GH Update Monday 12/3/01


General Hospital Update Monday 12/3/01

By Angie

Laura is surprised when she sees that she hit Luke with her purse. She tells him she's sorry and that Lulu's tap shoes were in her purse. She thought he was a purse-snatcher. She takes a look at his head and tells him that he's going to be fine.

Bobbie is trying to clean the paint off of Scott. Scott tells her she's still the same firecracker she was when he first met her.

Alexis is going over the new contracts with the workers' attorney and a worker. They say she has everything covered so she asks if they have a deal. They want to take it back to the workers for a vote, but will have an answer by the day after tomorrow. They leave. Sonny tells Alexis she needs to relax. She says later; she has work to do. Sonny says now.

Zander and Carly are at Jake's. Carly is telling Zander that her club will look nothing like Jake's; it will be elegant. Zander asks her to tell him about her club and she asks if this is his version of a date. He didn't know they were on a date and she says he asked her out. Carly tells him more about her club and says that he doesn't have to give Sonny every detail. Zander says that Sonny has nothing to do with this and she asks why he's suddenly so interested then. He tells her that she sells herself short.

Ned and Kristina come into Jake's. Ned is upset because its open mic night and he doesn't want to listen to a bunch of auditions. Kristina says she has a surprise for him. He asks if he can ask her one thing and she says ask anything. Ned asks her how many olives she wants in her martini and she says lots.

Carly tries to get Zander to go hit on Kristina (unaware of who she is). Zander doesn't want too, but Carly keeps pushing. He asks her when she'll drop it and she says when he goes over there to talk to her. Zander goes over to Kristina and sits down; she says the seat is taken. Zander asks her just to say anything; it will help him a lot.

Jax asks Skye if she's ok and she tells him to go away. He says he doesn't think so. Skye asks him to leave her alone and Jax goes into her bathroom. He comes out with a towel and gives it to her. He says he didn't mean to make her cry and she recaps all the mean things he said to her. He says he's sorry and she asks if she's not allowed to have feelings like everyone else. He says he didn't think she cared what he thought. She says that she only came because she wanted to help AJ. He asks her what's really going on. Skye says that Sonny deserves to pay for what he did to her.

Zander tells Kristina that he is just trying to get a friend off his back. She asks if he's a frat boy and he says no. She says good; she can tell he's had his heart broke. He asked how she knew and she says that if he broke up with her he wouldn't have to try to hit on women. Kristina goes along with him and pretends to write her number on a napkin, but really draws him a picture. Ned comes over and he and Zander walk away to talk. Carly goes over to thank the "girl" and she finds out its Kristina. They argue and Kristina tells her that she's Alexis' sister.

Luke tells Laura she shouldn't be alone on the docks this late at night. He wants to know why "Baldwin" isn't with her and she tries to explain, but Luke goes off on a rant. He tells her she should get married; she makes a beautiful bride; she always has. Laura just looks at him and he says he's sorry; he never should've said that and walks away.

Zander asks Ned if Emily knows that AJ lied to her and Ned asks if AJ lied about everything. Zander doesn't respond. Ned tells her that Emily has made up her mind and he has to go along with it. He tells him he's sorry because he knows that Zander loved Emily.

Kristina and Carly argue about Sonny and Alexis. Carly says Alexis is after her husband and Kristina says it's the other way around. Carly says that Alexis has been after Sonny from day one. Kristina says its Sonny after Alexis; he did practically beg her to go to Puerto Rico with him.

Sonny decides he's going to teach Alexis how to let her hair down. She says she keeps picturing him in his gold chain and sunglasses. He tells her that if she's going to change his image, he is going to change hers. She says whatever he's thinking to stop right now and he says they're going to the casino tomorrow night.

Jax asks Skye what Sonny did to her and she says he made her feel worthless. No one gets to make her feel like she's nothing; not some two-bit crime lord or a billionaire playboy. Jax apologizes to her and she tells him to get out.

Sonny wants Alexis to let him take care of her for one night. Alexis says she wouldn't be any fun. Sonny tells her if she changes her mind; Alexis says she won't. Sonny tells her that no one in Port Charles will no and she agrees to go.

Carly is surprised. Ned and Zander come over and Ned says this isn't the time or place. Zander tells her it was just business and Carly is mad that he didn't tell her. He says he didn't know about Alexis going. Carly tells Ned that she knows why Alexis ran out on him at their wedding; she's been after Sonny the whole time. Carly leaves and Zander apologizes to them and goes after her. Kristina tells Ned she's going to make sure he has fun tonight.

Scott is talking about being in love with Laura for so long and Bobbie says that he hasn't been pining for her because they weren't always together. Scott asks her how she has gotten through all her relationships and she says work and lets paint. Scott says he has to go and gives her a hug. While hugging she tells him to take care. When he lets go they see Luke standing in the doorway.

Carly and Zander are playing pool and Carly is ranting about Alexis being with Sonny. Zander tells her its just business; Sonny loves her. Carly says she's sure Sonny will pay him extra for telling her all the things she wants to hear.

Kristina asks why Zander is hanging out with Carly and Ned says he doesn't know. She asks Ned if Emily really broke Zander's heart and he says he guesses so. He also tells her that Zander isn't so innocent and she says she can tell.

Laura is back home and decides she's going to clean up the mess when Lesley comes home. Laura says she wants to put the tree up and get the lights up so it's ready for Lulu. Lesley asks her if she went to see Luke or if Luke came by. Laura says she ran into him on the docks. Laura starts to rant and Lesley starts to say something about Luke. Laura asks her why she always defends him and Lesley says she's just trying to be fair. Laura tells her she can't live with him and she can't live without him; how is that fair?

Bobbie tells Luke that Scott was just leaving. Luke asks why he left Laura all alone to wander the streets at night. They start to argue and Scott leaves. Luke tells Bobbie that he bought Laura a house and tried to give her dull, but it didn't work so she's going to marry Baldwin and go for flat line. Bobbie tells Luke that Laura turned Scott down.

Jax is in his room when Skye knocks on the joining door. He lets her in and she apologizes to him. She was wrong to stow away on the plane; all he wanted was time alone. Jax says that was the idea. She expects a lot; a four star hotel, a warm greeting when she wasn't invited and a magnificent restaurant in a swamp. She says the crawfish were the best. She asks him if she apologizes to the waitress if she'd let her take some home. Jax says its possible. She says goodnight and he does too.

Kristina gets up on stage and says the song she is going to sing is dedicated to a special friend of hers; he knows who he is. Kristina sings "Since I fell for you" as a montage of everyone doing their own things is showing.