GH Update Wednesday 12/26/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/26/01

By Glynis

Mike comes to see Sonny at Carly’s and he is telling him that his sister has run off and his help is needed. Carly knows what is going on but Sonny doesn’t. Carly was staying out of it. Courtney has been gone for a while and Mike needs Sonny. Sonny doesn’t believe that Courtney needs him. Carly doesn’t know how he feels but she was just trying to do the right thing by staying out of this. Mike wants to know if Sonny can turn his back on his sister and do nothing. Sonny decides that he has to help to find his sister and he gives instructions on the search for her. Mike is glad that his son helped him and tries to leave, but Carly won’t let them part like that. Mike would like to make this right. Carly tries to speak for Sonny but he won’t let her do that.

Roy gives Melissa a present and she wants to open it later but he insists on her opening it now. It is a ball signed by Ernie …some great baseball player. She is angry that he doesn’t want to work at Luke’s but wants to go off having adventures.

Jax is walking away from ELQ and Skye doesn’t believe that. She thought that he would work on the company with her and help her out. Jax isn’t interested in the day to day running of the show. He is going to the airport. She is a little worried, as she hasn’t run a corporation by herself before. She wants him to help her out and show her how to close a deal. She wants the best. She wants him.

AJ is telling his family that Sonny has adopted Michael and AJ is unhappy with that. Alan thinks that AJ needs to give himself some time. Edward thinks that AJ signed his son away. He sold the company and gave Michael away. Edward has a pain in his heart. Edward is hurting but AJ thinks that he is faking. He goes barreling angrily from the room and gets his coat. He heads to the door and drags himself out. So much for Christmas joy and love.

Courtney goes into the diner and orders coffee…Gia is sitting with Nikolas and Lucky deciding where they should get married. She is inundated with ideas for the wedding. Stefan is bringing in designers for dresses for the wedding. They think that they can’t elope. Gia thinks that he will find out about all this when he marries Elizabeth. Gia goes to get their coffee. Lucky can’t believe how into this Gia is. Nikolas is worried about Elizabeth and Lucky. Lucky is afraid that he is not in love with Elizabeth like he used to be. Nikolas thins that Lucky can find his way back to Elizabeth like before…Gia is paying for her coffee and puts a bill on the counter. Courtney sees the bill and tries to palm it running out. Gia sees her and runs after her to get her money back. Gia catches up to her and gets her money back. Courtney explains that her car broke down and she needed some help. Lucky suggests that they call a friend for her or her parents. She thinks that is a laugh. Gia knows that the girl must be desperate because when she got to town she did some stupid stuff too. Lucky asks her what she needs and she says that she just needs a piece of copper wire. That is only a couple of bucks. Nikolas gives her $3.00. Courtney promises to pay her back. Nikolas tells her to leave the money for him on the counter for Nikolas Cassidine.

Melissa and Roy are sharing a tender moment and suddenly they see Edward struggling to get to the park bench. They can see that something terribly wrong is going on with him.