GH Update Friday 1/18/02


General Hospital Update Friday 1/18/02

By Suzanne

Sonny is shocked to find out that Carly saw Courtney with A.J.  She explains what the situation was.  She didn't know Courtney was Sonny's sister.  Sonny worries because A.J. swore revenge.

Courtney asks A.J. why he's in the park.  She wonders if he's following her.  He says he's not a stalker.  He says it's been a bad week.  He wonders if she has heard bad things about him, but she says no one's said anything, she just doesn't trust coincidences.

Jax goes to the Quartermaine mansion to give Skye some papers.  Ned says she's not there.  Jax wonders if Ned is mad at him because of their conversation at the gym.  Ned says he's not even thinking about this; he wonders why no one else is home, even the servants, and he can't get hold of Monica.

Skye tells Alan that he should blame Melissa for Edward's heart attack.  Melissa denies it.  They argue.  Lila comes in and tells Alan she's scared about Edward's condition.  He goes to Edward, who asks him to make sure Lila feel better.  They decide to give him a mask (oxygen?) so he'll sleep better.  Alan yells at Skye to leave the hospital and the house.  Skye looks wounded and says she'll be packed and out before he gets home.  Melissa tries to apologize.  Alan asks Amy to let him know if Edward's condition changes while he goes to check something.

A.J. tells Courtney that he didn't know she's be there.  He was just walking to clear his head.  He says he was worried about her, though.  She wonders why, since he barely knows her.  He says that she just found out she had a brother "who leads a complicated life" and that her father is really alive.  He sort of knows what she's dealing with.  She says that everyone says Mike is "wonderful".  He agrees that Mike can be great and he hopes she can't work it out with him.  He says that time can run out quickly and he hopes she won't be left wishing she had said things.  She realizes that he's not talking about her.  He tells her that his grandfather is in the hospital and might die.  He was wondering if he still had a chance with him.  Then he stops himself and wonders why he's telling this all to her.  She says sometimes it's easier to talk to a stranger.

Sonny tells one of his guys on the phone to look for Courtney and call him if he finds her, but not to approach her.  Sonny wants to go find A.J.  Carly tells him that before he flies off the handle, he should know that she didn't hear anything said between A.J. and Courtney.  It's possible that A.J. didn't even know who she was.  Sonny discounts that because A.J. was there at the police station with the rest of the Q's when it was made clear that Courtney is his sister.  Then Carly insists on going with him, since A.J.'s main reason for wanting to pay back Sonny is because of her.  He asks her to stay out of it.  She says she can't.  Sonny doesn't want her hurt.  Carly suggests that she go find Courtney, then.  He agrees and suggests that she check Wyndham's because he gave her money for shopping.  He asks that she let him tell Courtney about A.J.  Carly agrees not to approach Courtney.  Sonny swears that A.J. better not touch his sister.

Ned phones the hospital.  Jax is about to phone Skye when his phone rings.  Skye comes in and tells them that Edward had a heart attack.  Ned questions her and she fills him in.  He is annoyed that she doesn't seem too upset about it.  He swears that he'd better not find out that Skye had anything to do with it.  A maid, Sally, comes in; she was just in church praying for Edward.  She asks after him but Ned tells her that he doesn't know anything as he rushes out the door.  She asks Skye and Jax if they want anything but they don't, so she says she'll make coffee.  Jax tells Skye that what Ned said was "lousy".  Edward's heart attack certainly wasn't her fault.   Skye says that it was.

Melissa talks to Edward as he lies there sleeping.  She can't figure out why men like him, who are so weathly, can't work things out with his own family and see how much he's loved.  She asks rhetorically why he wants to leave all his money to her.  He doesn't know how messy this could get for her.  She goes over to the monitor and fiddles with some valves.  Amy comes in and acts like Melissa is up to something.  Melissa says she's just adjusting something.  Amy says frostily that she's Edward's nurse so she'll take care of it.  Roy comes up and asks her what's wrong.

Alan calls the guy in charge of the hospital where Melissa worked for 11 years before she came to GH.  He says that her file reveals that she was involved in a police investigation and a formal complaint was lodged against her.  He learns that the case was dismissed.  He wants to know the details.

Jax asks Skye why she thinks that Edward's heart attack was her fault.  Skye tries to sidestep his questions by asking why he's there.  He shows her some papers about business.  Jax keeps trying to get through to her.  He says that if ELQ contributed to his heart attack, then Skye's not to blame.  He asks where she's staying tonight.  She replies that she's moving to the hotel for good.  He wants to know what happened.  She says she doesn't have much time because she has to leave before anyone else gets back.  If Edward dies, then she'd better not be here.  Sonny storms in then and demands to know where A.J. is.  Skye tells him to get the Hell out.  Jax steps up in front of her to protect her from Sonny.  Sonny tells him that it's not his business, but Jax says it is now.

Melissa explains to Roy what happened in Edward's room.  Roy says that Amy told him about Skye accusing her of trying to kill Edward and how Melissa was supposedly in his hotel room.  Ned comes up so Melissa says Edward's condition is unchanged.  He wonders where Lila is and then goes in to visit Edward.  Melissa continues with Roy, saying that she might be suspected of something because she fooled with Sorel's monitor.  He reminds her that half the people in town wanted him dead, including Alan, who messed up Sorel's medication.  Roy wonders why Melissa is so worried.  Melissa wails that her career is all she has.  He looks hurt and reminds her that's not true.  She says she's wanted to be a nurse since she was 14.  She knows she has other things in her life, like him, but helping people get well is what's the most important to her.  He tells her that everyone knows that Skye is a liar.  Melissa goes on about how she knows how false accusations work and then you become a liability to the hospital.  Roy suggests that she stay away from Edward, then.  But she thinks that would imply that she did something wrong.  Again she says, "God, this cannot be happening again".  He points out that she said the same thing on New Year's Eve.  He says that she knows about what's gone on in his life but he doesn't know much about what happened in hers.  He asks her gently what happened in Chicago.

Monica comes in while Alan is on the phone to Melissa's old hospital in Chicago.  She asks how Alan knew that there was a complaint filed again her.  He says that he had a gut feeling.

A.J. says to Courtney that he wishes he could have worked things out with Edward.  He was just too angry about the way he's treated A.J. since he was born.  Courtney hopes he still has a chance.  She says there's nothing in his way if Edward gets better.  A.J. wonders if she means there's something in her way of making up with her dad.  She says that Mike came to see her.  She says she was "Only a little mad, like a pie crust".  She explains that means that she was only a little mad on top, like the thin layer of a pie crust, but underneath she feels deeply for him.  Sonny walked in and he's like a "steel wall" with all of his anger toward Mike.  He talks to Mike like he's nothing.  She says maybe Mike deserves it, but he feels really bad about what happened.  Sonny dosn't care.  A.J. knows that when Sonny makes up his mind about something, nothing can change.  He says that a father should be in a child's life, though.  Courtney says that Mike was there for her when she was young.  She found out that her parents weren't married but it didn't matter; they were like a real family.  He cooked and came to her school things.   She still can't believe that her mom lied to her about Mike being dead.  A.J. points out that things were different for her than they were for Sonny.  She knows things were different for her mom, too.  But it's not like Mike deserted them; in fact it was the other way around.  A.J. asks her what she wants.  She wants to get to know him again.  A.J. tells her that no one has the right to stop her from doing that.

Sonny perseveres.  Skye won't tell him anything.  Sonny gets a call from Carly, who is hiding in the bushes in the park so she can spy on Courtney and A.J.  She tells him what she sees.  Sonny says he'll be right there.

In the hospital, Ned talks to Edward.  He has fond memories of when he was little and he spent time with Edward.  He says he never thanks him and Lila for raising him.  He wishes they could have spent less time yelling at each other and more time communicating.  He wishes they could see what love they have.

Melissa tells Roy about her past at the same time Alan tells Monica.  Melissa became friends with a terminal cancer patient who was about Edward's age.  She says that he had a lot of mood swings because of his condition and the medication, so he was alienated from his family.  Then he died and the family was stunned to learn that he had left everything to Melissa.  It was a large amount of money and a house on a lake.  The family hired a lawyer and brought Melissa in front of the hospital review board, saying that she manipulated the old guy, took advantage of his being sick.  They dismissed the charges because there was no proof.  Monica says that Melissa is an excellent nurse but she doesn't like the way this looks. She wonders what they should do.

Skye sarcastically says that this day keeps getting better and better.  Sonny was "the icing on the cake".  Jax asks her to stop running away.  She says she's just there to pack and she will get the papers back to him tomorrow.  She tells him what she's been through that day.  He tries to console her but she tells him to leave and says she won't cry.  She goes to her room and has flashbacks to fighting with Alan.  She cries after all, loudly, on her bed.  Jax comes in and puts his hand on her back to try to console her.

Roy tells Melissa that what happened to her is behind her.

Monica says to Alan that she doesn't know about the man in Chicago, but they know why Edward changed his will and it wasn't coercion from Melissa.  They train their nurses to be kind to patients.  She thinks this is just all "Skye's hysteria".  Alan wants to run a tox screen on Edward to make sure.  He gets a phone call that Edward is going code blue.

Skye again tells Jax to leave her alone.  He knows that she doesn't want anyone to see her being emotional but it's okay to reach out to someone, he says gently.

Courtney tells A.J. that while Sonny is angry with Mike, she's been really great with her.  He has a tendency to be bossy but he's also been nice.  She says that he gave her $300 to go shopping, which is more money than she's ever had at one time.  She laughs and looks embarrassed.  She says that must sound funny to a Quartermaine.  A.J. says she doesn't sound crazy for wanting to know her father.  He hopes things work out well with her and her dad.  She tells him a story that Mike used to tell her about how she was a little princess locked in a tower and someday her prince would come rescue her.  They laugh as he pushes her on the swings.  Carly and Sonny watch from the bushes. (Peeping toms!)


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