GH Update Wednesday 1/9/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/9/02

By Glynis

Sonny and Alexis are out having a drink and Sonny gets word that his sister is there…Skye walks into the bar and she shows Sonny that she is not behind bars anymore and she knocks his drink over. She tells him to wait until someone messes with his sister. Sonny takes that as a threat. She is going to bring him down. He tells her that she is a fool. He has a rule about hurting women but someone is going to swat her down and she is going to get squashed. Jax is at the other end of the bar and tells Sonny that the person that hurts Skye is going to have to get through him first. Any woman that would sell out her own family would screw anyone. Alexis wants Jax to go away. One of Sonny’s men comes up to help but Sonny tells him that the problem has gone away. Jax says goodnight to Alexis and he and Skye leave. Sonny’s table is ready and Alexis goes to the table while Sonny tends to some business. A man comes up to Alexis wanting to buy her a drink. He sees that her date is occupied and he would really like to buy her something to drink. The man sits at her table telling her that he needs a lawyer to do something for him. Sonny returns to the table telling the man to get out of his chair and leave the bar quietly. The man gets up and apologizes to Alexis for seeming to appear rude. Sonny takes his seat and Alexis thinks that he overreacted a little bit. Sonny tells her that he knows the man and she should cross the street if she ever sees him again. She wants to know what he has done in the past. Sonny says that the man is a Chief Enforcer. That makes Alexis worry. She shouldn’t have to worry about Sonny.

Carly and Zander are together at Luke’s bar. She tries to fix his hair and he doesn’t like that. He suddenly gets an idea that Carly has been trying to set him up with someone again. Carly confesses. Her name is Nicole and she is very nice…Christina is talking to Courtney and giving her pointers on how to get along with her brother. She just needs to lighten up a bit. Christina tells Courtney about the record company. Ned comes up and tells Christina that he needs her to work with the band. Ned gets a short introduction to Courtney and Christina takes off with Ned. Courtney is alone and AJ walks over to her and reminds her that they met before. She isn’t that thrilled to meet him again. AJ apologizes for coming across strong earlier at the police station. He tried to get her mother in trouble at the station and she is not going to have anything to do with him…Zander gets introduced to Nicole who is a friend of Carly’s. They all sit at a table and Carly leaves them to get drinks. The talking is awkward. The woman was a lab partner with Carly at PVU. She is working on he Bachelors in Psychology…AJ tells Courtney that he is not a good Samaritan. He is a jerk on his good days. He admires her for crashing the New Years party and telling the truth about her mother. His family stabs each other in the back but he will spare her all the details. He feels silly talking to her and gets up to leave. She stops him by telling him to wait…Carly comes to talk to Zander alone and he can’t help thinking that she could use someone too in her life. She wants someone that is going to love her the way that Sonny did. She doesn’t want her heart broken. She keeps introducing him to girls but when you have been with someone like Emily, nice girls just don’t cut it. She tells him that eventually he is going to meet someone. Carly wants to leave. She has work to do and is going back to the office. They get up to leave and the women watch Zander walk out.

Ned gets Christina alone and he tells her that she looks great. He touches her hair. He asks her if she would like to sing a few songs. Christina says that she is going to have to call this whole thing off. He continues to try and woo her to sing. He is a wonderful man. Suddenly their lips are close and they are kissing again. They go out to the bar again and AJ is there sitting at the table with Courtney. She learns that everyone at the table is connected. Ned and AJ learn that Courtney is Sonny’s sister. She can tell that Ned is not a big fan of Sonny’s.

Jax and Skye are out at the docks ?

Carly and Zander get back to the office and discuss Luke’s. What was the atmosphere like for him? Zander doesn’t have that much feedback for her. He only signed on to help her get her life together not set up her club. She thinks that he could help her seeing as he is young and strong. She likes guys that shoot pool while drinking champagne and wearing a tuxedo. If that is the case, then why is she making a club that is upscale and sophisticated? She is doing that because if people want to play pool they can go to Luke’s. She is going to make a club where people can fall in love. Zander goes to park his car and he will return to help her pick out carpeting. She is alone now and the man that was talking to Alexis in the bar comes into the office telling Carly that his name is Roscoe and he is going to be her new best friend.


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