GH Update Monday 1/7/02


General Hospital Update Monday 1/7/02

By Glynis

Taggert shows up saying that Edward can send Jeanine to prison. Courtney would like to know why.

The Quartermaines are at the police station and they are fighting as usual. Melissa is with Edward and she is getting attacked by the family for being there. Edward is willing to drop all charges if Melissa lets him adopt her. The family starts laughing at him for this and Melissa wants to laugh the most. Edward thinks that Melissa has saved his life. Melissa only wants to be a good nurse. Edward wants to give her a life that she could only dream of. Roy comes up and tells Edward to stop harassing her. She would like to think that the Quartermaines would like to get the best of their lives but they dislike each other too much to do that. Roy takes Melissa away. Edward would like his family to pay for stealing his company. He thinks that they donít care for him. He is going to make them pay. Skye thanks her father and Alan is not happy with her at all. Mac comes to get Edwardís statement. He is trying to put Skye and AJ in jail.

Helena is in jail writing and Lucky comes to see her to tell her that she has won. She doesnít know what he is talking about. He tells her that he is leaving town and he is not going to come back. She gets too near the bars and Lucky grabs her in a neck hold and tells her to give back what she stole from him. She calls for the guard but he will not let go. He wants her to help him put the light back in Elizabethís eyes. Luke took the best of her heart when he killed Stavros and now Helena has gotten the best of him too. She says that she canít help him. She tells him to do the best of what is required or he will never see Elizabeth again. A guard comes in and tells Lucky to let her go.

Bobbie and Scottie are sharing a glass of wine and talking of Luke and Laura. He wants to know where Laura is. Bobbie tells him that she left town with Luke. Bobbie thinks that they are getting back together for good. Scottie thinks that he is going to be okay. He has Serena and she is good for him. He has a lot going on. He has 2 other great daughters and he can get to know them now. He is never going to be alone. He really has it made. He is not buying anything that he has said.

Luke takes Laura to the room that they shared long ago with a blanket hung between them. She wants to get to bed. They are a team again. She doesnít know what to expect next. She needs order and he needs risk. There are no certainties. He can only promise to love her. They are on their respective sides of the blanket and she moves over to his side. He kisses her but she is not ready to get together with him that way. He thinks that she is scared but she says that she isnít. She is a different person than she used to be. She thinks that they are wrong to try to go back to what they were. HE tells her that she wants him but she doesnít want him to tell her what she wants. He moves to sit on the bed and she moves to her bed behind the blanket. She is just trying to figure all of this out. Luke wonders if they should forget the whole thing. He canít see her face but she does register a shocked look at the idea of ending this wonderful trip and all its implications. All that there is left to say is goodnight and she says it to a very disappointed Luke.

Sonny is with Jeanine and her daughter as well as Alexis. They know that the police are going to come and get Jeanine. Alexis works with her as to what is going to happen. Sonny tells Courtney that the police are going to work against her mother. Taggert likes to arrest people that Sonny cares about. Courtney needs help, as she is Sonnyís family now. She would like to disappear. He can help if Courtney stays quiet and doesnít runÖAlexis tells Jeanine not to answer questions. If she doesnít know the answer she is to refer the question to Alexis. Courtney runs to her mother like a little child. Alexis tells them to save the emotions for some other time. There is knocking on the door and they know that the police is there for them. Taggert returns and has a warrant to arrest Jeanine. He gives her rights and handcuffs her. Courtney knows nothing of what is going on. Jeanine understands her rights. Alexis doesnít see why Jeanine has to be handcuffed. Courtney follows. Taggert and Jeanine out the door. Alexis will join them later. Sonny and Alexis gets their things and leave behind the trio.

Sonny and Alexis arrive at the police station and hear AJ spewing off about why Sonny wasnít arrested with he and Skye.

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