GH Update Thursday 12/27/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 12/27/01

by Glynis

Jax is at work going over the items for the new club. Jax is cutting costs and Carly will not let him do that. They have a problem. She wants everyone that comes into the club to think that there is someone out there for them. If she canít have that in her own life, then she would like to provide that for others. Carly sees that Jax has lost his hope. He makes fun of her thinking. He seems to have given up on hope for the future. He is sure that he doesnít have a problem with romance. Carly thinks that this club is just what he needs.

Sonny is finding out that Mike has failed another child in his lifetime. How could he do that? Mike wanted to start over and Jeanine never trusted him or loved him. Jeanine was a game player like he was. Something changed. She got pregnant and that was the end of it. Mike still didnít want to lose his son. Mike never told him because he knew that his son would react this way. Mike always has an excuse that makes him leave every time and Sonny gets that. Mike to Sonny is not a man and has no spine and will not be held responsible for anything. Mike thinks that he canít change. He tries to leave, but Sonny will not let it be over. Mike tells him that he wasnít the one that left. Jeanine was the one that picked up their daughter and left. Mike was trying to get something going for his family but it didnít work. Sonny takes responsibility but Mike is not that. Sonny learned how to behave by watching Mike hide from his sins. Maybe that was why he gave up on his daughter. Mike let her think that he was dead. Jeanine walks in and tells Mike that he should have been dead. She tells Sonny that if he wants to know the truth about this, he needs to talk to the right person. She says that she supported Mike for 8 years and then Mike blew all her money on a crap game. Mike left and when he returned she was gone.

Courtney is stuck with her car and AJ tries to help her. He was driving by and saw that she needed some help. As he is walking away, he bumps into Zander who is walking towards Courtney and he tells AJ to get lost if he really wants to help. AJ tells Courtney to stay away from Zander, as he is a loser. AJ leaves and Courtney tells Zander that he can go too. She is ready to drive off but the car is not ready yet. Zander tells her that Sonny sent him to find her and he would like her to come with him. She canít believe that Sonny wants to help her or that he is her brother. She thought that their father was dead as well. Zander tells her that if Sonny has decided to help her out then her life will be a lot easier. Courtney wonders why he cares all of a sudden. Sonny ignored her before but that is just the way that he is. Why should she care what Sonny wants? She can run and Sonny will just have someone go after her.

Skye tells her mother that she is falling for a man that is pretty terrific. He is handsome, smart and rich and he makes her feel good about herself. He is kind and that is just his nature. Rae thinks that she found something wrong with the man. The way that she feels for the man is not the way that he feels for her. Her mother is the expert and she would like the man to fall for her.

Elizabeth and Lucky are going over their wedding plans with Gia and Nikolas. This is going to be the most important day of their lives. Elizabeth wonders if they could get married in Lauraís house. Lucky will find out if Laura will let them get married at her house. Elizabeth remembers a little church where Lucky gave her roses and they knew that they were going to love each other forever. Nikolas leaves the table and follows Lucky to tell him that he should call off the wedding.

Edward is in the hospital after having some chest pains. He is miserable as ever and Melissa watches over him trying to keep him in the bed. He had a cardiac episode and he is going to get better under her watch.

AJ shows up at Jax and Carlyís meeting. AJ wants Jax to do something about Sonny and AJ is going to help. He starts laughing when he sees Carly with Jax. AJ starts taking cheap shots at Carly and Jax doesnít like that. She thinks that he only does that because he is too afraid to face Sonny. Jax demands that AJ apologize to Carly right now.