GH Update Friday 1/4/02


General Hospital Update Friday 1/4/02

By Glynis

Gia comes to talk to Lucky and finds him by himself. Elizabeth is gone. Lucky was left a note. Lucky is angry with Gia. She told Elizabeth that he didnít love her. Who the hell does she think that she is? Nikolas walks in and tells Lucky to blame the person that is responsible for all this and that would be him. Gia is sorry for having a part in this. Gia thinks that if they were in love for real, they would have been able to tell each other everything. Gia says that she was the one that forced Nikolas to tell her the truth. She felt that Elizabeth had a right to know. Lucky felt that he lost his chance to take care of this himself. That was his decision. Lucky says that Nikolas was the one that wiped out Luckyís love for Elizabeth in the first place. Elizabeth may come back but how is Lucky supposed to get back what they took from him? Lucky leaves and Gia feels that Nikolas stood up for her and she is happy with that. It is Nikolasí turn to be upset with her. She tells him that if he ever falls out of love with her she would like him to tell her.

Luke is planning one of his surprises for Laura again. He takes her to a movie house. She remembers it well. They used to sneak in there all the time. Laura is glad that she came with him on the Harley. There is not a soul in there. She knows that Luke has probably planned something. He tells her to get a seat and he will get them some popcorn. They are moving into the future now. He gets the popcorn and they start eating. He tells her that there is a prize at the bottom of the bowl. She looks closer and finds an exquisite diamond in a black velvet box. He takes that from her telling her that she has the power to make them a couple again. It is show time. He has a movie planned out for them. The movie starts and it is entitled: Luke and Laura. She loves that surprise. The movie is of their marriage the first time so long ago. The vows are said and Luke watches her face to see how it is affecting her. Luke was very young then and so was she. He says his vows. Laura is crying watching that piece of film. They hug and hold each other. The movie is over now and Luke turns to her again. "So?Öwhat about the rest of our lives?" She kisses his faceÖ They go to the motorcycle and she tells him that she got butterflies watching the tape. How could she ever forget that? They are different people now. They are older and wiser but inside they are the same. They have a whole life to build on. They know what works for them. They have already ironed out all the kinks. Luke doesn't want perfect but he believes in them. He believes that if they do this again they will not make the same mistakes. They are better and they will be better. He gets on his bike to get her home but something is wrong with the bike. He finds a piece of the bike that easily comes off in his hand. "This is wrong." They have to stay in town and they go to get a room. They learn that there is only one room available and they take it. Laura canít help thinking that this is a setup. They go to their room together like in the old days.

Courtney goes over to Alexisí house and meets Christina. It is very hard and Christina can relate. Courtney was at her motherís home 2 weeks ago and that was easy dealing with things there. Courtney has just found out that her father is alive and that she is someoneís sister. Courtney gets the story of Alexis and Christina getting to know each other right away. She can have that too but she has to give Sonny a chance. Alexis knows that this means a lot to Sonny. Courtney wants to know what Alexis gets out of this is she stays. She asks if Alexis is his girlfriend or something? Alexis gtets very defensive. Christina tells Courtney that sometimes you like a guy but you donít want the guy or anyone else knowing that you like the guy. Sonny knocks and comes in to join the ladies.

AJ and Skye are suspicious of Melissa. Edward tells AJ and Skye that he is finished being Mr. Niceguy with them. Melissa has just stopped by to see how Edward is doing. Alan tells her to remember that she shouldnít be visiting patients at their homes or accepting gifts. The doorbell goes and the police enter. Edward apparently wants to report a crime. AJ and Skye donít understand what they are supposed to understand. Edward says that he would like AJ and Skye arrested. Alan thinks that Edward is taking this much too far. Edward demands that AJ and Skye be arrested right now. Justice will be done. Melissa thinks that this isnít going to resolve anything. Mac needs proof before he does anything. Edward says that this all started with a woman named Jeanine. He met her at a casino in Atlantic City. She claimed that he compromised her on the trip and AJ and Skye conspired with the woman and they tried to blackmail him. Monica gave Jeanine and Skye $100,000 to get out of town. Edward has a witness from the Grill. The woman is young and in her 20s. Jeanine is under the protection of Sonny Corinthos. They wanted ELQ. Skye was using Jeanine to extort stocks from him. That was a lie. That was how they stole his company. Melissa is mortified. The more that she sees, the less she wants to get involved. She begs Edward to take her out of the will. AJ and Skye could get prison time for the things that they have done. It is up to Edward to decide what is going to happen to these 2. AJ and Skye are put in handcuffs and taken away. Alan begs Edward to stop this right away.

Sonny wants to make a deal with Jeanine. He will take care of her if she will stay in town a little longer so that he can get to know his sister better. Christina makes some coffee and Jeanine explains that she is staying for a while and Courtney can stay with Alexis if she wants or she can stay with her mother.