GH Update Monday 12/17/01


General Hospital Update Monday 12/17/01

By Glynis

Luke has Laura on the cruise and is making her think that she is a part of a really great plan to have an adventure. She tells him right away that she is not interested in staying in her stateroom away from all the action. Luke tells her that he has no intention of doing that to her. Laura sees the couple that they are watching over Lukeís shoulder. She monitors the actions of the couple. Laura tells Luke to dance with her quickly so that they wonít be noticed staring over there. They are still dancing when Laura gets the idea that they should dance into the couple accidentally. Luke keeps the adventure alive by keeping up the momentum on the excitement. Laura decides that they should change partners. She walks away from Luke and picks up the male that they are watching. She compliments the man on his dancing. Laura mentions that she wants to learn how to cha-cha. The man gives her some lessons and as they are dancing, she picks his pocket stealing the contents. She goes back to Laura and she is terribly excited that she still has got it. Luke kisses her and suddenly they are kissing like they used to many years ago.

Scottie and his daughter are in the hospital with Bobbie. There was a slight accident and it turns out that all is well. Serena had a head injury but she seems to be doing fine. Tony tells Scottie to be calm. Bobbie goes over to Serena and learns that she has no headache and is not nauseous. She says that her injury is not that big of a deal. Serena is embarrassed by her fatherís behaviour. Bobbie reminds her that she should be lucky to have such a lucky dad. Tony takes Serena off to do her tests. Scottie wants to worry but Bobbie tells him to stop it. Parents always worry about their children like this.

Stefan explains to Gia that being a fashion model is not as important as being a princess. She will be dressed impeccably all the time and she will have the best jewelry. Stefan thinks that she canít do both jobs. She will have the opportunity to be involved in many charities at different times. Sometimes they will be separated because of their work. Lucky tells Stefan that Laura depends on Gia a great deal. Stefan tells her that Laura will be compensated for her loss in Gia. Stefan leaves to do some business. Nikolas tells her not to feel pressured by Stefan.

The Quartermaines are having a meeting and Sonny is there too. The meeting is for the ELQ stock. Skye thinks that the company should be taken public. Monica reminds her that the family built this company from scratch. Edward thinks that the idea is preposterous. Anyone can come in and snatch the company away. Skye has something up her sleeve. The balance of power will remain with the family. AJ agrees to sign with Edward and Sonny is Sonny will give up all holds on Michael.

Alexis comes to Carly to speak to her about the way things are going around the divorce. Carly thinks that Alexis is scheming to get with Sonny. She is paranoid and jealous. Alexis would never get in the way of anything that Sonny wants. Carly knows that Alexis wants Sonny no matter what she says.

Luke has Laura wrapped in the fake murder mystery on the cruise ship and Luke finds a minute to talk to his cohorts on the boat in secret. The couple finds him quiet romantic going to such trouble for Laura. The female of the couple kisses Luke and unknown to them Laura is watching and thinking what the heck is going on with Luke making nice with the enemy spies that they were to be watching. Alexis arrives to deliver papers for Carly to sign. She signs them and returns them to Alexis who says that Sonny will be very grateful. Alexis admits that she misjudged Carly and she apologizes for that. Carly feels that she had Alexis pegged all along.

Laura goes to her room upset with Luke for setting her up. She knew that something was wrong but here she is on a cruise ship learning to do the cha cha. She is going to get Luke for this. She goes into the bathroom and Luke walks in looking for Laura. He gets no answer when he calls out. Laura comes out of the bathroom without the wig and Laura pretends that she is really enjoying the adventure. She says that she thinks that the adventure is about to get a lot better. Luke loves the sound of that.

Gia is slowly learning that she is going to be living the good life being Mrs. Cassidine. Lucky jokes with her about that. She looks at an invitation that she received and she looks at a picture of her modeling some really terrific gown. Nikolas comes in behind her and she hides the picture. He is telling her that she should think about what is right for her. She tells him that she doesnít mind giving up being the Face of Deception. She is doing this for the both of them.

The voting takes place for the ELQ stocks. Skye apparently does have control of some extra stock and she votes with a strong arm.