GH Update Wednesday 1/16/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/16/02

By Glynis

Sonny comes into Alexisí house looking for Courtney but no one seems to be there. Then Courtney comes down the stairs with earphones on listening to music. She sees Sonny and is startled. He didnít mean to scare her but she is only concerned about him seeing her dancing. She is a good dancer. The song is new but Sonny still wants to hear it anyway. He listens to the earphones and laughs. She thinks that he hates the music and he doesnít, he just likes to have a melody. She tells him that she thinks that Christina and Alexis must have gone out for breakfast. He is there to see her as she is his sister and he would like to find out more about her. He tells her to get dressed and he will wait. She goes running up the stairs.

Stefan has Alexis, Christina, Gia and Nikolas over. He shows them a journal that he had as a boy. Chloe discovered it. He reads from it talking of the island that he lived on. He said that he would break away from the island and find a life of his own. He is going to fly to Milan to stay there for a while. He doesnít know how long he will be gone. He will be gone long enough to discover himself. He has left the estate in Nikolasí capable hands. Gia doesnít like that idea and Nikolas turns to her to see what is up. She wants Stefan to stay. He is flattered but they can still see each other. Alexis is going to miss him but she thinks that this is good that he is getting away. Gia is concerned that he is leaving too soon. She wants him there for the wedding. He assures them that he will be there. They need him Gia feels because something could go wrong with the Cassidine. He doesnít want them to be concerned. He takes his sisters out of the room to have a talk. Nikolas asks Gia what she is doing. She tells him that the Cassidine legacy ruined Stefanís life and she is not going to let it ruin their lives. He says that he will not let her say a word. Gia has a problem with him thinking that he can let her say anything. Maybe they have a serious problem. Nikolas tells her that Stefan had no life but Nikolas learned to love because of Stefan. He has the opportunity to set Stefan free and he would like to take that.

Alan and Monica talk to Skye about her not coming in the house. They tell her that she can stay in a hotel for as long as she likes and he will pay for it. He feels that he doesnít know her at all. Skye blames this on Monica telling her that Edward would be so pleased. She thinks that Monica has been whispering poison in Alanís ear. Alan tells her to stop it. She is proving his point by the way that she is acting. She is sure that Monica is loving this. AJ walks in and hears Alan talking to her. Alan has been reaching out to her before this but no more. She isnít supposed to be grateful she thinks. AJ says that Alan should stop lying to her and to himself. This isnít about Skye. Alan doesnít think that he is being a villain. AJ thinks that Alan enjoyed watching Skye get the better of Edward. Then he got upset when she cut him out of the loop and he punished her for taking the one prize that he always wanted. Skye won and Alan never will. That is the way that AJ sees things.

Edward is alone and on his knees. He has suffered some sort of attack. He waddles to the phone to call and can barely pick up the receiver. He suddenly clutches at his heart and drops to the floor. Edward has a dream thinking that he has control of the family. His body talks to him as he is lying on the floor. He thinks that Skye might not save him. AJ might save him. Maybe Monica. Ned doesnít care. It will be Alan that will save him he thinks. Lila might send someone to the hotel to get him. A stranger coming in at this time would be nice. A maid or security guard might come by and find him. Anyone might come. Someone, anyoneÖplease. Maybe there is something to live for. He talks to the heavensÖapologizing for what he has said. He canít leave now. His family needs him and who else can keep them from ruining their lives. Those ingrates are his family. He doesnít want to leave Lila. She is his heart. Now, really isnít that time for him to go.

Courtney returns to Sonny and they have coffee together. She is dressed and they sit together. He would like to know about her. She is not in college. She applied to go and she got in. She went for a year and dropped out because of money problems. She has a job waitressing. Sonny wonders what she would do if money wasnít an object. She doesnítí know what she would do if money wasnít a problem. She would like to ask some questions. He doesnít answer her questions because he is very personal and her questions have to do with his work. Does he ever dance? He does it, it seems on occasion. She wants to know who the last person was that he danced with. He avoids that question and goes into the kitchen.

Stefan is alone with his sisters and he gives Christina some jewelry to remember him by. Christina walks from them and goes up the stairs. Alexis moves closer to her brother and learns that he is not kidding. He gives her some jewelry that belonged to a countess. The countess was named Countia. She documented the plight of the Serbs. He tells her that she should not worry so much for everyone else. She never would have survived her childhood without him. He kept her spirits up. It is not too late for either one of them. She loves him with all her heart. They share a big hug. The trio returns to the room with Nikolas and Gia and Stefan offers Gia the keys to the house. He would be honored if she would accept the keys.

Melissa and Roy are working out and Roy has to go to work. She makes him promise that what he is doing is not dangerous. He kisses her goodbye and leaves her on the treadmill.

Melissa returns and finds Edward on the floor unconscious from a heart attack. She does CPR on him and tries to revive him.


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