GH Update Monday 12/31/01


General Hospital Update Monday 12/31/01

By Glynis

Sonny comes to see Alexis and he needs her. He doesn't have a legal problem; it is something else that is bothering him. He tells her that he knew that Mike was connected with Jeanine butÖhe just canít believe that he let Mike have power over him. Alexis tells him that he is not alone. She is with him all the way. He is interested in knowing what Alexis did to get with his sister. Alexis was sought after by her sister and Sonnyís sister didnítí come looking for her. Alexis tells him that he has to get to know her. They have to find things in common and little by little they will get together. She knows nothing else to tell him except that she will help him anyway that she can. He says that there is something else that she can do for him and she has to do it that night.

Carly asks Zander if he has plans that night. He doesnít. She calls a friend of hers named Mandy. Carly introduces her to Zander. Mandy has been hearing great things about her. Carly takes her aside and tells Mandy that Zander is a wonderful guy. Carly set up a date and clothes for Zander to wear for his date. Zander is feeling weird about dating someone that he has never seen before. Carly is going to stay at her club and visualize what it is going to all be about one day. He will go along with her plan under one conditionÖ

The Quartermaines are out for the holidays and they are sitting around a table talking about Melissa and Edward suddenly taking a shine to her. AJ thinks that she is a snake in the grass.

Roy comes to see Melissa and learns that Edward has put Melissa in his will and disinherited his family. She is a nurse and Edward is her patient. What are people going to say about her? They are going to say that she is a gold digger and manipulated him. They are going to look at her suspiciously and then when Edward changes his mind, the doctors are going to treat her differently anyway. Roy is having a problem seeing the bad side to what happened to her. He is more interested in her lips and what she hasnít got on under that robe. She changes and looks beautiful in her gown for the new year. There is knocking at the door and Melissa goes to answer. It is Edward dressed to the hilt and carrying flowers. He has come to take his girl for a night on the town.

Luke is waiting for an answer from Laura about them getting married. She is not answering just yet. Luke canít think of anything but marrying her. Laura wants to get through Luckyís wedding before she starts thinking of a wedding for herself. They canít believe that Lucky is getting married. Laura canít think of anything else right now. Luke is sure that she is going to marry him. Luke is going to go mad waiting for her to make up her mind. Elton shows up bitching about the motorcycle in the yard. He is there to do some work. Bobbie shows up and has a gift with her for the wedding that is going to be held there. Luke sends her off to the kitchen so that he can get back to seducing Laura. The door rings and Elizabeth and Gia walk in announcing that the bride is there! Next Audrey arrives not believing that Lucky and Elizabeth are doing this so soon. Laura takes Audrey to the back to sort things out. Bobbie tells her brother that she caught that look between he and Laura. What is next for them? Luke says that he is planning a little this and a little that. He decides that he is going home now. Bobbie tells him that time is the best part of a relationship so he shouldnít rush it. Luke never wants to stop wooing Laura again. He leaves.

Nikolas and Gia are talking with Elizabeth and Lucky and they are trying to get a point across. Nikolas says that Gia needs some time outside to get some fresh air. Elizabeth gets ready to leave and she will meet Lucky at the aisle. Gia and Elizabeth leave and Nikolas and Lucky are alone. Lucky knows that Nikolas has been talking to Gia about his feelings for Elizabeth. Nikolas thinks that they should be more interested in stopping the wedding right now before things get out of hand. Lucky is mad that Nikolas is not supporting him. He is supposed to be the Best Man and not trying to end the wedding plans. Nikolas knows that Lucky only likes Elizabeth right now. Elizabeth was excited and Lucky canít see himself breaking her heart. Nikolas thinks that Elizabeth needs to know the truth, that she loves a man that doesnít love her as much. She is young and talented and she has her own life ahead of her. She should be given the chance to decide what she wants to do with her life. Lucky feels that he knows Elizabeth better than anyone. Even her grandmother. If that is true, then Lucky should know that Elizabeth would want to know all the information. Lucky knows that he has hurt Elizabeth in the past. He is not going to leave Elizabeth until they die.

Elizabeth is getting ready for her wedding and Gia is applying her makeup. Gia tells Elizabeth that she has every reason in the world to call this wedding off. Elizabeth looks at her shocked at what she is hearing her say.

Ned shows up to pick up Christina who is reluctant to leave her sister home. She thinks that Alexis is staying home for the night. Just then, Alexis comes down the stairs in a stunning gown and they can see that she is feeling much better. She answers the knock at the door and it is Sonny. Ned and Christina stand by and watch as the two stand awkwardly by each other at the door. Ned doesnít let it bother him and Alexis walks off with Sonny. In the hallway, Alexis says that was an interesting meeting. Sonny thinks that they should only concentrate on having a good time.

Lucky comes to see his father who tries to give him some advice on how to live with a woman. "Donít fight battles that you canít win." Good clothes that you like to wear have to be watched very carefully because she will throw them out or try to sneak them out of the house. If clothes are missing, look in the ragbag or go to the nearest Goodwill. Next is advice about the toilet seat. Always keep that down. Women love the toilet seat down. That will prevent a lot of accidents. Never blame anything on hormones. Better to cut your tongue out. Love the new hairdo and the new dress makes her look thinner. Eat any exotic dishes and tell her that she looks thinner again. Nikolas goes to see how Lucky is doing. Luke says finally that he way to stay married is to love your wife. Love her like crazy. Those last words hit Lucky hard. He still wants to get married even though Nikolas thinks that it is a mistake.

Gia is ready for the wedding and more importantly; Elizabeth is ready for her wedding. She looks in the mirror at herself and Elizabeth knows that she is not ready for this. She asks for Giaís help in fixing her current mistake. Nikolas is a good friend and she thought that Gia was wrong for him. She thought that Gia was a gold digger but now she can see that Gia is not like that. She thinks that she wouldnít be standing there dressed to get married if she didnítí know that Lucky loved her. Gia canít stand it anymore. She blurts out to Elizabeth, "Look Elizabeth, Lucky doesnít love you anymore!"

Luke arrives dressed for the wedding and sees Laura coming down the stairs. She looks great in her gold outfit. She is as ready as she will ever be. Luke wants her to consider jumping on the motorcycle with him after the wedding.