GH Update Thursday 1/17/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 1/17/02

by Suzanne

Gia "rescues" Nikolas from bankers by getting him off the phone and into a room in Windemere.  She throws around a precious vase to distract him while she locks them in.  She smiles sweetly as she reminds him that Stefan gave her a key to every room in the house.

Lucky and Elizabeth meet at Kelly's to get ready for their outing.  She is missing her jacket but he says it will turn up.  He goes to get hot chocolate to go.  She wonders where they're going; he won't give her any clues.

Sonny and Courtney chat on their way to lunch.  She finds out that he owns a bunch of casinos; she is clearly impressed.  She stops short when she sees that he's taking her to Kelly's.  She doesn't have a good excuse not to go in, so she does.  Elizabeth says hi to Sonny.  Courtney goes to get a table.  Elizabeth thanks Sonny for everything he did to help her and Lucky.  Lucky sees Courtney and mentions that if she came to repay Nikolas, he wouldn't worry about it because he can afford it.  Sonny overhears this and asks, "You borrowed money from Nikolas Cassadine?"  Lucky says tha tit was only $3 for some copper wire.  Lucky and Elizabeth try to cover for Courtney but she tells Sonny that she was caught trying to steal $20 from one of their friends.

Going into Carly's new club, she tells Zander how great the sound of construction is, "the sound of my dream coming true".   Before they go into the darkened office, Zander insists on checking to see if it's safe, which it is.  Carly says she could use his help cleaning up.  Zander says he wouldn't know where to put stuff and besides, he has to check in with Sonny.  Carly says he won't get off that easily.

At home, Monica is on the phone to the hospital to give them instructions on how to take care of Edward and says she'll be there in 10 minutes.  She gives the phone to Alan, who tells Monica to go ahead and he will follow.  He tells the hospital to reserve an operating room for his dad in case he needs surgery.  Skye wants to go with him, but Alan says why would Edward want her there, since she put him in the hospital.

Sonny gives Lucky some money to give Nikolas and thanks them for helping his sister.  Lucky and Elizabeth are surprised to hear that Courtney is his sister.  Sonny introduces them.  Lucky says that Sonny has been a great help to them and he thanks Sonny for keeping Elizabeth safe.  Courtney figures she must be in danger a lot, but Elizabeth says no and changes the subject.  Lucky goes to get her gloves for her.  Courtney goes to get a table as Elizabeth finishes talking to Sonny.  She thanks him again and says it must have been unexpected to find out he had a sister.  He hopes that Elizabeth was comfortable.  She says of course she was in a five star hotel overlooking the beach.  She enjoyed it but she's happy to be home.  She says she and Lucky are trying to get back to normal.  She wonders if they're trying too hard.

Carly wonders why Zander's been in such a bad mood.  Zander blames himself for getting jumped and risking Carly's life.  Carly says he had no way of knowing some idiot would try to extort Sonny's ex-wife.  Zander agrees to help her clean up but then he swoons a little bit.  She tells him to sit down.  He says he probably shouldn't be lifting things.  She asks him not to ask Sonny what he did to Rosco because Zander has the rest of his life ahead of him and she doesn't want him to "cross the line".  Once he's in the mob, he can't go back.  She knows it's too late for Sonny but not for Zander.  He says Sonny's said the same thing.  She says the mob life is not what it looks like.  It's not just about what you can have but what you can't have.  Zander already knows what it's like to have nothing.  He talks about what the job with Sonny means to him.  She asks him to at least be careful because she doesn't have many friends and doesn't want to lose him.  She insists that he go to the doctor.  She says she will nag him until he does, so he agrees and leaves.  As he leaves, she says that Sonny's not the only one who respects him.

Melissa checks Edward's chart and discusses it with Amy.  She asks Amy to double-check on some cardiac test that Monica already did.  Amy makes a gossipy remark to some orderly about how Melissa "picked a really interesting time to get written into Edward's will".

Melissa talks to Edward.  She tells him that he had a heart attack, which just proves that he has a heart after all.  She tells him that his family is on their way.

Skye can't believe that Alan blames her for Edward's attack.  A.J. reminds him that Edward has a heart condition; he's being unfair to Skye.  Alan blames them both, since they were blackmailing him.  Skye says Edward was perfectly fine when she left him earliar today.  Alan is annoyed and asks if they fought.  She admits that they did.  Alan says she'd better pray that he survives.  She is tearful and seems to be sincere that she didn't want this to happen.  Alan tells them both to stay away from his father.

Edward groggily asks Melissa if his family is sorry yet.  Monica comes over and asks him how he's feeling.  He says he feels like his chest exploded.  Monica thanks Edward for saving his life.  Edward says he knew she was good, but nobody ever listens to him.  Monica urges him to be quiet and rest.  Melissa agrees.  He begs her to stay.  Monica goes on duty and says she'll be back later to check on him.  Edward begs her not to tell Lila.  Monica says that Lila loves him and would want to know.  Edward thinks that Monica thinks he's going to die.

A.J. tries to get Skye not to feel so guilty.  He reminds her that he tried to send them to prison.  She didn't want him to have a heart attack or die.  He tells her about what he did to Jason and how the family's never forgiven him.  She thinks A.J. blames her, too.  He says he blames Edward, but he's not a hypocrite so he's not going to get upset about him.  Skye insists on going to the hospital.  A.J. says that if he dies, things around here will be a lot worse before they get better.

Gia and Nikolas feast on a lavish buffet that Mrs. Lansbury brought them.  Nikolas tries to get her to open the door and tries to get the key from her, but it doesn't work.  He wants to get back to work but she says it's too soon for him act like there's nothing in his life except duty.  She says they need time alone.  Gia throws the key out the window so that he can't steal it.  He can't believe that she locked them in.  She takes him in her arms and they kiss.

Sonny buys Elizabeth her hot chocolate.  She tells him that she and Lucky are going on a "mystery date" and are trying to get to know each other again.  He wishes them luck.  Lucky comes back and they leave.  Sonny goes over to Courtney and asks if she still wants the hamburger.  She is amazed that he's not upset that she tried to steal.  He says he is concerned that she put herself in that situation.  She says, "But stealing itself -- it isn't a problem for you"? And he replies, "Sure it is. How could I make money if I let people rob me? "  She asks if he's ever stolen anything and changes the subject yet again, which she expected.  She asks if he and his mom were poor when Mike left and again he changes the subject.  He mentions Michael and she asks if he was named after Sonny because she heard Mike call him Michael.  Sonny says he's "Michael Corinthos jr."  She realizes that Mike's real name is Mike Corinthos.  Sonny says he doesn't know, he never checked; but he knows there's nothing real about Mike.  She finally orders her burger.  As Sonny orders, Carly walks in, talking on her cell phone.  Courtney is standing up just as Carly comes in, so Carly runs into her.  Carly drops her phone and then yells at Courtney for it.  Courtney apologizes but Carly is rude as usual.  Sonny comes up and Carly learns that Courtney is his sister.  Carly is embarrassed.

Alan arrives at GH and says hello to Edward.  Monica leaves them alone and asks them not to fight.  Edward is surprised to see him and asks if Alan hates him.  Alan says, "You have hurt and disappointed me many times. And I, you. But I don't hate you, father. I love you".  Edward says that Alan looks scared, but he denies it.  Edward says he's scared and tells Alan, "I love you, too, son. More than you'll ever know. "  Awwwww!

Melissa updates Edward's records, checking his pulse, etc.  Alan thanks her and tells Edward to get some rest.  Edward asks him not to tell Lila.  Outside, Monica tells Alan that she already called Lila.  Skye asks A.J. to come to an AA meeting with her, but he doesn't want to.  She asks him to call her if there's any word.  A.J. tells her not to beat herself up because Edward isn't worth it.  Skye can't believe how mean he's being.  He says that Edward treats them like dirt so he refuses to waste any more time on him.  He says his priority is getting what he wants and asks why Skye can't join him.  Instead, she wants to rethink some things.  He sneers that the family hasn't beaten her down enough, but they will, and then she'll snap.  She'll be mad, like he is, and ready to get even.

Carly apologizes, saying that she didn't know this was Sonny's sister.  Courtney leaves, saying she's not hungry any more.  She tells Sonny that she's got to go get some things, like shampoo, etc.  He pulls out some bills and gives her $300 like it is nothing.  She is amazed.  He wants Johnny to drive her but she insists on walking.  She leaves.  Carly brings over the two burgers.  Sonny asks Carly to pick a fight with someone else besides his sister next time.

Lucky laces up Elizabeth's ice skates.   She wants to do it, but he insists.  She says she'd better do it because otherwise she'll break her ankle and she won't be able to skate any more, the only sport she can do better than her sister.  He teases her that it doesn't mean she's better than him.  She reminds her that he once told her that he could only skate with a hockey stick.  He says he was just being nice.  Then as he goes to do his own laces, he slips on the ice and falls on his butt.  They slip and slide around on the ice in each other's arms.  He says that he doesn't feel the way he remembers, but he knows that she's just a bit ahead of him right now.  He needs a few lessons, just like in skating.

Alan beats himself up for letting Edward's condition go this far.  Monica doesn't see how Alan could have prevented it.  He blames Skye.  Monica suggests they just concentrate on his recovery.  Alan runs into Zander, who's looking for the x-ray room for his injuries.  Alan tells him that Edward had a heart attack.  Zander asks if Emily knows.  Alan says they haven't told her yet.  Zander says that Em will be upset because she loves the guy even though he is a jerk to her.  Alan warns Zander that he'd better stay away from Em if she comes to visit Edward.  Zander says he won't, unless Em calls him, but he knows she won't.  He says he'll someday stop thinking about her, the way he's stopped thinking about the rest of the Quartermaines.  Alan thinks that's best and asks about his face.  Zander says it's nothing.  After getting directions, he says he hopes Edward makes it.  This surprises Alan.  Zander says he admires the way that Edward always fought for his family, despite everything else.  Alan thinks Zander has changed for the better.

Carly takes Courtney's burger and sits down, so Sonny sits down with her.  Carly jokes that there isn't much family resemblance between Courtney and Sonny.  He laughs, agreeing.  They talk about Courtney and the effect Mike's lies have had on her.  Carly tells Sonny that she saw Courtney hanging out in Luke's with A.J.  Meanwhile, Courtney hangs out in the park, feeling lonely.  She sits on the swings.  A.J. comes up and says hi.

Gia and Nikolas continue to flirt and joke around.  She asks him not to shut her out.  He says he wants her with him every step of the way and tells her, "I love you, Sparky".

Lucky and Elizabeth also continue to joke around and have fun, on the ice.  He suggests they go get some ribs but she just wants to go home and change, and then spend some time alone in the studio.  She just wants to take it day by day.  He says he knows that they were meant to happen.

Edward wakes up to find Lila looking down on him.  He smiles and says nice things.  She says he's not going anywhere; she forbids it.  Skye sees Melissa outside of Edward's room.  Melissa says she's been assigned to him.  Skye thinks it's too convenient since she will get half of his estate if he dies.  Melissa tries to get away from her but Skye won't let her.  She yells at Melissa for her "tryst" with Edward.  Alan comes up so Skye  accuses Melissa of being the one that caused Edward's heart attack.


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