GH Update Thursday 1/3/02


General Hospital Update Thursday 1/3/01

by Glynis

Ned and Christina share a kiss for the New Year…Roy and Melissa kiss for the new year as well. Skye comes up telling Melissa that it was smooth how she handled Edward. Roy tells her to go off somewhere else. Skye thinks that Melissa got herself a million-dollar payoff.

Sonny and Alexis catch up to Courtney who is with her mother. Jeanine says that she is leaving with her daughter. Sonny wants to know if that is what Courtney wants. She thinks that she should just do what her mother wants. Sonny tells Courtney that she has other options. Jeanine wants to answer for her daughter, but Sonny thinks that Courtney should be able to answer for herself. Courtney wants to know what he is trying to help her for. Is this about their father? Sonny denies that. Sonny has no use for him. Jeanine says again that Courtney is going with her. Courtney says no. Alexis thinks that Courtney should stay another five minutes before deciding to go.

Carly and Zander are alone dancing for the new year. The fireworks go off and they run to the window to watch it. She finds the fireworks beautiful and he can't help staring at her. They share 2 beers and toast everything under the sun, the last of which is that he will find the perfect woman. She kisses his cheek and he kisses her back. Mike comes to see her and is glad to find Zander there. He would like to know why Zander took Courtney right to Sonny. What is he up to? Mike thinks that Zander could have brought Courtney to him first. Carly tries to calm things down. She tells Mike to go home and they will talk in the morning. Mike leaves. Carly knows that there is more to this than what Zander told her.

Luke and Laura are together at her house hugging for the new year. They are waiting for Lucky and Elizabeth to come down from downstairs.

Nikolas is upset that Gia ruined Lucky’s wedding. Gia reminds him that Lucky doesn’t love her and she says that she knows why he was willing to let Lucky marry her. She thinks that he is blaming himself for what his family did to Lucky. Shoving Elizabeth into a loveless marriage is not the answer. What they have is gone and it may never come back. Nikolas leaves her and reenters the house.

Lucky and Elizabeth are together after their wedding bombed. He doesn’t love her and she knows it now. He is sure that he will love her again. Who does he see when he looks at her? What is she to him? He thinks that he would like to spend the rest of his life making her happy and he still wants to marry her. He tries to convince her to come downstairs and marry him. He begs her. When Helena was winning he didn’t know what to do. He was coming apart at the seams. Elizabeth held him together. She promised him that she would be in his heart forever. She tells him that was a dream. What if they can’t get it back together? She wants them to be happy together. He wants that too. HE moves to her and holds her. He kisses her lips and she lets him kissing him back. He is ready to go back downstairs and marry her right away. She reminds him again that he doesn’t love her and she thinks that marriage is impossible in that case. They would end up resenting each other. He admits that she is right. He shouldn’t have pretended that nothing happened. Nikolas told him that she shouldn’t have married her. Lucky tried to marry her so that he wouldn’t see the disappointment in her eyes. She doesn’t need anyone protecting her from the truth. She tells him to go and tell everyone that the wedding is off. She wants to be alone. He agrees to her wishes and leaves. Elizabeth lets herself cry. Gia comes in knowing that Elizabeth must really hate her. Gia tells her that she really wanted her to marry Lucky. After seeing her in her dress and seeing her dreaming of the future, she couldn’t let her go along with it. Elizabeth doesn’t want to have this conversation right now. Gia would like to do something for her. Elizabeth would like her to help get the dress off her. Gia unzips her. Elizabeth wants to be alone and Gia leaves her. Elizabeth doesn’t take off the dress she just sits at the end of the bed in it thinking of what happened to her.

Skye is in a bar when Jax comes in to tell her that she has been acting rude. She is not in the mood for him. Jax would like to order a bottle of champagne and share it with her. She tells him that she is an alcoholic and is recovering. That is fine with him. He can drink ginger ale with her…Christina runs to get a drink of water after being kissed by Ned. She starts talking on and on. Ned tells her that he is attracted to her and she is panicking because of her sister. She knows that this is true. Ned tells her that Alexis and he are over. He didn’t invite her out that night because she is Alexis’ sister. Christina just came out with him and now she thinks that this was a mistake. He thinks that she feels this way because they kissed. This is very complicated for the both of them. Ned likes her and he would like to proceed from here. She suggests that they go and dance…Roy tells Melissa not to worry about Skye. Melissa can’t believe that this is happening again. Roy wants to know what that means but she will not tell him…Skye finds Jax not to be the saint that she thought that he was. He can be ruthless and driven but he can also be a good friend. She knows what he means when he says that his heart was closed off. She feels that way sometimes. They dance together. This could be a great year for Skye.

Lucky comes downstairs and tells everyone that there is going to be no wedding that night. He tells them that when they get married everyone is welcomed back. Elton thanks Lucky for having them. He and Amy leave with the minister. Laura goes to her son and hugs him. Lucky is going to hold things off for now. Laura offers to help him if he ever wants to talk about it. Lucky leaves to get some air. Once outside, he breathes a sigh. Nikolas comes out to see him, telling him that he is so sorry that things didn’t work out. He defends Gia even though he doesn’t totally agree. He wanted to save Lucky and give him back to Elizabeth so that they could have their lives together. Nikolas knows now that he was wrong and he is going to fix this. Lucky knows that he made the light in Elizabeth’s eye go out that night. He crushed all of her dreams.

Sonny talks to Jeanine outside telling her not to try and disappear in the middle of the night. She sees that he is really a cold person. Courtney is inside with Alexis who is talking to Courtney.

Alexis tells Courtney that she should stay. She can do whatever she chooses. Alexis gives her a card that Courtney can use to check Alexis out. Sonny doesn’t have an ulterior motive. There are no reasons for having Courtney there except that he would like to get to know Courtney better. She is not sure that Sonny even likes her. Alexis tells her that if she is uncomfortable there she can come and stay with she and her sister across the hall. Alexis explains that she recently found her sister and that was the best thing that ever happened to her. Courtney takes her up on her offer. Sonny has been outside listening and hears that his sister is going to stay. He walks boldly into the room again.

Luke and Laura are talking and she is fighting the feeling that she should go and eavesdrop on her sons. Luke is sure that Lucky and Nikolas can take care of everything and Leslie is going to look after Lulu so Luke thinks that they should take off that night. Laura wasn’t expecting that. Laura feels uncomfortable leaving Lucky at this time. Luke tells her that she should prove that she believes that he can work this out himself and go away. Laura agrees to.

Courtney tells her mother that she is staying with Sonny and Sonny escorts Jeanine out of the apartment. He only wants to protect his sister. Jeanine gets on the elevator and leaves. He goes over to Alexis’ apartment and hears Alexis giving Courtney the grand tour. She finds that he eavesdrops a lot. He asks if she is hungry and all she wants to do is rest. She goes upstairs thanking Alexis for letting her stay. Sonny knows again that the smartest thing that he ever did was hire her. They wish each other a happy new year.

Elizabeth is in her robe now and she just sits.