GH Update Tuesday 12/4/01


General Hospital Update Tuesday 12/4/01

By Suzanne

Jax wakes up Skye with food and coffee from New Orleans.  She is really cranky about being in a hick town, she couldn't sleep, etc. and she doesn't believe at first that he's been to New Orleans.  Finally it dawns on her that he got his plane fixed, so then she bitches at him for not taking her with him.  He is very genial and sweet throughout her sleepy tirade.   He shows her that he bought her a nice new outfit in New Orleans (hers is all wrinkled).  It is just her color.  She seems both pleased and touched.  Then Skye gets suspicious as to why Jax is being so nice to her.  He reminds her that she said she acts obnoxious because she assumes people will treat her that way.  He compares her to a horse he owns (a comparison that she doesn't find flattering).  He says that he plans to treat her nicer so she will act that way.  She can't believe that he's for real.  Skye looks great in her new blue dress.   She is in better spirits and thanks Jax for everything.  He says that he will let her vote his ELQ shares just this one time.

A.J. greets Janine at her room.  She complains about how grungy the place is and is headed out with her suitcase.  He tells her that she must stay; he is trying to protect her from Sonny.  She has heard the name.  He promises that she will get whatever she wants afterwards.  She agrees.

Carly visits Mike.   She wants to find out where Sonny's staying in Puerto Rico.  He can't help her.  She tells him that he's there with Alexis.  He thought she wanted her independence.  He warns her to stay out of Sonny's business.  They talk about Sonny's inability to forgive.

Zander runs into Kristina in the hallway outside the penthouses.  She is carrying a bunch of junk from Alexis' place.  He apologizes about what happened at Jake's.  She complains about Carly's attitude (do the women on this show do nothing but bitch and moan?).  Kristina says she's putting some of Alexis' old stuff in storage.  Zander reveals that he briefly stayed with Alexis after he got out of jail.  They joke around about Alexis and how Kristina is redecorating her place.  She asks Zander if he thinks there is anything romantic going on between her and Sonny.  He doesn't think so; he thinks Sonny is still in love with Carly.  Kristina rants and raves about how horrible Carly is.  Just then, of course, Carly walks in around the corner and tells Kristina to say that stuff to her face.  They argue and say some pretty nasty things to each other.  Carly asks Zander to help her get into Sonny's place so she can get some stuff.  She and Kristina start going at it again.  Ned comes up just as Carly has implied that Alexis went to Puerto Rico to get away from Kristina and tells Carly that she is the one that no one wants around.  Zander drags Carly away.

Kristina thanks Ned for coming to her rescue. He offers her a job. She thinks she could make L&B more efficient, but he stops her and tells her that he wants her to be a singer. She refuses. She says she is too much of an amateur and will make a fool out of herself. He realizes that she's just scared. Ned goads her into by making it more of a dare, calling her a "suit" like she always calls him. He says he trust his instincts and that she's really good. Finally Kristina agrees to let him make her a star.

Zander and Carly go into Sonny's penthouse. She snoops around in Sonny's desk, which makes Zander nervous. She plans to find out where Sonny and Alexis are and go there to confront them. Zander thinks it's a bad, impulsive idea. He makes her realize that it will only make Sonny think she is the same old Carly. They have a heart-to-heart talk about their love lives and how they handle things in life. He urges her to just get through her life, put her mind on other things, and eventually, it will work, she will get over Sonny.

A.J. finds Mike as he walks outside after visiting Michael.  He says he has a message from Janine. Mike says he doesn't now what A.J. means.  A.J., trying to get information about Janine and Mike's relationship, says that "she was so excited when she saw" him at Kelly's the other day.  Mike doesn't know whether to believe him or not.  A.J. says he'll tell Sonny so Mike warns him to stay away from Sonny and keep Janine away, too.  A.J. can tell he's said the right thing.

Sonny's guy Max visits Janine and said that Sonny wants her to come with him.  She doesn't trust him and wants to stay where she is.  He assures her that she'll have better accommodations and won't be hurt.  She finally agrees.