GH Update Tuesday 1/15/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 1/15/02

It is morning and everyone in Port Charles is up very early...

Nikolas argues with one of his business managers about donating a large amount of money to something. He reminds the guy who he works for and says he better get it done. Gia comes in and wants to know who that guy was, meaning Nikolas, because she didn't recognize him. She says he wasn't acting like the guy she agreed to marry.

Stefan paces and looks at his family ring. He is pensive. One of his business people comes in and wants to talk to him about some property. Stefan tells him to go to Nikolas with business matters from now on. His job as trustee is finished and the estate belongs to Nikolas, too. Stefan sighs as the man leaves.

At the Port Charles Hotel, Alan comes in while Edward is lighting a cigar and exclaims at him that he's not taking care of himself. He begs Edward to put it away and says they all feel bad. He apologizes to Edward for their behavior. He says he doesn't have Edward's strength or wisdom. Edward doesn't know whether to believe him. Alan says he threw Skye out and he wants Edward to come back. The phone rings. This has been just one of Edward's fantasies. He puts the cigar down and answers the phone. It's room service, wanting their trays back. Edward says he owns the hotel so he'll keep them as long as he wants. He feels a pain and tells them to send some heartburn medicine. He thinks for a moment and then makes a call. He smiles a sly grin and then asks someone on the phone if they're busy.

At home, Alan looks glum and paces. Monica comes in and pours some orange juice. Alan complains about how bitter and vindictive Edward is and how Skye is a selfish con artist. He asks Monica to say "I told you so" because he's such a fool. Instead she hugs him.

Skye lies in bed and looks over at Jax, who is sleeping in a nearby chair. She deliberately opens and closes a drawer loudly so he wakes up. She smiles sweetly and says "good morning" and then asks him if he'd like to come to bed.

Alexis walks gingerly down the stairs. Kristina sees her and asks her what's wrong. She wonders if Alexis got into an accident.  Alexis says she went to the gym so now she's sore. Kristina is astounded and points out that Alexis has never done that before.  Alexis babbles on as Kristina interrogates her, and finally she admits that she wanted to hit something. She goes to get up but can't; she has to ask Kristina to help her up. Kristina laughs at her plight.

Skye tells Jax that sleeping in a warm bed might be comfortable after sleeping in a chair all night. She gets up to pour some coffee.  Jax thanks her. Skye says she heard him checking doors and windows last night. He says her intruder didn't come back. They chat about Jax protecting her; she says she's not comfortable with other people taking care of her. Skye insists on giving Jax a back rub because he's stiff from sleeping in the chair. She really turns on the charm. Jax is all business; he asks her to get some papers ready for their business and suggests that he get hotel security to check for fingerprints. She says hastily that she'll do it, he's done enough. He goes to leave and she says thanks, he was really great. As Jax goes out the door, he sees Ned there, making sarcastic remarks about Skye.

Melissa knocks and comes in to Edward's suite. He tells her that he's celebrating. She's astonished that he's smoking, drinking, and eating fatty foods. She yells at him for his dangerous behavior.  He grouses that it doesn't matter what he does because he has no family.

Monica tells Alan that she loves him and doesn't want to see him hurt because it hurts her. She knows how difficult it was for him to stand up to Edward and Skye, but she says Alan is not to blame.  Alan is disgusted that Edward is living it up in the hotel. Alan wants to deal with Skye, too, but one thing at a time. Lila comes in as Alan is saying that something drastic has to be one about Edward. She wants a say in this, since he's her husband.

Gia is surprised at Nikolas acting like the prince. Nikolas is sorry, but it was just business, he says. She says he should apologize to the guy, since that isn't the way he acts. He admits that she is right. She wonders if it's because of Lucky. He says maybe. She says he can't keep blaming himself. He says he feels like he's being pulled under just the way Helena said he would. He doesn't want Gia pulled under, too.

Stefan reads his old journal about when he was a boy. He pledged to break away from the old Cassadine rules and traditions and make a life of his own.

Melissa argues with Edward about his family. He is feeling sorry for himself but she points out what he's done to them all, and to her. He jokes about keeling over and leaving her rich. She keeps yelling at him and says no one wants anything bad to happen to him. He tells her about the time Tracy was going to let him die when he faked a heart attack. She tells him that his family is too important to lose. He asks her again if he can adopt her. She laughs and shakes her head. She leaves, asking him to think about what she said. He gives her a kiss goodbye as she leaves.  Skye is outside and calls Edward an "old goat", misreading the situation.

Nikolas and Gia tell each other "I love you". She wants to know what's bothering him. He tells her what Helena said to him about using the Cassadine wealth. She says he wouldn't do that and wonders why he's listening to Helena. He points out that what he did on the phone was what she meant. Gia says he just lost his temper. She says he's not like his father and he's his own person.  She points out that he beat Helena and that's why she's trying to make him feel bad. He says that his family is all about corruption.  She reminds him about Kristina and Alexis.

Kristina keeps quizzing Alexis, who feels better. Alexis tells her that she made a casual date with another attorney, Scott. Kristina asks her again about if it's okay for her to date Ned. Alexis says she was just surprised. She asks Kristina when this all happened.  Kristina avoids her questions and suggests that Alexis stretch her muscles. Alexis insists that she share her feelings about Ned.

At the gym, Ned lectures Jax about seeing Skye. Jax assures him that they're just business partners, although Skye is growing on him. Ned keeps trying to tell Jax how awful Skye is. Jax tells him that he doesn't have any problem with her. Ned suggests that they go out tonight and double-date, as long as Jax brings anyone but Skye. Jax is surprised that Ned is dating Kristina.

Monica leaves Alan and Lila alone to talk. When Alan tells her about how Edward's been living it up in the hotel, Lila wants to know why Alan hasn't spoken to Edward directly. Alan admits that he's too angry. They worry about the family and how this will all end.

Skye says a bunch of snide remarks to Edward and Melissa. They are indignant at her accusations. Skye calls Melissa a gold- digging blonde. Melissa leaves; Skye tells Edward that she's not through with him yet.

Jax worries about Alexis' feelings. Ned assures him that she's okay with it. A man who works for the club comes by and tells Jax & Ned that a new member used them for references last night (Alexis). They can't believe that Alexis would join a health club.  After Jax gives Ned more grief about dating Alexis' little sister, Ned admits that it's "a little strange".

Kristina keeps trying to get Alexis to stretch. Kristina forces Alexis to get up but Alexis keeps asking her about Ned. She doesn't want to talk about it. Kristina finally says that Ned is a good guy, and "smart and funny" and "daring and adventurous".  Alexis is surprised to hear her say these things. Kristina says that Alexis is her priority, so if she wants her to back off from Ned, she will. Alexis feels the same way about her. Stefan phones and asks them to come to Windemere. Alexis can tell something is up.

Gia suggests that Nikolas is doing too much and should "take a step back". He thinks maybe she's right. He suggests that they take a vacation with Elizabeth and Lucky, like to Paris. They kiss, hug, and joke around.

Alan continues to talk to Lila about the problems with Edward and Skye. She says she'll support whatever Alan does, even if it means Edward has to keep living in the hotel. The maid, Alice, comes in to take Lila out to see a visitor from the garden club.  Alan chats to Monica as they look out the windows about how Edward didn't want him to be a doctor. He says Edward gave him a beautiful new sports car when he graduated and he thought Edward was finally getting it. But he didn't realize how far Edward would go to protect him, like by selling his child. Monica asks him what he's going to do.

Edward and Skye go into his suite. She keeps making insinuations about having a wild night with Melissa. They argue about the same old things, like him selling her when she was a child and who is responsible for what. She threatens to spread rumors about him and Melissa. He yells at her, calling her horrible names, including "a mistake". She is hurt, on the verge of tears.  She says his family has left him and she hopes he spends his miserable life alone and that he suffers, etc. She leaves, slamming the door behind her. He sits down, upset, and takes a drink of champagne.

Jax and Ned continue to bicker about Ned's dating Kristina. Jax says that Alexis cares deeply about people and doesn't just stop caring. Ned says they tried to make it work but Alexis has all these problems from being a Cassadine. Ned points out that Kristina has all of these great qualities, to which Jax replies, "In other words, she's Alexis without the excess baggage".

Alexis and Kristina rush to Windemere. Nikolas and Gia wonder why they're there, so they said that Stefan asked them to stop by.  He comes in and says he has something important to share with them all.

Skye goes into the Q mansion like nothing ever happened and pours herself some coffee. She says she just heard about Edward leaving and she's relieved that Alan asked him to move out. Skye thinks this means that Alan is on her side. Alan says things can't go back to how they were and to start with, she has to leave.

Edward, still having "indigestion", loosens his tie and walks around the room, making sounds like he's having problems. He grabs for the mantel and starts to fall. It looks like he's having another attack. He goes for the phone but falls before he gets there. He cries out, "Oh, God!"