GH Update Thursday 1/10/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 1/10/02

by Glynis

Lucky is playing basketball by himself when Nikolas shows up. Lucky has some anger and Nikolas offers to let him take out his anger on him. They play a game together trying to beat each other. Lucky gets really mean and knocks Nikolas into the brick wall. That was a foul but Lucky thinks that Nikolas fouled him first. Lucky gets really nasty and gets Nikolas on the ground and holds him there threatening to knock his head off. He gets off Nikolas and hates that Nikolas is always so damned understanding. Nikolas knows that Lucky still has Elizabeth. Lucky doesn’t believe so. No matter what Lucky does, Elizabeth gets hurt. Nikolas has some thoughts but Lucky doesn’t want to hear that.

Elizabeth is with Bobbie and they are having some tea. Elizabeth is still feeling bad about the wedding that never was. She is angry and will be going through different emotions. The anger is the most central of all. The pain will last for a while and then it will start to fade. This wasn’t all Lucky’s fault. Lucky wasn’t honest. He would have stayed with her out of pity. He made love to her and asked her to marry him. He never told her that he didn’t’ love her anymore. Nikolas and Gia were sworn to secrecy. She wants to marry someone that really loves her. The only decision that has to be made is whether or not Elizabeth can get over this or not. Elizabeth doesn’t know what to do. It will come to her soon. Bobbie thinks that she should be grateful that things are out in the open. They should be able to sort things out now. She can move on and start dating even though she is sure that she will not meet anyone that she loves more than Lucky. She could also stick it out and see if she can change where she stands with him. He will always remember how strong his love used to be. That is very close to the real thing. What if she goes back and it doesn’t work out? Bobbie thinks that she should try and that way she would never have to worry about what would have been if she doesn’t’ try. She knows why Lucky was going to marry her but he should have told her because he made a decision for the both of them. On some deep level he felt sorry for her and she should have seen what was in front of her face. She feels deluded. What does she feel for Lucky now? Someone is at the door and Elizabeth makes it clear that she wants to see no one. As Bobbie is walking to the door, Lucky enters saying that he is trying to find Elizabeth and doesn’t know where she is.

Alan comes in and finds Skye there. He tells her that things are not okay at all. She never meant to hurt him and he doesn’t know what she was trying to do. He understands her trying to get back at Edward but what she did to him is what he doesn’t understand. He loves her and took her in even though his wife didn't want him to. He thought that he was exempt from this. She is a liar and something has to be done about it. He thought that she wanted to have a relationship with him. Why should he trust her again? She admits that she was bad so what is her punishment supposed to be? He doesn’t want her to go anywhere. He hugs her. He loves her and that is the hardest part of all. AJ is in the doorway as Alan leaves. AJ would like to celebrate getting sprung from jail. She is not in the mood. AJ doesn’t want her to fall for the act that Alan has played on her. She wants to be nice to Alan who has only be kind to her. AJ tells her that the only rules in the family is to eat or be eaten. AJ said that someday there would be something that he would find that Sonny really wanted and he would take that away. He thinks that he has finally found that something. He tells Skye to decide is she is going to be daddy’s good little girl or if she is going to go after what she wants. He leaves and Skye hears a noise outside. She looks out and sees that no one is out there. But…what if there was.

Courtney and Kristina come home laughing and Mike comes around the corner. He says hi to her but says that he was waiting to see Sonny but also angling a way to see her. Mike thinks that they both have waited long enough to talk. He would like her to listen and she agrees to that. She lets him into the apartment and Courtney tells Kristina that she can go. Kristina does go and Mike tells her that he is sorry for everything. Mainly for not being the father that he should have been. That didn’t bother him at the time. He let gambling mean more to him than anything else. He thought that he could make things right with another bet. He doesn’t want to be excused. He has ignored the fact that what his family needed most was him. It hurt him to have her looking up at him with those big trusting eyes. She also thought that he would be her protector and he failed. He never came looking for the daughter who went away an he will never forgive himself. That doesn’t make everything all right for her. He is looking for a way to begin. She is not sure that she wants to begin again. She is sounding more and more like her brother. Why didn’t he try to find her? He thought about her all the time. The way that her little hand felt in his. He wanted to give her the moon and when he couldn’t, he felt as if he didn’t deserve her. When he came home and they were gone, that was a knife in his heart. He didn’t even search for them. The next thing that he knew he was back at the tables gambling. He was a bum. She didn’t want to leave the house. She had to be dragged kicking and screaming. She remembers everything. The sun was out and the grass needed cutting and none of it seemed real. She was only worried that Mike was coming home and he wouldn’t know where to find them. She was told that he was dead. She cried herself to bed every night. She knew in her heart that her father would never leave her. She throws cards at him. He loved those better. She tells him to go away and leave her alone.

Alexis and Sonny are served dinner at the restaurant and Sonny’s mind is only half there. Alexis says that Courtney is having more fun with Kristina than she would be having with them. Sonny shows Alexis how to eat her bread with the cappuccino. She is having fun but wondering if he is having fun too. What is in this for him? She knows that he is having a good time but if he is trying to get past his feelings for Carly, evenings like this may not be enough. She asks about women. He should be smiling at women to get a date. He asks her what the ad would sound like. She says …single…male…attractive…seeking female 35 to 40…can move smoothly in any social circle. The person that she described sounds a lot like her. She wasn’t trying to be personal. It is late now.

A man named Roscoe comes into Carly’s office and tells her that they are going to be friends. Carly warns him that her husband is Sonny Corinthos. Roscoe tells her that Sonny is off having his own fun with another lady and that he is not worried about Carly. Zander comes back from parking the car and says that Roscoe will have to worry about him then instead. Carly tells Zander that the man is a salesman and that she is not interested in what he has to sell. He eventually leaves and Carly gets back to work. Zander says that he is taking her home. She is not going to be scared off by anyone. She feels disappointed that the mob waited so long to muscle her along. She is not leaving. He can wait with her or he can go. He decides to stay. She has to measure the ceiling beams for the lighting. She thanks him for looking out for her. Roscoe shook her up. Zander is a good person and she can see why Sonny trusts him. Later while they are working, someone enters the office and turns off the lights attacking Zander in the dark. Carly makes her way to the doorway and looks over to the 2 men fighting. She turns the light on and the man leaves. Zander has been a little beat up and they decide that it is time to go home. He is limping and she is helping him walk to the car.

Sonny and Alexis arrive home and find Mike and Courtney together. Courtney is telling her father to leave her alone. Sonny seconds that. Mike says that he is not going away. Courtney tells Sonny that she will be the one that tells her father when to leave.


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