refuses. If he goes, she will go with him. Why should she listen to them about anything? Sonny tells Carly to leave now. He will talk to her later. He goes to Courtney telling her that they are leaving now. Courtney fights him on that. This is not the time. Carly is not going to stand by letting AJ look good while Sonny looks like the bad guy. Courtney thinks that AJ deserves an apology from Sonny. Sonny turns to a smirking AJ…AJ explains that he bumped into her and talked to her about his sick grandfather. He leaves telling Courtney that it is not too late and he leaves. Carly thinks that AJ made a wonderful performance. Courtney doesn’t know that history between Carly and AJ. They are trying to look out for her. Guys before have hit on Courtney. She knows how to take care of herself. No one tells her who she can or cannot talk to. She puts out his money in front of her and offers to return it. Sonny says that is not okay. He only wants to protect her. She hasn’t had a brother all her life and some people are good and some are bad. He wants to save her from some heartache. He would like to go somewhere with her and work this out. She might not have eaten yet and he would like to take her to dinner. Courtney is not that thrilled about Carly and Sonny assures her that Carly will not be there. He moves off to talk to Carly. She promises to butt out. Sonny appreciates her trying to help. She wants him to be careful with Courtney. She has to understand about AJ but that is not going to be easy for him to show her. Courtney finishes a call as Sonny finishes with Carly and they leave.


Skye is packing her bag and talking to Jax. He has seen her cry before. She will not tell anyone what is going on inside her. She did open her heart before but it keeps getting stomped on. Jax should know that. He is the same way. She needs love and acceptance from her family. They need her. She doesn’t believe that as they have kicked her out of the house. Jax learned that the future is more important than the past. He found out that his father lied to him about something and Jax was sure that he would never see his father again. He decided that he loved his father and made an effort to reconcile. The Skye that he knows can do that. If she is willing to change, he will help her.


Alan tells Melissa that he wants her out of the hospital. He has contacted the hospital in Chicago. She is relieved of her duty. The board of Chicago cleared her of any wrongdoing in an incident in Chicago. She is afraid that Alan is going to hold her responsibly for Edward’s heart attack. She is going to get out of there before she gets accused of doing something that she hasn’t done…Amy is given specific orders on taking care of Edward who is going to need a cardiac bypass. He has been having rhythm problems and still could die. Melissa was the one that found him and the Quartermaines are suspicious of her being around the head of their family as she has much to benefit from him dying. Edward’s sprit stands by and watches the whole scene go down. Alan tells his father’s body that he is so sorry and that he will protect his father. He loves his father. Alan will not let him leave the family. Edward could almost die happy hearing his son talk that way. Alan thought that this was Skye’s fault but he thinks that he may be wrong. Monica would like to give Edward a reason to keep living…Skye arrives at the hospital with Jax and she doesn’t know what to say. She should just say what is in her heart and what she is feeling. She thanks Jax for his support. She enters Edward’s room, looking down on his body. She doesn’t want him to die. She would like to ask for his forgiveness. She would do it if she thought that it would do any good. Jax is a good man and is kind and generous. She finds that her grandfather is none of those things. She has a confession to make to her grandfather. Jax is with her and she feels that she is worth something with him. He is on her side and he is going to stay on her side.


Jax is waiting outside for Skye when Ned comes up telling Jax that he wants Skye out of that room now. She is not like anyone else in the family. He stomps off.


Scottie and Bobbie are in the hall of the hospital and he tells her how he has been trying to start over. He is supposed to be going out with Alexis. Scottie decides that he will use the call idea too to avoid his date if it gets really bad at some point.


Alan comes to Melissa and Roy wanting to speak to her about Edward getting sick. She can’t believe that they think that she did something to Alan’s father. Alan says that if his father dies, he wants to make sure that he knows who is or is not responsible. She only tried to help Edward and get him to write her out of the ridiculous will. Her father offered her money and a house. She kept it. Roy thinks that they should think for a minute. Alan thinks that maybe Roy is in on this. They haven’t done anything wrong. Alan suspends her until further notice. She tells him that he should be sorry because she has done nothing wrong. Edward would have lied there forever before any of his family decided to do anything. That is it. Melissa quits her job. Monica tells Alan that this is getting out of hand. He tells her that she must have something to do.


Skye is in Edward’s room talking to him telling her grandfather that she will not need a thing from her family ever again. She has Jax on her side and that is all that she feels she needs.


Ned is outside talking to Jax when Alan and Monica show up learning that Skye is in Edward’s room. They go in and Skye tells them not to worry. She leaves the room telling Jax to take her away from there. It is lonely and depressing. Since Skye has left the room, it seems that Edward’s vitals have improved.


Alexis is ready for her date and she looks a great thanks to her sister’s help. She needed a little encouragement. She doesn’t know what she is doing with Ned. She is only having a good time and thinks that Alexis should be doing that as well. Christina runs off to get something for Alexis to add to her look. Alexis has a little fantasy that Sonny comes to get her asking if she is ready. Suddenly there is a knock at the door and Christina runs to the door answering to a very nervous Scottie. He likes the way that Alexis looks. They compliment each other on the way that they look and try to indulge in small talk. She is hungry so they get ready to leave. Christina sees them out waving. The phone rings and it is Ned calling. He tells her that grandfather had a heart attack and is going in for surgery now. She is going to come over to be with him. He just felt that she should know.


Melissa wants to leave but Roy is trying to stop her from going. He thinks that this will haunt her on every job that she goes for. There is no one that doesn't see the goodness in her. She should stay and fight for the life that she has built with him. That changes her perspective and she rethinks her position.


Edward’s vitals are weak and holding. There was nothing out of the ordinary with Edward’s toxicology tests. Lila really needs her son right now. AJ is nowhere to be found.


Carly goes back to the park and finds AJ there. She has something to say to him.


Alexis and Scottie are on their date and they hear a phone ring. They both jump on their cell phones and answer but the phone that is ringing belongs to someone else…Alexis sees Courtney and Sonny walk in and Courtney walks Sonny over to a table where Mike is sitting. Courtney called Mike and set up the meeting. She feels that they have to deal with their issues no matter how uncomfortable it is. Sonny suddenly looks over and sees Alexis sitting at a table with Scottie.

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