GH Update Wednesday 1/2/02


General Hospital Update Wednesday 1/2/01

By Glynis

Gia tells Elizabeth the truth about Lucky marrying her. Elizabeth doesn’t believe her. Elizabeth is sure that she is still in love with Lucky and he with her. Gia tells her the truth and tries to make her understand that she can’t go through with this wedding.

Lucky and Elizabeth’s wedding is about to take place and everyone is ready. Gia comes down the stairs first and she stands at the front. Nikolas eyes her. Next comes Audrey who gives the signal for the bride. Elizabeth comes down the stairs in her white gown. She is beautiful and Lucky can’t take his eyes off her. Audrey walks her to the front. Elizabeth takes Lucky’s hand as the guests are seated. "Dearly beloved…" Gia is looking very uncomfortable. Elizabeth would like to add some words of her own. She thanks everyone for celebrating with them. "It seems so perfect. It feels so right. Lucky…our love has stood the test of time. We have helped and supported each other and come out of it even stronger. You are my life and you touch every part of me with your goodness and your generosity. We have a permanent lock. We are going to prove just how true that is. Our future is shining in front of us." Lucky takes a deep breath. She never gave up on him and risked everything because she believed in them. The fact that they are standing there is proof that they belong together. His love for her is stronger than anything that he has ever felt in his life and no one is going to be able to change that. She looks in his eyes and she can see that something has changed. He doesn’t want her to do this. She turns and goes running off. He runs after her telling everyone that this wedding is going to happen. The wedding is not resumed and Nikolas grabs Gia and takes her outside knowing that she told Elizabeth that Lucky doesn’t really love her after all. He asks her to tell him the truth.

Courtney leaves the restaurant and Jax and Sonny go looking for her. Sonny suspects that Jax has done something to Courtney. Alexis is there and learns that the young woman that is there is Sonny’s sister. Alexis offers to go with Sonny to get the girl and he gladly accepts her company.

Zander comes to see Carly and he thinks that it is crazy to be working on New Years Eve. She decides that she could use some company so they hang out together.

Lucky comes to see Elizabeth and she can’t let him marry her if he doesn’t want to. She asks him if he loves her like before. She knows that he lost some feelings for her but are they back? He tells her no they are not. He puts his head in her lap and cries.