GH Update Wednesday 12/5/01


General Hospital Update Wednesday 12/5/01

By Suzanne

Laura is decorating at home for Christmas when Luke stops by.  She gives him a chilly reception after their previous argument.  He begs to be let in, so she lets him in.

At Kelly's, Scott listens in disgust to a man who is sitting at the counter, talking to his girlfriend about how much he loves her.  Scott grabs the man and throws him outside.  The man, scared, darts back inside quickly for his coat.  Felicia, who has been sitting at a nearby table, jumps up and asks Scott what he's doing.  She is very annoyed because she was tailing the man for a case and now Scotty's ruined it for her.

Skye and Jax are back home at the Quartermaine mansion.   She thanks him again for everything he did.  He has to leave for a meeting at this warehouse so he can't stay for lunch.  Edward comes in just as Jax is leaving and grouses as usual.

Carly comes home to find a message from her attorney, Asher Wilding, that Alexis wants to expedite matters about Sonny adopting Michael.  Carly is not in a good mood and yells at her machine about Alexis.

Sonny asks Alexis why she's still working so hard when it's a beautiful evening out.  He thinks that she is feeling guilty for coming there and skipping Nikolas' engagement party.  She denies that.  After much prodding, he finally gets her to agree to go out gambling with him at his casino.

Skye cheerily suggests to Edward that they have lunch and "civilized conversation", so Edward wonders what Jax has done to her.

Laura ask Luke to get to the point, so he asks her about getting this computer for Lulu for Christmas.  She says it's fine.  He clearly has other things on his mind so he asks her about Scott and what she's feeling.  She figures out that he's learned that she turned down Scott's proposal.  Luke, looking uncomfortable, asks her why she did it.

Jax meets Carly at the warehouse that they're planning to convert into a club.  She is still in a terrible mood, seeing green because of Alexis.  Jax says she's angry at Sonny, not Alexis.  Sonny promised to love her till death do they part, and he didn't live up to it.    He gives her his theory about how Sonny treats women.  Carly doesn't agree and sticks up for Sonny.  She can't believe how much Jax hates him.

Alexis goes through the dresses she brought for the trip; they are all business suits and none are appropriate for the casino.  She gets a maid to come in and help her pick, but the maid can't understand English.  Alexis babbles on for a while and then dismisses her when she realizes she can't help.

Edward tries to take advantage of Skye's good mood to kiss up to her.  She doesn't buy it, of course, but plays along for a while.  A.J. comes in and tells her not to fall for it.  She says of course she doesn't, but she was enjoying it.  She brags to Edward that they have the upper hand.   Edward stomps out.  A.J. tells Skye that they lost Janine.  She looks horrified.  He tells her that Sonny got to her; he hopes to get her back.  She tells him that she got Jax's proxy for the next board meeting.  She thinks Jax is just a good guy, but A.J. thinks otherwise.  Skye is positively swooning over Jax so A.J. doesn't bother correcting her delusion yet.

Jax tells Carly that he's concerned that his new partner is having a "Sonny relapse".  She says he's worried about nothing.  She thinks she's concerned for more reasons than he's letting on.

Scott shares his frustrations with Felicia about Laura dumping him.  She can't explain why Luke and Laura always ended up together, either.  "Maybe she still needs him", is all she can suggest.

Luke offers his help, asks if there's anything he can do.  She says he doesn't need rescuing any more, just like he said.  He didn't say that's what he was offering.  They are both annoyed; Luke leaves, not knowing what else to say.

Felicia hands Scott some money to pay for his pie and leaves (that didn't make a whole lot of sense to me, either).

Jax makes Carly think about the club she's building and they dance around the future dance floor, imagining how rich they will becoming.  They laugh, joking.  Skye comes in and sees them, and she misinterprets the whole thing, of course.  She looks hurt and leaves.

Sonny comes back looking for Alexis but she's not there.  He calls the club and asks for the private room at the casino. He's all dressed up.  Alexis comes back and says she was in the boutique getting a dress; they are pressing it now.  He asks her to come check out the view.  They admire the water.  She can't believe it's snowing in Port Charles.  Sonny says he hates snow and shares about how, when he was a kid, he used to have to stand in the slush to sell newspapers to the businesspeople, and he swore one day he'd ride in a limo like the important people.  It's a very poignant story and tugs at our hearts--and at Alexis'.