GH Update Friday 12/28/01


General Hospital Update Friday 12/28/01

By Glynis

Sonny finds his sister and asks her questions. She wonders why he is doing this. He doesn’t even know her. He tells her that they are family now. She goes into the kitchen to get something to eat. Jeanine is let in with Mike and she calls out for her daughter to get out there right away. Jeanine would like to talk to Sonny alone. She gets him alone and tells Sonny that what he needs to do is write her a big fat check and he will not have to bother with she or Courtney ever again. She wants what is best for her daughter. She is not a perfect mother but she is not going to abandon her kid. Upstairs, Courtney is listening to the conversation downstairs. Mike tells Sonny that Jeanine was trying to blackmail Edward Quartermaine. If Mike didn’t gamble away all the money she wouldn’t have to do this now. She didn’t really sleep with Edward; she only made sure that she was wearing a negligee when he got up. Courtney comes running down the stairs facing her mother asking her, "What have you done?

Lucky and Elizabeth would like to get married on New Years Eve. Gia is not finding Nikolas all that joyous. She has noticed some freaky vibes between Lucky and Nikolas. What is going on? Turns out that Lucky is not as happy about the wedding as Elizabeth is.

Lucky and Elizabeth are outside together and she is very happy about their wedding coming up. She can’t believe that they are actually going to do this. She would put her life on the line for him again in a shot.

Laura is back home and she has found her gift box for Christmas. She hears some rumbling in the house and enters to find Luke on a motorcycle proclaiming, "Happy New Year! Let’s go for a ride!" She isn’t happy to see him with the bike on the carpet. He offers to buy her another carpet. She takes her gift box to a table and opens it. There is a motorcycle helmet in the box and he has a matching one. They are going to go for a ride. Luke has some locations for them to chose from. Laura likes the idea of going to Beechers Corners. He tells her to hop on the bike now. She gets on behind him and they just sit there. Soon he will rev her up and take off. Lucky and Elizabeth walk in the house and ask why is there a motorcycle in the livingroom. Doesn’t matter, he is getting married to Elizabeth on New Years Eve. Laura doesn’t know what to say. Luke and Laura hug the kids as she learns that the wedding will be at her house. Laura couldn’t be happier and Luke is fine with it. He would like to have a 2 for 1 wedding if that is okay with the 3 of them. What do you say? Luke and Lucky take the big outside and have a talk…Elizabeth is inside with Laura telling her that she is glad to be getting married to Lucky. Laura isn’t sure that she should be marrying Luke. Elizabeth thinks that they shouldn’t wait another second to get married…Lucky doesn’t feel right about marrying Elizabeth. Luke thinks that Lucky needs a little more time…Laura gives Elizabeth a present for her wedding. Elizabeth takes the gift box and opens it. Inside is a 4 leaf clover and Elizabeth loves it. Lucky was born in Texas and they couldn’t get to a hospital. They were scared but they made it and when Laura woke up she found this on her pillow. Luke gave it to her to make her know that she can weather any storm. That is why she would like Elizabeth to have the charm now…Luke thinks that sometimes he should just get on a bike and get out of town to make everybody else happy. Lucky is sure that he is not like his father so he doesn’t want to do that. Laura comes out as Luke is talking about feeling like taking off and she asks him if he is taking off.

Edward is in bed. He is ill and has been having chest pain. He is in the hospital now and his family and Roy and Melissa are over him. Edward picks on everyone in his family. He tells his family that they are going to be left with nothing. He offers to give Melissa all his money. Edward would like to have ELQ back, have his heart stop breaking and get Michael home. Edward tells them all that his lawyer is on his way there with the new will and once Edward signs it, they will be all on their own.

Alexis is on her couch glad to be alone even though it is New Years Eve. She hears a knock on the door and finds Sonny there telling her that he needs her.

Elizabeth and Lucky return to Gia and Nikolas with the news that they are all set for the wedding. Gia tells her that they are not all set.

Luke is alone with Laura now and he is asking her one more time to marry him. She looks up at him smiling.