GH Update Tuesday 12/18/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/18/01

By Suzanne

Skye announces that she has gotten her hand on Tracyís proxies. Edward looks at the document showing that the shares are Skyeís to vote with as she pleases. Skye has taken away the power from Sonny now. Sonny finds Skye to be disrespectful. Edward is going to have the document verified. Skye is not scared of his threats. Jeanine is still in the picture. Edward canít tell Lila that he has lost control of ELQ. This will hurt Lila. She welcomed Skye into the family when no one else would. She should think about what this is going to cost. Why is she getting away with this? Sonny can see that this is out of his hands. They are waiting for Ned to arrive and yet not sure that he will make it. Edward thinks that AJ gave away his right to his shares as he has given away his shares before twice. Skye says that if Ned doesnít come to the meeting then he forfeits his voting rights. Jax loves that Skye is willing to play hardball. Lila wants to find out what is going on. She isnít all that interest in ELQ voting. She can tell that Edward is worried about something. Edward tells her to go upstairs and he will be up with her later. She leaves and Alan is glad that his daughter wouldnít hurt Lila. Skye only wants what is hers. They sold her and they are going to pay for it. Monica reminds Skye that she is the one that has the swing vote. Skye acts so competent, how could she forget that?

Alexis comes looking for Sonny and he is not home. She goes to her apartment and drops a file folder on her desk telling herself that it is none of her business. She sits on the couch and sniffs a flower from Puerto Rico. She gets a visit from Felicia who would like to go over some legal things. Felicia asks if Alexis has any plans for the evening. They both laugh over that. The heart always wants what it canít have. They miss the men that they used to have. Felicia misses Mac who comes over still and then leaves at the end. He always leaves because that would mess up their friendship.

Christina has taken Ned miles away from home. She tells him that he is going to miss his meeting. He tells her that he is going home. She wants to give him a fresh perspective. She has something in mind and opens a door to show him what she means. She wants to go skiing at night. He is afraid of that. There are plenty of lights. There is a full moon out tonight. Ned isnít going to do it. It is going to be him and her and the night and she wants him to feel the freedom. He is not going to put on skis and go flying down a mountain. Christina gets him some ski boots and helps him get ready for the run down the mountain. Christina thinks that he needs to start over. Christina has only done this skiing thing once and it is like stepping onto a stage the first time in front of an audience. There are too many emotions and then you see that you are more alive than you have ever been in your life. Everything is glorious. Ned could take off the gear and let Christina ski alone if he wanted to. What is he going to do? He decides to go ahead with the run.

Laura and Luke are in their stateroom talking about their adventure. Laura has discovered that Luke has been pulling the wool over her eyes and Laura is going to let him have some payback for being a very naughty boy. She tells him that she knows everything that has been going on. That worries Luke a little bit and he waits for the other shoe to drop. He tells her that the mission is over now. She finds that hard to believe. She plays her role to the hilt. He tells her to trust him as he has taken care of everything. He tells her that the hard part is over and they have the rest of the evening ahead. He reminds her that they have the big stateroom and there are just the two of them. She asks to be excused so that she can freshen up. He offers to get champagne and she tells him to order lots and lots of caviar with that. Luke gets the champagne and he pins a flower to his lapel. He wants to romance Laura and he heads to the bedroom to get her so that they can start their romantic time. He knocks on the door of the bedroom and finds that Laura has gone. The bed is made and she is no where to be seen. Luke is puzzled as to where she could be.

Lucky meets a girl from Giaís party. He danced with her and that was a great night. She is trying to get his attention. She tells him that they can have more fun at her place. She tells him that he has a girlfriend. He is sure that he will always be with his girlfriend. He thanks her for her offer though. Zander is watching and comes over to talk with Lucky. Zander tells him that he is a fool.