GH Update Thursday 12/20/01


General Hospital Update Thursday 12/20/01

by Suzanne

Janine goes to see Sonny, ready now to be paid for information.   Sonny isn't happy to see her.  Alexis is there and warns Janine not to try to blackmail Sonny about his father.  Janine doesn't change her tune.  Sonny won't pay and eventually orders her out.  Sonny tells Alexis that it might be worth it to pay Janine, depending on what she knows about Mike that he doesn't.  Sonny makes spaghetti for Alexis and she says it's really good.  The conversation turns back to Mike.  Sonny says that he knows Mike lied about Janine and there's something really bad there that Mike doesn't want him to find out.  Sonny doesn't like to get involved in fixing Mike's messes, but he doesn't like to see Mike get hurt.  Sonny phones the casino where Janine works and asks them to find out everything they can about her and give it to him in the morning.  Sonny tells Alexis that he's not sure if he can forgive Mike if he finds out that he betrayed him again.  As Alexis leaves, she tells Sonny that if he needs her when he meets with Janine, either as a friend or attorney, she'll be there.  He thanks her and she leaves.  But everything has that very romantic/tender undertone as usual.

Zander finds a young woman, Courtney, trying to fix her car by the side of the road (in a bad part of town).  She has a tire iron and warns Zander that her boyfriend is coming back, but it is all just false bravado.  Zander tries to help her fix her car, but it needs some copper wiring.  He offers her a lift into town to a motel, but she doesn't have any money and doesn't want to leave her car.  She wants to find someone and finally reveals that it's Janine.  Zander doesn't get a last name from her.  She takes him up on his offer for a ride and he says that his boss has a lot of connections and might be able to find her Janine.  She also reveals that Janine has been gone a long time and she is worried.

Lucky, lying in bed next to a sleeping Elizabeth, has a dream that he is on a quiz show.  Nikolas is the host, wearing a silly mustache.  The question is, how much does Lucky love Elizabeth?  He wakes up, unable to answer.  He meets Nikolas on the docks and they discuss the issue.  Nikolas wonders if it is because of Helena's programming, but Lucky swears that he just doesn't feel the same way about Elizabeth any more.  He doesn't know if she is the one.  Nikolas tells Lucky that she is and Lucky should just give it somet ime.  He feels very guilty for letting Helena program his memories of Elizabeth out of him.  Lucky goes back to bed and lies there, awake, thinking.

Laura thinks Luke is crazy for asking her to marry him again.  She realizes that the whole fake mission was just for this reason.  He admits it.  She says she loves him and they hug.  She isn't sure they should get married again, though.  She brings up all the reasons that she thinks it might be a bad idea, and Luke rejects them all.  Laura is afraid of divorce.  She tells Luke that she wants to take it slowly.  He suggests that they sleep together, but she turns him down gently.  They go to their separate cabins.

At Luke's, Bobbie goes looking for her brother, but Roy tells her that Luke and Laura are on the love boat.  She laughs but he fills her in on the details.  While Bobbie makes a phone call, Mike comes in and asks Roy if he can join the back room poker game.  Roy says no because he doesn't want Mike to get in over his head again.  Mike pleads but Roy is steadfast.  He wonders what made Mike want to fall of the wagon.  Next we see Mike trying to drown his sorrows.  Bobbie comes over and asks him what's up and he asks how she and Carly keep patching things up.  She knows this is about Sonny and suggests that maybe Sonny can't forgive so Mike should just give up on him.  Mike says it's his fault that Sonny's the way he is, because he left Sonny when he was a child; he chose gambling over his own family and left Sonny with a monster.  Bobbie says it wasn't his fault, because he had an addiction, but Mike doesn't believe it.  He says there are more things in his past that he's afraid to tell Sonny about because he doesn't want to lose him again.  Mike thanks Bobbie for listening and leaves.  Roy sits down to chat with her.  He thanks her for inviting him to Thanksgiving, given their past.  She says it was no big deal.  He knows he hurt her but she says she isn't mad and it just wasn't meant to be.  They decide to be friends.  They toast Luke and Laura.